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I has a sad. · 1:42pm May 19th, 2014

My story just hit 100 downvotes... feels like a crappy milestone if you ask me. Just once, I wish people had the balls to post a comment saying that they downvoted and why, instead of hiding behind anonymity, safe in the knowledge that their personal story hangups and distastes can bring down an otherwise widely enjoyed story.

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My Only Story

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I know as much as anyone, which is to say, nothing.

Did you ever learn of what happened to Loyal? Last I heard, she simply cut off all contact- but I've heard of stories where it turns out the author suffered some kind of medical emergency. Just a little worried about her.

I was checking in on L2L's status (I'm still patiently hoping!), and I noticed your name in her last blog post. Followed it up and was pleasantly surprised to find your own story, which looks pretty darn interesting! I'll definitely be reading it while awaiting L2L's return. :)

Know any other Slice of Life stories like yours? I've only seen a few. Been through a few groups but never found anything interesting, couple good ones, but they were either incomplete or abandoned entirely.

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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