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Lunar 457

i am a 18 year old boy and i am a brony and love the show after watching every episode like 3 time and love fanficts so i thought id join this site


BOOK AWAAYYYYYYYYYYYY · 1:07am Jun 8th, 2013

That's right a book will be realesed by me some point this year the title


Yes that's right it will be about me and the crew of the infinity on there 10 year study of the planet and of course the captain will have to make a descion weather to say its habitable or not or weather it has life he knows what happened to the other colonies so wich will he choose protect the family he built over the years or do his duty
(May add karma descions)

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Just got hacked this is the new account

Someone done disappeared.

you know that battle field has been curl but I'm gonna make this transmission short the Shadow Squad is returning the leader has been awakened his injury's are healed and he's ready his squad is set to deploy September 19 i repeat Hyabuas D01 is awake

Hey do you know of any "real wars" fic with ponies in them? (like Afghanistan or Vietnam?)

Omg I write n my iPad too! Now I have iron thumbs! I can kill things with them! BWAHAHAHAHA!
Oh and by the way, have your proofreader give you their email, and use a google drive document to write on and then just add them. That's what I do.

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I've done this once not pretty the outcome is

It's true they do shit them selves if you say anything more than yup

Also here is the lunar rebuplic side arm

And here is the rifle

And here is the Assault rifle

Here's the naval insignia for the lunar rebuplic

And here is the main insignia

And here is the air force

And here is my wife luna lleading a charge

And here is what I'm a part of


And the last bit of republic stuff I've got is this

And here's my squad mate Kelly

Celestia should be very afraid

A picture of field marshal luna all four sides

Multiple gunshots "anyone else want to make eye candy out of my girl no you sure you positive" loads more shekels into his shotgun

Dam I love it when she puts her hair in a pony tail just love it


Dam so fucking hot

So cute when she blushes

The list of veteran's active or nonactive

Here's the list so far 4 total on list and 0 pending

- Cooper A. Micalizzi,Lunar or unseen, 75th army ranger regiment, captain


-purple heart
-purple heart
- silver star
-bronze star
- Distinguished Service Cross
- Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
-Iraq campaign service medal (all seven phases)
-Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
-Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
-Defense Superior Service Medal
-Afghanistan Campaign Medal
-Prisoner of War Medal

- Ethan spear, hothead, 4th marine infantry regiment, master Sargent



-Jacob Hughes, tweak, 192.infantry regiment, staff sergeant


- Joint Service Commendation Medal x2
-Army Commendation Medals
-4 Army Achievement Medals
- 3 Good Conduct Ribbons
-National Defense Service Ribbon Iraq Campaign with 2 stars --Global War on Terror, Korea Defense Service Medal
-Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon
-Army Service Ribbon
-2 Overseas Service Ribbon

-Grant, puppylicker,8th marine regiment, Lcpl




Lunar 457

Background:captain father husband he was assigned to orbit this planet for 10 years and study it he found love of a princess and lives there to this very day
General facts: spartan wears exoduse armor and wears under long camo pants a white T-shirt and boots

Background: Lunars son

Photo Album

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