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Yo, AtreyuMathias! This: - https://www.fimfiction.net/group/1717/folder/3983/oc-evolved group is supposed to have 23 stories in it, so do you know why it’s displaying only 20 of them to me?

1789697 Okay, yeah. I was just worried that someone had hacked the site again and deleted stories.

1788867 I'll try to explain the best I can: there was a folder with the name "Main" in which there were stories that they were ALREADY in the other folders, kinda like "repeated ones", and that's what the reason it make it look like the group had 50 stories. PLUS there were other stories (which weren't too much) that didn't follow the conditions of content from the rules of the group and they had to be deleted. You get it, right?

What happened to half the stories? There were 50 a week ago and now there's only 36 and that's with the addition of some new ones.

1735963 And FimFic is stupid because I never got a notification that you replied. Anyways I ain't blaming you, just was wondering why. And if you're not willing to do admin things may I suggest making me, Europa, or Trondason admins, the three of us are the most active guys in the group.

  • Viewing 116 - 120 of 120
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