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Centuries before the Elements of Harmony were found in Ponyville, An uncorrupted Discord fell for Cyclis, a princess who rules an island nation off the east coast of Equestria. As their relationship progressed, they helped join her nation, Zephyra, with Equestria. Smitten became love as the couple decided to start a family. But before this dream could be achieved, darkness tainted Discord's soul, leading to his stone imprisonment. But he was unaware of one thing, he left behind a bit of himself. This story reveals how this all happened, and the effect these events had on the son Discord never knew about.

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A very enjoyable story. Keep up the good work. :eeyup:


Thank you! This story has really given me a creative drive. Be sure to see the next chapter soon.

A great first chapter and when the second one comes out if it's as good as this one then you will have a favorite. :pinkiehappy:

Wonderful. I usually don't fave things straight from the new story bin, but this is great. Keep it coming, try for EqD, and shoot for feature box.

P.S. EqD has a minimum words per chapter of 3000, if you want in perhaps just add a bit more backstory for either discord or cyclis.

This is awesome guys! I never expected this kind of attention for my fic. You guys rock!

Nothing beats three happy Pinkie's and a Big Mac! :derpytongue2:

Great story! Magnifecent! I wouldnt be suprised if this was in the feTure box and on equestria daily!

And by the way. :moustache:

When was the last time Cyclis and Discort saw each other? If I may ask ofc.

1050157 That was expected xD But it was worth a try! :eeyup:

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I like it ! But shining gonna pay for that !

The plot is interesting but it is little bit confusing of time.

Danny boy you're torturing a prince who more or less will gain his chaos magic through your pain. Bad move buddy, bad move.

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