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Young Luna has just learned to dreamwalk, and she has big ideas what to do with it. She wants to play with her big sister, she wants to join the Research Mages, and she wants to even help Princess Twilight -- but Headmaster Spike has other ideas for her to focus on, like friendship.

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This is certainly an interesting AU.
Though I do question the choices of some of Luna's classmates, but I'll roll with it.

*Snickers* Nothing like bold declarations.

7398016 Are you objecting more to Sunburst, to Babs Seed, or to having both in the same school? Well... can we say that after Princess Twilight has ushered Equestria along very different courses for at least a thousand years, any number of ponies might be getting born a few years early or late?

(Sorry for not answering earlier, and thanks for commenting! I love to hear from my readers!)

7403238 And she's going to live up to them, too! (Or at least that's what she insists.)

Quite nice AU, with a lot of potential.

One question, exactly how big is spike? Is he full dragon big (fluttershy being as big as his eye), is he around his greed fueled size, or just a bit bigger than a minotaur?

7409003 Thanks! I hope I'll be able to use more of that potential in the future - I'm planning several more stories after this one.

I've been imagining Spike somewhere between those two sizes. He's small enough that you could realistically build a building he'd fit inside, but big enough that Luna mentions his claws almost covering a desk - probably about the size of a room? He's over a thousand years old, but I don't think he'd want to get as big as a normal dragon - he'd rather be able to fit inside a school than knock it over with his tail absent-mindedly - and he and Twilight would probably figure out how to keep him at the right size.

I quite like this.

7410782 Thank you! Is there anything you can pick out that you especially like?


The reversed roles.


so, one more chapter? I take it that will be where she walks in Twilight's dream?

so cute hope to read more soon

I enjoyed this story, and I cant wait for the sequel.

Good story. I eagerly await a sequal.

7415070 One more chapter, just posted! :pinkiehappy:

7415054 Not just yet... Luna still has a lot of work to get there, and that'd be the start of another plot arc. Don't worry, though - it will happen!

I loved the story hope to read the sequel soon:twilightsmile:

Good story, cool AU, high hopes for sequel. Good job!

One thing that I can't wait to see is this universe's version of Ponyville.

I know I said it once before in the original editing doc, but this really ended up being a fantastic little story. I'll throw my weight in alongside these other fine folks and express my eager anticipation to hear more of this story in the future. :raritywink:

This is a nice little story - hope to see more of it.

7472039 Thank you! I'm about to start on the sequel, so your hopes may be fulfilled soon. Expect a blog post sometime in the next couple weeks - I probably won't start posting until it's finished and edited.

Love it! Can't wait the next chapter. Definitely Tracking and Favorited

You've got a great story going and I cannot wait for the sequel!

What a fascinating universe you've crafted here. I hope to see more of it.

Author Interviewer

I haven't read an AU this deep in a long time and I have to say, that backstory for the Princess is



Author Interviewer

You damn well better write that sequel.

9867782 Thanks for the good words! It's been a while; the previous drafts outgrew their bounds and spawned new subplots... but I'm recently back on it.

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