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Holy One Year Of Inactivity, Batman! · 2:40am Jul 25th, 2013

Wow, yeah so I haven't been on here in forever.

Like, what the hell?

My life has been weird and busy lately and I haven't been keeping up (read: forgot this site even existed) for like a year now.

I'mma change that.

Because I miss writing and hopefully this community isn't mean and harsh and bitter and will forgive me for leaving for so long

I love how much I think I matter to this website.

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What's Taking So Long? · 1:55pm Aug 10th, 2012

Is the question I picture all my *ahem* LOYAL fans asking.

Or it could be my ego inflating to obnoxious levels. But I'm making this post to apologize for being able to post chapter 2 so quickly and have chapter 3 take this long.

Writing is easy. Writing well is hard. Writing on a level where I don't send the dedicated fans of a show into a swirling hurricane of anger and disappoint is impossible.

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Situating Myself · 12:51am Aug 8th, 2012

Whoa, whoa, whoa. This loser has a blog now? What could HE possibly write about? How his day was? Where he ate today? Who is favorite pony?

To answer all those questions in the right order:

Whatever I want.


Yes, I do.

My day was average.

Any-who, if anybody is actually reading this, welcome to my brain box of thoughts. Every now and then I will post in here to scribble down thoughts I've had throughout the day(s).

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