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Decades after getting married,the aging Anthea is saying her final farewells. Turquoise, her husband, isn't coping well with it. But at the time of her death, her last request is for him to move on. Struck with grief, Turquoise sadly and slowly begin to keep their promise. And there is one mare that is willing to help him in this time of sorrow and grief......

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An interesting start!:twilightsmile:

5487857 Thank you! I hope you like the rest! Chapter One will be posted later today! :raritywink: Sit tight!

Make sure that you send this to all of the groups that will accept it first, okay. Like the Kilala groups and the O.C. groups. You only get one chance to advertise your stories!:twilightsmile:

:raritywink: :moustache: Yeah, Kids now days, They grow up so fast.

:twilightsheepish: And just think back when Spike was a little one how he wrecked Ponyville.
:raritystarry::moustache: All stopped with your fire ruby. . .
:twilightsmile: You could of married Tom,
:raritydespair: We shall never speak of this again !

Interesting start to this story. Good luck with the next chapter.

5489218 Thank you! :twilightsmile:

I know you'll enjoy it! :raritywink:


Need more you smarmy bastard! XD Love it so far.

5491796 I know I'd love it more if you included my OCs kids, but I love it as is either way.

This chapter pretty much went like this for me

'Starts reading'
'Part at the cemetary'
'T hears about Annie'
'Annie dies'
:flutterrage::flutterrage::fluttercry::fluttercry::raritydespair::raritydespair THE FEELS ::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:
'T's rage'
'T gets drunk and passes out'

5530790 awwww the pictures are gone. I just wasted 2 minuets i could have used to read the next chapter.

Nice chapter. I'm a little upset that it's ending so soon, but hey what can you do. Keep up the good work friend.

P.S. Hotel California.......finally someone who has good taste in music.

5538285 I know.......seems like only yesterday that I started this. :ajsleepy: But yeah! Next one's going to be less sad and more romantic!

Nice story. :) For me it was to fast but I guess thats why I liked it. :)

Good night . :moustache::raritystarry::twilightoops::rainbowhuh::fluttercry::pinkiegasp::applejackconfused:

enjoyed it all.....

I loved your story! It was so amazing! And i cried alot. Wonderful story. maybe there could be a sequel?

I loved this story! You did an incredible job! Maybe there could be a sequel?

5649891 There will be! It is called "Road To Nidra's Parenthood"! But I'm working on an old story rn. But I will do it later!

nuuuuuuu, I have to say Nightshade, I really enjoy your writing style, I just wish I didn't come across your profile until you had a few more stories... BUT I DIGRESS, chapter five almost made me bawl my eyes out on the bus. (I was listening to "daylight" from Maroon5 at the same time so the feels were real) I absolutely cannot wait for more stories, I love what you are doing. The kilalaverse has swallowed me whole, I will miss my friends.

A Tidra fanfic, huh? Hmm...
I'd love to read it, but I might just downvote and insult your fic at the end, and also throw my computer out the window, so I'm not gonna take that risk :)
I usually get VERY mad when I think of Tidra.

I follow the stories of these characters through the uploaded artwork. Is this true to kilala's canon and/or does it have their blessing?

...Are you kilala by chance? xD

5837540 LOL yes to the first part and no to the second!

5838891 Haha, cool. I'll be breaking into this soon.

But this, dear reader, is just....

…..the beginning of a sad tale.


The receptionist, a young mare with a brilliant white coat and a pink mane, was sitting there doing some paperwork. “Oh!” she jumped as she finally saw the kirin standing there, “You're earlier than usual, Turquoise.”

“Like I've said before, Redheart,” he started as she calmed down, “Call me T.”

Is Redheart the Nurse Joy of Equestria? Cuz she has to be in at least her late 70s

Why are most stories of this type of such high quality?

I swear for every good point here's a bad one. I love the idea behind this story and the characters are well written but the pacing is way to fast. Hopefully the next chapters are better.

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