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For almost 20 years, a trans-dimensional conflict between Humankind of Earth 523 and the Equines of Earth 9084 has spilt blood on both fronts, with no clean end in sight. But after a seemingly impossible attack on a secure Equine military/research base, Princess Celestia has reached the end of her wits, and calls upon the aid of a long retired veteran of the war. A blind stallion named Other Side, with a unique ability. An ability that could help Celestia discover the secret of the attack. Can the voices of the dead help turn the odds in Equestrias favor?

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After a new threat decimates Equestria, The Mane Six must find a way to stop this enemy. During Equestria's darkest hour, a human appears seemingly out of nowhere, claiming his kind have faced this enemy before, and he has a weapon that can stop it. Can humankind help save ponykind from destruction? Or will this threat exterminate what remains of their world?

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The Doctor has just regenerated into his eleventh incarnation, and upon his arrival he meets a new pony to call a friend. A heartbroken mare. But before he is able make a proper introduction, they learn of a new threat to the small town of Ponyville. Citizens are disappearing left and right with no evidence as to where they've gone or who ( or what took them). It's up to the mad doctor and his new friend to unravel the mystery.

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Centuries before the Elements of Harmony were found in Ponyville, An uncorrupted Discord fell for Cyclis, a princess who rules an island nation off the east coast of Equestria. As their relationship progressed, they helped join her nation, Zephyra, with Equestria. Smitten became love as the couple decided to start a family. But before this dream could be achieved, darkness tainted Discord's soul, leading to his stone imprisonment. But he was unaware of one thing, he left behind a bit of himself. This story reveals how this all happened, and the effect these events had on the son Discord never knew about.

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