• Published 6th Aug 2012
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A Family In Shambles - Coffee dot exe

Before his imprisonment, Discord fell for a princess of an island nation off the coast of Equestria.

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I Will Follow You Into The Dark

“This is kind of a big deal, sweetie. Are you sure your citizens are alright with this sort of decision?”

Princess Cyclis was pacing around the throne room as she discussed the pressing political issue with Discord. The months had passed since she first met him as a simple suitor and had since become a royal couple. Discord had become a friendly face among the citizens of Zephyra, as Cyclis had with Equestria. With both kingdoms closer, the idea of a union between the two nations was an ever- looming thought in their minds.

“Everypony in the kingdom has been thinking it, and now is as good a time as any to actually say it,” The princess stated, ending her pace. She made her way to a window, peering out into the courtyard.

A sea of ponies had flocked to the palace to witness Princess Cyclis’s speech concerning the state of the kingdoms. Reporters from both Zephyra and Equestria stood eagerly at the front of the crowd, cameras pointed towards the podium that had been set up at the palace entrance. The chatter of the citizens hummed from the outside. This was the most important decision their leader had ever made.

Discord walked over to his partner, placing his paw on her the back of her neck. He kissed her cheek and smiled. “Well, if you feel they are ready, I’m with you every step of the way.” He said warmly. “You have your speech memorized?”

“I do,” she answered, smiling back to him. “Let’s go.”

The doors to the courtyard opened slowly and light flooded the throne room. The couple were greeted to the roar of the crowd as they made their way outside. The citizens cheered and stomped their hooves. Once the princess had reached the podium, the royal guard overseeing the event stomped their hooves in unison to silence the restless ponies.

Cyclis gazed over her faithful citizens and smiled. “Thank you all for coming, fellow Zephyrians and I extend my welcome to the ponies of Equestria!” she said, her voice booming with the aid of magic. “I have organized this event to make a very important announcement. As I’m sure you are all aware, Discord, prince of Equestria, and I have been together for almost a year now. We have become acquainted with one another’s kingdoms and are welcomed with open arms by each nation's respective citizens,” she said, pausing to allow a small applause.

“After much thought and discussion among the councils of both kingdoms, Princess Celestia, Luna, Discord, and I have come to a consensus.” The crowd goes completely silent in anticipation. Cyclis clears her throat and takes a long breath. She looks out at the sea of eager eyes and announced, “We have decided to make our beautiful land of Zephyra part of the great Kingdom of Equestria!”

The crowd erupted with applause. The princess glanced back at Discord, her face beaming with happiness. Discord’s mouth curled up into a proud smile, giving a small thumbs up to his sweetheart. Cyclis turned back to the audience. She waited until the excitement had died down before continuing her speech. “If you have any fears on what will become of me, do not worry, I will remain your princess. This agreement simply opens us to trade with Equestria and grants our kingdom a seat in the Equestrian main council.”So rejoice everypony, on this unforgettable moment in our history!”

The crowd cheered once again and Cyclis bowed to them before turning to join her companion as they entered the throne room again. As soon as the doors behind them shut, She burst into excitement. “We did it, Discord! We did it!” She reared onto her hind legs and fell into a hug with him, giggling with happiness.

“No, you did it, love,” Discord replied happily. He picked her up and spun her around before setting her back down. “You made this possible.”

Her cheeks went red as she shook her head. “This union was your idea, sweetie. You deserve credit,” She corrected. She turned to write to Princess Celestia about the successful announcement. As she wrote, Discord made himself comfortable in a large cushioned chair against one of the walls.

He looked over to her as she casted a spell to send the letter. He raised an eyebrow and asked, “So when should my sisters and I plan the party in Canterlot to celebrate the union?”

Cyclis turned back to him and replied, “I just asked her what day would work best for her and Luna.” After a few minutes, a letter appeared before her. “It’s from Celestia. That was certainly fast!” She said, answering Discord’s question before he asked it. “She says that she has already begun making preparations for Saturday. But, that’s only three days from now!” She yelped, slightly worried.

“Well, that leaves no time for dilly-dallying. I guess that means I should return to Canterlot.” Discord said, hopping up from the chair. “Don’t get all panicky, love. You’re a princess! Everypony will make sure you’re prim and proper for the ball.” He walked over and gave her a short kiss. She smiled up at him.

“I’ll try my best, sweetie,” she said softly.

“Then I will see you Saturday. Farewell, my princess,” Discord said, bowing as he made his exit. The doors shut behind him, and Cyclis sighed, heading for the tailor’s quarters to prepare.


Once Saturday had finally come, Cyclis was in the tailor’s fitting room, getting the final touches finished on her gown. “This has to be my greatest work to date!” the tailor proclaimed. She was double checking the measurements of the princess’s flank. “We don’t want this dress to suffocate you, or Celestia forbid fall off during a dance.”

Cyclis smiled as she took another look at herself in the mirror. She turned her head to her tailor and said, “I put all of my faith in you and your talents with every piece you’ve made me, Needle Eye. There’s not one job you couldn’t handle.”

Needle Eye shrugged and finished her last look at the dress. “It is my job your majesty.” She backed up and smirked. “And viola! We have ourselves a work of art!”

The Alicorn spun around slowly, admiring the subtle craftsmanship of the dress. The gown mirrored a cloud flowing along with the wind. Thin white silk that seemed to float along with even the slightest breeze. Streaks of blue silk wove themselves through the white to give the illusion of movement when the gown was still.

“Oh, Needle, it’s beautiful!” Cyclis exclaimed, spinning in place on one hoof, the gown fluttering softly with her. “Thank you so much!”

The lavender unicorn shrugged. “This is my job, dear. And my passion. I’d choose no other path in life,” she admitted. “You look gorgeous, your majesty. Discord is a lucky prince.”

The princess felt her cheeks warm as she blushed a deep crimson. She looked out the window and saw the sun draw closer to the ocean. “Oh my, is it afternoon already?” Her tailor looked out to the sky as well.

“So it is. Shoo shoo now Miss Cyclis. Off with you!” Needle Eye proclaimed. She smirked and waved her hoof at her princess. “You don’t want to be late for your own ceremony!”

The princess nodded in agreement and left for her chariot, being careful to not step on her own gown.


“I said put the banner above the Garden entrance, not the Kitchen entrance!”

Luna shook her head at the guards as they fumbled to correct the decorations. “The ball is in one hour, you’d think we’d have things in order at this point.” The Canterlot castle was covered in both Zephyrian and Equestrian imagery. Banners, flags, and other various symbols adorned the castle walls. As Luna addressed the last minute fixes, her sister made her way to the ballroom.

“Hello sister, how are things in here?” Princess Celestia asked, admiring Luna’s eye for decoration.

“Just a few more banners and the final touches should be completed.” Luna replied, not looking away from the guards.

Celestia nodded and said, “Princess Cyclis should be here soon, I will meet her in the garden.” She ducked under the banner the guards were raising. As she went through the doorway, The blue alicorn’s chariot was flying over the mountain range. Princess Celestia bowed her head as the chariot landed.

“Celestia! It’s so good to see you!” Cyclis exclaimed, exiting the chariot. She walked over to her and bowed in return. “I wanted to thank you personally for doing all this!”

Celestia smiled and turned to enter the castle with Cyclis. “Please, this is a momentous occasion for both of our kingdoms!” She said matter of factly. As they entered, Luna was there to greet the Zephyrian princess.

“Welcome Princess Cyclis. It is an honor to have you here,” said Luna.

Cyclis bowed her head and thanked her. “The honor is mine, Princess Luna.” She looked around at the impressive preparations. “This is quite the show you two have planned, but-”

“Is something wrong?” Luna asked, looking worried.

Cyclis raised her eyebrows and answered, “Oh no, not at all princess! I was just going to ask where Discord was. I’m sorry if I scared you!” She smiled sheepishly as Luna let out a relieved sigh.

“He’s up in his room, getting his suit finished up,” Celestia said, answering for Luna, who had walked off to begin welcoming guests. She led their guest of honor to the main hall. “We will hold the actual ceremony in the main hall and once we have finished, the guests will move into the ballroom. After that, feel free to do as you please.”


Soon, the guests began to arrive and Cyclis worried if Discord would ever make it. The guests made their way into the main hall, where at the top of a flight of stairs, the three princesses waited to begin. When the last of the guests had arrived, Princess Celestia approached the front of the staircase and began the ceremony.

“Mares and Gentlecolts, I welcome everypony to the fisrt annual celebration of the wind! Where we honor the day our neighboring nation, Zephyra, joined our great nation in a union that will no doubt strengthen both kingdoms!” Celestia announced. The guests cheered and the white alicorn continued, “Here, I have a document approving the union. Princess Cyclis will sign her name for her kingdom. Princess Luna, Prince Discord, and I will sign for ours.”

At that moment, Cyclis felt a tap on her back. She turned to see Discord standing next to her in the most unique suit she had ever seen. His suit was a cluster of all sorts of designs and materials. One sleeve was made of crimson silk, the other a red plaid made of flannel. The chest was white and the lapelles were leopard spotted. One pant leg bore a summer dress floral design. It’s opposite was pitch black. The button up was zebra striped, and a polka dot tie. Cyclis struggled to contain her laughter at her love’s ridiculous outfit.

There were whispers through the crowd of the prince’s outfit. Princess Celestia turned to see what everypony was so distracted by. As soon as she saw her brother’s suit, she stifled laughter and went back to continue her speech. Discord smiled smugly, knowing his suit had served its purpose.

Celestia paused to gather herself. When she was sure she wouldn’t start laughing, she raised a quill with magic. She dipped it and signed her name at the bottom of the paper. She placed the quill back in the ink bottle and backed away for Luna to sign. Once Luna and Discord had signed the paper, Cyclis made her way forward.

When she reached the stand that the paper lay, she noticed something else sitting on it. A diamond encrusted crown She stared at it for a few seconds, processing what it was doing there. Her questions were answered when her companion stepped forward, picked up the crown, and held it to her. Tears welled up in the princess’s eyes. She nodded nervously before he could even ask her anything.

“Princess Cyclis,” Discord said, looking up into the tear-filled eyes of the aqua alicorn he loved more than anything. “Will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

She started nodding faster, whimpering with excitement. Tears rolled down her face. She turned away to try to hide her tears and her flustered cheeks. She felt her fiance remove her crown and place the engagement crown on her head. She turned to him and exclaimed, “I love you so much Discord!” She threw her front legs around his shoulders and kissed him deeply. He returned the kiss as the guests below smiled up and stomped their hooves in applause for the newly engaged couple.

As the excitement died back down, and Cyclis had cleared the tears from her face, she finally signed the paper. The four royal leaders bowed as the audience stomped again. Princess Celestia walked forward. She looked over the crowd and said, “Zephyra and Equestria have now ushered in a new era of prosperity!”


As the night progressed, the guests had their food and danced. They began having small talk about the engagement and the exquisite marriage that would most likely follow. They wondered if Discord would move to Zephyra to become prince there. It was the talk of the night.
While the gossip echoed the halls of the castle, Discord and Cyclis left the ballroom to stand on a nearby balcony. The love struck princess gazed up at her fiance, tears welling up in her eyes once again. It was the happiest night of her life.

“You can’t look like a sad sob in front of all these ponies, dear,” Discord said, pulling out a mix matched handkerchief for his bride to be.

She took hold of the kerchief with magic and dabbed her tears away. “It’s your fault for being such a romantic” She snuck a kiss onto his cheek. “I’m surprised you kept your head straight enough orchestrate that little stunt.”

“To be honest, Celestia did most of the work,” He replied jokingly.

Cyclis giggled and nudged him. “You make me happier than anypony ever could, Discord.”

The prince softly turned his love's head to face him and kissed her lips.

As they kissed, Princess Celestia walked past the doorway. She smiled at the happy couple. Slowly, the sky grew brighter and when Celestia looked up to see why, she saw clouds moving away to reveal the bright moon. The clouds were being moved by pegasi in black, bat like armor. She looked over to a much higher balcony and saw her sister motioning with her hooves to the cloud movers. Celestia sighed happily and walked on, leaving her brother and fiance to lay together in peace.