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I has a sad. · 1:42pm May 19th, 2014

My story just hit 100 downvotes... feels like a crappy milestone if you ask me. Just once, I wish people had the balls to post a comment saying that they downvoted and why, instead of hiding behind anonymity, safe in the knowledge that their personal story hangups and distastes can bring down an otherwise widely enjoyed story.

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Heart to Heart (or something) · 9:44pm Dec 20th, 2013

I really didn't know what to title this blog, so that will have to do.

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I must be doing *something* right · 4:32am Apr 1st, 2013

Well, hot damn. 700 upvotes for YD(N)B. I guess I should be honored.

To those 100+ people following me, thank you for that. (Even though you're really getting nothing out of it except these dumb blog posts, seeing as I don't post any new stories.)

To my 1000+ favoriters, thank you for including me in your list of watched stories, be they lists ranging in the hundreds or a very specific and select group of stories.

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Oh, hey. 400 upvotes. · 4:41pm Dec 8th, 2012

Well now, this is a pleasant surprise. Thank you all for the support, even though I really have been moving at a snail's pace to provide updates at all. It's interesting to me to still see that steady trickle of favorites come in, given that my story is just one of dozens standing in the shadow of bigger, better HiE's like Anthropology, Xenophilia et cetera. But then again, maybe I should be more proud. Given that my story doesn't have a "hook," isn't a comedy played up purely for laughs, or

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No, I'm not dead. · 6:43pm Sep 29th, 2012

To everyone eagerly expecting the next chapter of YD(N)B, I'm sorry it's been so long without any updates. Between getting a shiny new 3DS for my birthday, and the start of college classes, I only recently found the motivation to get to work writing again.

It's coming... slowly but surely, it's coming. And I think it's gonna be a relatively big one (5187 words and I'm not close to being finished).

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Here Thar be Blog · 1:32am Jul 21st, 2012

I felt like posting an update, so here I am, posting an update.

YD(N)B has 200 upvotes! Yay!

Contrary to how it may seem, progress is being made on the next chapter. (I'm thinking I might to daily edits to this entry to reflect the growing word count. See? Progress!)
I know all of you are rabidly eager to read the next part, but I made it very clear in my foreword that this story will not make me its bitch, and I'll post an update when I'm good and ready.

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