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This story is a sequel to Maternal Bonds of Eternal Friendship

Spike feels he is no longer relevant to Twilight, or any pony, ever since Twilight became the Princess of Friendship. With Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and other ponies now receiving all the attention as he gets left behind to tend to chores, he questions his purpose and whether he really is seen as anything special by any pony.

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Definitely a Spike Appreciation Party for him.

He most definitely deserves one so I thought I'd give him one. One that would most canon fit as possible, too. :)

Thanks for reading and your comment! :)

6501999 This is a good story, but if spike felt that way about the main six doing stuff. Couldn't he spend the day with Big Mac, the CMC or anyone else in ponyville? Or better yet he could go on adventure himself, so he is not stuck in the castle.(Bracing myself for the storm of dislikes)

Heartfelt conversations. Trying not to cry in joy and sadness. Failing.
Great Story.

Sequel anyone?

My thoughts after reading this:
-- nopony (or dragon) is truly an island
-- nice to see that Spike does learn his true worth, and there wasn't anypony ever more qualified than the one pony that did succumb to jealousy and unappreciation, the Princess of the Night herself---and it really did hit home when Luna dons her Nightmare Moon form to tell Spike about this.

One thing though. I understand that Luna speaks to everypony in dreams, so there is the real issue of whether what you see in your dreams are more premonitions or how you think about things from a previous time That's the murkiness. My question though is: when Luna was showing Spike these things, like the Rarity conversation for example, is that her true thoughts, or is just a dream conversation? The last couple of sentences where it showed that Spike had recieved genuine letters of appreciation from pretty much the entire Royal Court points to being true, but I would like a more certain answer.

No need to brace yourself. Spike is a fictional character in a fictional world. As a fan writer of such a character, I know everyone has different views on how a character may feel, act, etc. :)

The premise I went with is show canon history. There haven't been really any episodes where Spike is hanging out with the CMC, Big Mac, or going on his own adventures (With the exception of "Dragon Quest"). So, from my 'opinion' of Spike's life, he is dedicated to being a "Faithful Assistant".

We did get mention of him talking about sports with Big Mac, but we never saw it happen. I also don't know how much a Baby Dragon / Kid Dragon would get along with a grown stallion who isn't nearly as emotional as he is. It takes a lot to get Big Mac going beyond a "Eeyup!" or a "Nope!". This was shown in "Ponville Confidential" and "Brotherhoof Social".

Spike seems like he'd be perfect to share adventures with the CMC, too. Heck, we even had an episode, or two, where Spike had apparently, off-screen, provided suggestions to Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. However, the writers have yet to pair him up with them and their club. The closest we got was that he was the one who had to make Nachos for "Twilight Time" and he seemed more depressed over that than excited.

Any thoughts? Is there something I may have missed that could be more believable that he'd be doing more than awaiting Twilight's orders and/or permission?

I'm very happy you enjoyed the story. It was one inspired by so many different things from the show, my real life, and my efforts as lead of "Coping with Limitations Through Pony".

Thanks so much for your time in reading and commenting on this tale. :)

I have an idea of a possible sequel. Obviously it would be up to the reader to see where things would go from here. However, I'm not opposed to presenting my own take on the events in which would follow such a realization.

Once more, I thank you for your support, time, and encouragement.

Luna is most certainly one of the most interesting characters the writers have had the opportunity to develop. We know through her encounters with the CMC that she can manipulate dreams based on memories that are buried deep within the mind of the one she is in contact with. We also know she can take on the form of a fear along with accessing the dreams of others at any time she pleases.

So the Rarity encounter could be seen as Luna recalling a moment she may have seen in one of Rarity's dreams. This moment being one where she questioned being the "Element of Generosity". This dream may have happened to her after Spike gave her his Fire Ruby. It meant a lot to her and inspired her a lot.

In the show, Rarity seldom is seen being generous without some sort of expectation and/or exchange for it. Spike, on the other hand, is more often shown giving his time and effort without so much of a 'Thank You' being given in return. He self-sacrifices a lot for the Mane 6 and there are also times where Rarity has used Spike's "Crush" on her to get something she wanted. However, he just does it even if she doesn't give him anything in return. Not even a kiss, hug, or thank you.

I'd imagine there are times Rarity questions how she is "The Element of Generosity" and Luna could've pulled from a collection of Rarity's dreams to make a simple illustration to Spike of what the designer unicorn feels. After all, she can control all visuals while in the Dream State.

As for the picture at the end, I kind of went with a little something from "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils". The fact Luna could've very well have teleported in-and-out before Spike fully awoke to put that picture that had been lost up for him to see.

What do you think?

6502610 No, if we are going directly by the show's canon. Sadly, your opinion is 100% right about spike's character. *sigh* Which is unfortunate since he could do a lot more. If twilight or spike took the time to see what he could fully do or if he hung out with the CMC more often. I'm positive he would able to do many more things.

I agree entirely. I also thought of what it would be like if he attended school, too. Get a real chance to be a "Kid" instead of having adult expectations all the time.

Episodes like "Princess Spike" really show how much Twilight forgets that Spike is a young boy who needs love, care, support, and socialization to grow. Since he is largely around grown mares with little contact with stallions, I wonder if, as he grows, he'd have difficulty in understanding why he feels the way he feels as puberty may kick-in? I'd hope Shining Armor could offer a helping hoof to explain "The Birds and the Bees" to Spike so he can better understand the emotions that come as you grow from being a kid to an adult.

6503372 Spike's Age is confusing, if were going human age. Spike should be 5-6 years difference from twilight. Since, the test to be sunbutt's student, happened when she first started school or it looks like it.Twilight should be 5 or 6 at the time or 7-8, if she was older.The bottom line is spike isn't that much younger than twilight.

Besides most of the stuff in princess spike, Spike did the right thing.In fact every time something blow up in his face, it was something anyone else would be right about.It's not his fault two speakers didn't know how to share a room.The rest can be blame on the plot device trees.

Okay, I may sound bias but come on.What are the odds a plant named Dragon Sneeze was going to be there.

Another Spike appreciation fic. And it always seems to be Luna that helps him through it.

6502876 Considering the writers don't seem to know what to do with him I would appreciate, at the very least, a throw away line about Spike spending a lot of time with the CMC as away to explain away him not being in episodes.
Though I'd much prefer an entire episode devoted to the others, specifically Twilight, realizing how much ignore and use him, but beggars can't be choosers.

6504134 If, only the writers look at fanfics for reference.

6504293 Ya. I've given up on the idea of an episode exploring how the others treat him. But I'm still hopeful for a quick throw away line of Spike spending most of his time out being a kid as a way to explain him not being around.

This oneshot is so cute and great. I loved it. And I think, it is an important one. If we consider, that the show hardly gives Spike any more value, I am so glad that some of the fans are still knowing his worth and not seeing him as trash. I am not very good in writing about Spike, I admit that, but this work was brilliant.
I loved Luna's role as the moral backbone here. The worst case scenarios were so great and one first really did not thought it is a dream. And it is great how Luna draws a comprasion between herself and Spike in this one. I would not have thought, that they had this in common.
This story is really great and I love it for that.

I go back to "Dragon Quest" when Twilight informed us all that ponies known next-to-nothing about dragons. To name a tree 'Dragon Sneeze' shows some have at least observed a dragon enough to know something relevant to name a tree after one.

You make a good point, too. Twilight couldn't have been much older than the children in Cheerilee's class when she hatched Spike and got her Cutie Mark. So this puts Spike at a point where he'd be close, if not already, at the age of a human teenager. Tough years to be sure.

The other issue is whether-or-not the show wants Spike to age like a human, or a dragon. Dragons can live thousands of years if not forever. So Spike can still be a Baby Dragon even if he is over ten years old since he'd age differently. As Twilight did refer to him as a Baby Dragon in the opening of the series we can 'assume' he will age like those dragons who can live for thousands of years. However, if this is the case, he needs some parenting and guidance to ensure he grows up right. Leaving a child out of things and only giving them chores doesn't tend to make for a happy childhood and can cause issues in adulthood.

Nice follow-up. I most definitely approve. :)

Luna seemed the obvious choice based on what I have gathered through canon. :)

You'd think Twilight would be that guide, but she is always so absorbed in herself and her responsibilities that we don't often see her doing much more than using Spike as a tool rather than a son, or friend.

Pinkie Pie would go all-out to make Spike happy, but there aren't enough balloons and/or cake to pull someone out of depression for too long.

Fluttershy is naturally scared of dragons. She accepts Spike since he's little, but isn't really the supportive type.

Rarity has more-often-than-not used Spike's crush on her to get something she wants. She also has had episodes where Spike was the one comforting her even at the expense of his own feelings. These include "Simple Ways" and "Inspiration Manifestation".

Applejack showed her ability to help in "Spike at Your Service". That didn't go well...

Rainbow Dash has Scootaloo. Scoots and Dash relate as both are daredevil fliers who like to be extreme. Spike, to me, doesn't seem the sort who'd enjoy doing those sort of things so Dashie wouldn't be a great help.

Celestia could help, but she's mostly ever been seen using Spike as the "Magical Mailbox" than being of guidance. Even in "Lesson Zero" she gave only the simplest of compliments for how Spike looked out for Twilight. Not much past that.

Cadence lost her ability to help during "Princess Spike" when all she did was tell him how to do his job despite the fact she, Celestia, Luna, Shining Armor, and other authority figures failed to ensure Twilight didn't stay up three nights in a row. Twilight would've failed in meeting a lot of obligations if Spike didn't step in. Unfortunately, Cadence saw it more as a "Power Grab". :(

Shining Armor and The Cakes have potential, but Luna still, to this point, has the greatest potential to relate and help Spike.

Any thoughts? Did I miss anything in my analysis?

Thank you so much for your time and comments. They are most definitely insightful. :)

This story was meant to not only help explain things with Spike, but also provide a moral to all those out there who may feel undervalued. We all need to realize our own value even if others do not.

I have had two job experiences where my management outright told me that I didn't add value to the organization and how my accomplishments meant nothing. I know a lot of authors, writers, musicians, and/or people in general who have either felt, or been told, this sort of thing and, sadly, come to believe it.

The story was to help all of us remember that nobody can take away our accomplishments while also showing how we all have an impact on others that is positive. We may not be told outright we make such differences, but we do. Just like Spike does each day while the Mane 6 are off doing their thing. :)

Once more, thanks for reading and for your comments.

6504785 The CMC did pretty well in this story.

6504785 Well, regardless of the episode list.Spike at your service, had to happened right after dragon quests. After meeting Garble and friends, He was questioning what a noble dragon was.So he made an honor code for himself. That's fine but the part about who ever saves my life, I will be there servant.That was applejack's only problem.Other than that she would be a great role model.

Shinning is fine but he's co ruler of the Crystal empire.So, he is not going to have a lot of free time.So unless he has a reason to be in Ponyville, he's not going to be there much for spike.While the cakes are busy juggling their business and the kids,(Man, I almost never get to talk this show this much)

Applejack, to me, would be the best role model of the Mane 6. She's just a genuine character who likes what she does and does what she likes. She's competitive, but not to terribly so that it makes her a poor sport. She also will go out of her way to make certain things that need done get done even at the expense of her own well-being.

Unfortunately, in Spike's case, he somehow failed at everything we know him to usually be good at doing while working with Applejack during "Spike at Your Service". We've known he can cook and cook well since "Owl's Well that Ends Well" in Season 1, but he couldn't make an edible pie? Likely the writers forgot how skilled a chef the little dragon is. He's also a super hard worker, like Applejack, but she seemed uncomfortable with having him around. Likely due to the whole "Dragon Code" thing. However, if she found a way to ask Spike to help out around the farm, I know he'd jump all over it. To help make cider, pick and sell apples, and see the fruits of his labors knowing the Apple Family has more free time thanks to him would, from my understanding, give him far more joy than sitting around Twilight's castle.

Applejack is also often involved with other ponies more than Twilight. So Spike would gain more social skills through his time with her. He'd also be able to attend school with Apple Bloom, which could result in him making friends more his age and/or who share common interests.

An idle Spike is a very unhappy Spike. He wants to work, he wants to feel a part of things, he wants to socialize, but Twilight Sparkle is, from what I know, too much of an introvert who prefers her own time to herself for studies over playtime and experiencing the world with her son to whom she has never called "A Son", but has always noted him as an "Assistant".

6504764 Scare Master that was released early had some nice moments where Spike & Rarity said little to nothing but their actions spoke volumes. . .


the Animators and writers proxy the ship even when nothing is done 'on script'

Still waiting on a Spikey plush. . .:raritystarry:

I wasn't able to find a site that works with my computer to watch "Scaremaster". :( I am looking forward to it being uploaded to YouTube so I can see it. :)

I'd like to think that, one day, Spike goes off to be Rarity's Assistant. They don't necessarily raise a family, but they would live together and exchange hugs and kisses while they go about making the Carousel franchise the best it can be.

What do you think?

I really, Really, REALLY wanted to get this poster when it came out at SDCC. Unfortunately, I live on the East Coast and not the West. :( One day, though, I'd like to have one framed and hung where I do all my writing and other works. It's a wonderful reminder of how we should never stop trying to be our best. :)

6508015 I know you feel it too.

It was of Twilight in a rocking chair with Spike bundled up in pink pajamas as she smiled down upon him.

I actually would love to see this picture. It sounds like it'd be adorable.


Still waiting on a Spikey plush. . .:raritystarry:

If this image is anything to go by, I'm sure Sweetie Belle would love one too.

I think I saw a comic like that on Deviant Art where Twilight tried to tell Spike how Rarity and he couldn't even have kids. Then he watched Shrek 2, and came running back to Twilight with the DVD proving to her that it could work. :)

If they were to become an official couple, I believe one would ultimately end using magic, or a morphing potion, to become the other. It would illustrate "Sacrifice" in which is often one of the more difficult parts of Generosity. To give up something for someone else is definitely a very generous action indeed.

Perhaps I could get it commissioned? If so, I'll try to pass the word on to you here. :)

Thanks for reading and for your comments.

This story is so sweet!

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Thanks for reading and for the comment.

Here come the water works :raritydespair: :raritycry: :applecry: :fluttercry:

It's easy to start feeling under-appreciated, especially if there is a lot of change going on and you're not sure how you're going to fit into things. It's overwhelming, especially to someone who's never experienced it or grew up with identity of being the helper to his friends.

I love all the small references being used to substantiate this idea and that, yes, sometimes Spike is forgotten about like an afterthought... though it's probably because his part was cut in various stories, like Sweet and the Elite. Thinking about this awkward situation this could create when everypony got back, at least for Spike, it makes me wonder if the writers could create an episode like this.

I think writing here is a little bit hit-n-miss, but still pretty spot. I feel the pacing speeds up a tiny bit where Luna's introduced and in a few places it might lacks description of actions to give the pauses in dialogue meaning, opting instead for, for example things like "Luna said". There are other small nit-picks, but it's more stylistic and the direction you've taken in expressing those ideas is still greatly appreciated. I also caught a couple typos, for example an end quote at a line that doesn't require it, but it's all very minor and doesn't detract from the overall story.

All in all very thoughtful and fun.

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