• Published 6th Aug 2012
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A Family In Shambles - Coffee dot exe

Before his imprisonment, Discord fell for a princess of an island nation off the coast of Equestria.

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Where Are The Heroes?

His hooves shook with adrenaline and anger as his vision became clear. Shambles felt the ecstasy rush from his body as reality sank into his mind again. Cold air entered his lungs as he breathed in. He shut his eyes tight before opening them to see where he was.

The throne room of Canterlot was in turmoil. Windows were shattered. Under the broken shards lay the bodies of royal guards. He couldn’t tell if they were alive or not. Part of him knew they weren’t. He gasped as he tasted something in his mouth. He spat it out below him. The red liquid splattered at his hooves.

He shuddered in terror. Not just because he saw the blood that had seeped into the carpet below him, but because he realized who the blood belonged to.

Laying on the floor before Shambles, Chunks of hair missing and blood slowly pooling around her body, was Princess Celestia. The color flushed from his skin as he gawked at the Alicorn's still body. He felt his heart beating out of his chest as his legs crumbled beneath him. He fell to his knees, in tears.

Confusion and fear ran through his mind as he tried to comprehend what had happened. All he could remember was being at a council meeting in the Equestrian Council Hall. They had taken a recess to give the representatives a break. He was in the courtyard conversing with other representatives about the new trade agreement between Appleoosa and The Crystal Kingdom. He was passing by the courtyard labyrinth when he began to experience a searing pain in his head. He heard a familiar voice in his head. The voice began speaking to him as if it had known him his entire life. It spoke of how Shambles had been in control for so long. It asked if it could take over for a few minutes. It had a cheerful demeanor as it tempted him to lose consciousness. As Shambles fell to the ground, the voice chuckled. He look up to see the statued form of the spirit of chaos, Discord, in front of him. It’s eyes glowed a bright red before his own eyes shut slowly.

That was the last thing he remembered before passing out. His mind was in a state of panic as he began to approach the princess.

“P-Princess...?” He stuttered. His legs shaking more and more with every step.

“Are you oka-” He was unable to finish his statement as a sharp blow to the back of his head rendered him unconscious.

Behind the still body of Shambles, a log held by magic floated behind him. A battered figure stumbled forward. The stallion grunted as he tossed the log aside.

“Guards!” shouted the figure. “Take this traitor to the dungeon!”

A group of equally bruised guards approached Shambles’ body and lifted it onto their backs.

“Yes Captain Armor!” One guard barked, leading the others to the dungeon.

The white unicorn heaved a sigh of exhaustion. He surveyed the resulting bedlam that was the throne room. He shook his head violently and turned to aid the Princess.


Voices faded through Shambles' mind. Some spoke of treason. Others of fair trial. He couldn’t see much. Every now and then he could make out one or two shadows in the distance. His location was unknown to him beyond the cobblestone at his hoofs. His breathing was short and rasp. He had a metal shackle around his neck and ankles. Chains wrapped over his back, forcing him into a hunched over, bent-leg position on the floor. He could feel his neck and ankles begin to bleed from the constant scraping of the metal against his skin.

He could not tell how long he had been wherever he was. However long it was, his mane had grown to a long, matty length. He was starving, tired, and aching. He could only listen and squint for hints of what was going on beyond his senses. Soon, his eyes were unable to focus and he fell into a deep, painful sleep.

“Wake up, Scum!” The shout startled Shambles awake. A bright light shone from over-head. He could finally see his surroundings. Hope turned to disbelief when he saw the Canterlot dungeon around him.

“Why am I in the dungeon???” He asked frantically.

“Shut up, you traitor!” A guard shot back.

“What happened??” He shouted, beginning to lose his grasp on his self control. “Please! Let me go!”

“I said quiet you piece of-” The angered guard snorted before slamming his hoof into Shambles face. “You know what you did!” He began to slam Shambles face down into the stone again and again.

Blood began to spatter the surrounding floor with every sickening thud. Shambles began to choke on it. Another guard approaches the violent one and pulled him away. “He’s gotta be able to speak...”

The violent guard scowled as he spat on shambles head, storming off. As they exited Shambles’ cell, another, larger figure approached. Shambles struggled to look up. The figure began to appear under the light.

“Shining...” Shambles managed to sputter. “Help...”

Shining’s stoic expression remained as he came closer. "You've been out for almost 2 weeks. We tried resuscitating you multiple times, but you wouldn't wake up."

"Shining... what's going on...?" Shambles' croaked, blood dripping form his lips.

“Do you know why you are here?”

“What...? N-no...” Shambles muttered.

A sharp pain shot through the pegasus as bolts of electricity sparked from Shining’s horn into Shambles. “I will ask one more time.”

“Shining... Please....”

The Captain turned towards one of the guards and motioned at Shambles. The guard came to Shambles’ side. Without any hesitation, the guard reached down with his mouth and stretched Shambles’ right wing out. The guard held the wing out and down across the floor.

“Now...” hissed Shining. His hoof slammed down with a disgusting impact onto Shambles’ wing, snapping the bones like twigs. Shambles screamed and writhed with agony as Shining Armor began twisting his hoof over and over again.

“Do you know why you are here?” Armor's voice growing louder and fiercer with every twist.

“Please.... Stop...”

“You are under arrest for the attempted murder of Princess Celestia. You will remain in this cell until a trial has been organized.” Armor lifted his hoof and motioned for the guards to leave along with him. As they exited, Shambles winced and raised his head to watch them leave. Armor shot him a look of pure contempt.

“I... attempted to murder the Princess...?”

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I like it ! But shining gonna pay for that !

The plot is interesting but it is little bit confusing of time.

Danny boy you're torturing a prince who more or less will gain his chaos magic through your pain. Bad move buddy, bad move.

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