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The lunar spartan sniper is watching you O_O

You're back. HURRAH!!!!:yay::pinkiehappy:


Sorry for not responding right away, but I am writing the story. I was trying to get the chapter done by the 19th so it would've been only one month since I posted the story, but thanks to one part of one scene, I'm probably going have to redo that entire part because it seems rushed.

Not to mention that, once again, I have two other stories I wish to work on, as well as sadly, depression kicking in (see this blog post) causing me to not really want to write, even though I do want to get these chapters out.

173313Hey man, you have any idea if you have time to write stories? Because i'm starting to think that you may have problems in your house or something:unsuresweetie:

Oh my, my favourite Floydian writer has a dark side.

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