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Equestria has made the discovery of the century. They found what they believed to be the last of the mythical race of the humans trapped inside of a large crystal. Curiosity takes hold and with the help of Twilight Sparkle and the elements of harmony they decide to set it free. But was that a wise decision?

Cover art not done by me.

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......Plausible Wolverine in Equestria?

Not written by a four year old with tourettes?

:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: Don't screw this up. I see potential.

"Yeah... " He grumbled, tightening his hands into fists, "I'm definitely dreaming... Somebody fucking pinch me."

While I normally won't agree with someone using a troll face obey poster avatar, I agree please don't mess this up.
One hell of a start and getting past the thought of how his bones stay connected after being removed from the crystal, excellent so far in integrating Logan.
D.D... Daring Do lives!

Between this, the Hulk story and the few Deadpool stories out there, Marvel cross overs are rising.
That said, this story has potential like an untapped oil well and you struck rich on the first dig.
Now keep that rig pumping and make more angry Canadian oil.

EHeeheehee, back hand... of DOOM. :pinkiehappy:

Great fic, it has a lot of potential, I'll be looking forward for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

nice so far. what i expect for the next chapter. this is Wolverine we are talking about so I expect bloodshed and chaos and a lot of dead ponies.

Other than a few grammatical errors, I'm loving this fic. Pleas continue delivering the awesomeness which is this story! :rainbowwild:

"Attack!" Shining Armor yelled, his pegasus soldiers firing their blasts of magic.

1463329 That is not the first time that he had all his flesh removed from a limb and the bone stayed in place. Heck I believe he survived being nuke before.
And here's the list of marvel characters in Equestria that i have read
Iron man
And now we need captain America, Thor (that one will be interesting), and the Fantastic Four.

I know, I know, I grew up with a brother that loves X-Men. It's just I am a biology student and is currently taking Human Phys.
Do you count Ponified versions of them? 'Cause I have seen Thor and Cap, not as their human selves but either as ponies or a MLP canon character taking up their role

1463611 Can you point those out I haven't read those.

Don't remember their names, I think there is one called My Little Avengers which has Big Mac as Thor

The ponies' trust of wolverine is completely random and makes no sense. A better way to give them a little trust realistically would have been to have him do something to earn it, like sparing one of the guards. I really like this story, other than that.
Also: inb4 featured!

I think a movie avengers would be an interesting crossover

Or a war machine crossover

Great work Might want to add a few more tags though like adventure or comedy, but man I always wanted to read a Wolverine/mlp crossover fic hope you update

I give this a 10 out of 10 so far

LOL! Oh yeah Logan has ALWAYS been my favorite, just dont screw it up please!

1463741 well there is this one... and it has TwiSoarin for some reason... also surprise origin of the Elements of Harmony...

I've read another one somewhere, probably on Fanfiction.net, that had the main-six team up with the Avengers to stop a team up of Loki and Discord... That one was awesome to... now if only I could remember where it was:twilightblush:


I will try within my power not to disappoint!


I'll keep that Canadian essence flowing!


Thank you!


You're too kind :twilightblush:


I'll do what I can!

Excellent story and looking forward to more.

Here are a few thongs I noted while reading:

Ch. 1:

It's located behind the receptions desk.


Professor Heartstrings proposed that the existence of humanity existed out of the blue with no physical evidence supporting his claim.

Ch. 2:

On its lower body it wore what looked like blue jean pants, and at its feet were dark black books.


The dark red muscle soon began to encase the arm and 'hand' before a light colored covering, which Twilight guessed was skin, followed soon after. It had all happened within seconds.

Wolverine does not heal that fast. Injuries surroued by healthy tissue do, but not regenerating the entire surface from teh bone up. That would take a few hours at least.

A few moments early, beneath the balcony of Canterlot castle in a simple donut shop...


The creature heard her, but it couldn't comprehend what she was saying. It was running clumsily, not being itself at all. It's feral instincts had taken over, pumping the idea of survival into its head. At the moment, its conscience had been blocked by its animal tendencies. It was not likely it would remember what it was doing at the current moment it its strange berserk state.

This description is valid but out of place. It is the narrator speaking directly to the reader and very immersion breaking. It needs to either be from "his" perspective or otherwise related to the reader.

Also Celestia and Luna and Twilight are making a lot of assumptions about "him". And these seem unnaturally insightful. You really shouldn't try to feed the reader information that should be expressed or inferred by the story itself.

keep it up good so far please just like the others DON'T SCREW UP and don't let the story get boring

If you fuck this up, I will destroy your soul...

But good luck anyways! :pinkiehappy:

Congratz,your featured baby!:rainbowkiss:

1464182 I'd love too see a war machine crossover, it would be interesting to see someone write one. I'd do feel that there is a lack of iron man on this site. There's only two or three fics but they aren't that great

please do a good job.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::moustache::moustache:

mess this up and :flutterrage::twilightangry2:

but good job:moustache:

You're doing really good with this so far--keep it up!:twilightsmile:

so how do you kill wolverine?

First Hulk then deadpool and then zombies and now Wolverine?! :pinkiegasp:
Has someone been reading my diaaa-JOURNAL yes uh my journal :twilightblush:

Dude what do you mean Captain America? We need THOR.

Poor Logan. You woke in a pony fantasy land. Who did you tick off for that to happen?

"My room is also heavily enchanted, so my bed, dressers, and cake are all completely safe." - See even gods value cake above all else!

1463234>>1463329 No pressure..........................

1464620 You don't, he fought with Cap during WWII, fought in the Civil War and I think he even fought back in the Rev War

how does that beast fair?



Yeah, need I say more?

he began to use his skilled stealth ability to quietly move


He didn't notice it before, but the creatures voice was... female. It sounded scared and young. He couldn't handle scared young females very well. After a moments hesitation, he withdrew his blades.

I'm going to point out three things. One, "didn't notice" should be "hadn't noticed", because "notice" is present tense, but everything else is past tense. Two, I think it should be "moment's hesitation". Three, try phrasing the "couldn't handle" bit differently, it's more of a narrative line than something Logan would actually think.

Overall, everything I've mentioned can be prevented from happening again by getting an editor/prereader or three, now that you've actually posted some chapters. They can even catch plotholes before you publish! ... Sometimes. Best of luck, since I'm watching you. :pinkiecrazy:

Was he finally going crazy or was he trapped in the imagination of a six year old girl? Ill have jean braid your hair.

I'm not even a marvel fan, but damn, this is brilliant. I'm going to track this, and bloody well enjoy it. Keep up the good work :ajsmug:

You wrote pegasi threw their magic blasts... plz correct

"Ah kinda have to go with Rainbow on this one... " Applejack added, "That thing is probably all bony and dead-like. Everypony is talking about this thing going crazy and violent, but ah'm pretty sure it's as dead as Rarity's sex life."

good ending to the chapter and gratz on getting featured

Last of the humans, because we all know him, the Hulk, and Deadpool would probably be the longest lasting humans in the marvel earth.

oh yes... Wolverine in equestria. Let's see the walking death machine deal with a land of friendship and magic. Keep goin and stay golden^^

1465074 Set him in everfree and I think he'll be fine... maybe:pinkiecrazy:


You did... Read it, right? He spared two and none of the ponies trust him at all. Twilight is just going by how tight his arm is, the rest are 100% sure Wolverine'll snap her neck like a twig at the slightest provocation. Celestia and Luna have him surrounded and Twilight, despite having her life in a passive-aggressive sort of way threatened led him right into a trap.

No he won't all the creatures will be dead within a week.

The amount of 'tell' is a tad annoying, though the idea could be interesting.

1464182 It was on Fanfiction, I read it there. Can't remember the name, but just look up Avengers MLP crossovers to find it.

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