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Coffee dot exe

I make them fanfics and whatnot. Who cares.


Holy One Year Of Inactivity, Batman! · 2:40am Jul 25th, 2013

Wow, yeah so I haven't been on here in forever.

Like, what the hell?

My life has been weird and busy lately and I haven't been keeping up (read: forgot this site even existed) for like a year now.

I'mma change that.

Because I miss writing and hopefully this community isn't mean and harsh and bitter and will forgive me for leaving for so long

I love how much I think I matter to this website.

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Then why haven't you shipped Lefty and Lyra yet?

I've been toying with doing some type of oneshot with Mr. Splendid accidentally dreaming he's in Equestria and fights Nightmare Moon with his Ninja Star Sparkles.

Oh no wait, I just though something better. Lefty and Lyra shipping FOR THE WIN!

Comment posted by Coffee dot exe deleted Jul 28th, 2013

Hello cops police?

It's me. Yes, some pasty fooligans are lifting my shop.

Ha ha, I don't know how, they must be REALLY strong.

Better bring one, maybe two grenades. God Bless America to you too, ma'am. Thanks bye.


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