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Dear Spike,

I'm writing you this letter to tell you the story of your parents. I know that I promised to tell you, tell you but this, I guess, will have to do.

It's not a happy story but you need to know what happened to them.

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5197382 Well to be honest I don't think I'm THAT good... though I must admit that short stories are easier to pull off then long ones...

Let me just wipe away those tears. *wipe wipe wipe*
I want to tell you, that I have not cried in 3 1/2 months. Not even when I got myself a 3rd degree burn at work.
This story really touched me and I want to thank you for it. Not the letter itself as in what happened but those last words on the paper.
I'll be watching you.

Well that was sad, someone get me a canoe, or I may drown.

Sad, but good. I really liked it.


I've written a review for your story, "Spike, about your parents...", let me know what you think!

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