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Fading Memories Create New Ones - Killjoy_Writer

Turquoise Blitz is having a hard time with Anthea's death. But one mare will help him keep a promise for life: To keep moving on.

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Chapter Seven - Restarted Love

Chapter Seven – Restarted Love

T woke up the next morn to see Claire above him. “GAH!” he jumped as he fell off the bed, “What the hay, Claire?”

“Just wanted to say good morning!” Claire smiled as Nidra woke up.

“Could you be a little quieter next time?” T groaned as he stretched.

“Okay. Breakfast is on me and Lulu!” she stated as she leaped off the bed, “Better get ready.” She exited the room and left Nidra and T alone. Nidra stretched and yawned. “That was a rude awakening.” she noted as she got up.

“Yep.” T agreed as he headed to the bathroom, “I'm going to shower real quick.”

“Okay.” Nidra said as she went to a mirror to fix her mane.

A few minutes later and T walked out with a towel on his head. What he saw was Claire sitting with Nidra and they were laughing on the bed. “Hey. What are you doing here?” T asked as he took the towel off.

“Just wanted to tell you that Lulu isn't going to be joining us.” Claire smiled a little a she nodded towards an unconscious Illusion on the floor. T walked up and slapped him with his tail. Illusion snapped up and shook his head. “What was that for, T?” he snapped.

“You were unconscious for some unknown reason.” T stated as he combed his mane. Then Illusion donned an expression of surprise. The next seconds went fast when Illusion tackled Claire in a big hug. T donned a look of confusion, wondering what was going on. “What in the name of Equestria is going on?” he asked.

Claire stood up to him face-to-face, inhaled, exhaled, and looked at him. “Guess who's going to be an uncle?” she smiled. T knew exactly what she was talking about. He blinked at her and put his hooves on her shoulders. “Are you sure?” he asked.

“By Celestia's flowing mane.” she confirmed, “Why else would I order a water at my favorite pub?”

“How long?” T smiled as he hugged her.

“A-Almost.......four.......weeks.......” she gasped, “Please let go......I don't....want...early.......labor......” T released her from his grip.

“I'm just so proud of you.” he said as he hugged her again, but lighter.

“Lulu here lasted six seconds.” she smiled as she hugged her husband.

“But what I don't get is that you said you weren't the type for marrying, but you married. Then you said you weren't the type for children, but.....you're PREGNANT!” T pointed out.

“Yes, I know, but ponies can change. You yourself have changed to brother.” Claire pointed out. Not that much..... he thought as he looked at the potted flower on the desk. Nidra sighed, “Are we going to go or not?” She got up and stretched her body.

“Yeah. Sorry.” Claire said. As Nidra and Illusion was about to don their disguises, T held up a hoof. He went to a display for his armor. “Who wants to go near a prince and princess when there is a kirin like me wearing this armor?” he smiled as he put it on. Illusion and Nidra shrugged in agreement. After T had put on his armor, Nidra's wings flared again. Claire and Illusion shared a laugh as T approached her. Claire and Illusion fell silent as T took Nidra by the chin and kissed her. “That help?” he asked with a smile.

“Yeah.” she smiled with a really deep blush, “Gotta control myself more.” That was really unexpected....... Claire and Illusion just looked away. “Now are we going?” With that, they went to breakfast.

After they ate, they decided to head out to the park for an afternoon stroll. “So Claire,” Illusion spoke up as they walked, “How about you and I go to the new restaurant that just opened tonight?”

“Hm.....sounds like a plan.” she smiled as she kissed Illusion, “You two care to join us?” T looked at Nidra and she shrugged. “We were planning for Monday but, hey,” he shrugged, “I've never been on a double date.”

“You've never been on a double date?” Illusion asked.

“Swear to Faust.”

“Well then,” Claire started, “Let's get ready!” They cheered in unison as they headed back to the castle.

As Nidra sat in her room, getting ready for a double date with T, her cousin, and Claire, a pony knocked on the door. “Come in!” she called out as she locked a necklace around her neck. The pony that entered was none other than her mother, Luna. “Mom!” she smile as she embraced her.

“Let me look at you, my child.” Luna said as she looked at her daughter. Nidra was wearing a simple dress with some nice jewelery. “Just what I thought.” her mother smiled.


“You want to impress Turquoise, no?” Luna asked as she shut the door.

“Um.......yeah.” Nidra answered through a rising blush.

“Then here.” Luna started as she levitated a dress to her daughter. “But, mom!” she protested, “This is your dress! You should-” Luna put a hoof on her daughter's mouth. “I wore this to my first date.” she shuttered as the memories came back of that night, “And I want you, my beautiful daughter, to wear it on your first.” Nidra hugged her mom, took the dress, and put it on.


"Yeah, mom?" Nidra acknowledged as she started to don the dress.

"I have to tell you something about that dress."

A few minutes later and T knocked on the door. “Coming!” Nidra called out from inside. When the door opened, T's jaw seemed to weigh a thousand pounds and just dropped. She.....looks..... “Beautiful.” T managed to comment as he examined her. She had a dark blue dress with parts of it sparkling like the night sky. She donned a sapphire in the shape of a crescent moon that was hung ever so cautiously on a small silver chain. “It's a little much, isn't it?” she asked as she started to blush.

“No. It's perfect.” he commented again with a smile.

“You're welcome.” Luna chimed as she approached the door, “You two have fun.” She smirked as she purposefully bumped into Nidra, causing her to stumble into T's chest. Nidra's blush increased as she backed up before shooting a face with a glare and puffed cheeks at her mom who just waved to them. “Let's go then.” Nidra huffed as she started to walk but was halted by the sweet touch of T's lips against hers. “Let's.” he replied as he lead a dazed Nidra to the gates where they will meet the other two daters.

From her balcony over looking the castle, Luna watched her daughter and her last friends walk off together. After they were out of sight, Luna sighed. She walked to the small altar in the corner of the room that had one picture on it, a portrait of her husband, Supernova. “Hey, hun.” she started as she looked at the stallion's yellow eyes, “It's me again. Nidra's finally dating. What a surprise, huh? Funny thing is, it's a double date. I remember when we were dating. We had so much fun.” She smiled as tears started to fall. “Remember that time we went to the Snowdrop Meadow? I do.” I do...... Her expression changed to one of pure sadness as she crumbled to the floor. “I just......wish.....you were here.....” she wept as she looked back at the picture. She grabbed the picture and kissed it as more tears fell.

I just wish you were here.......

Author's Note:

Time: 2010 hours
Listening to: We Can Make The World Stop by The Glitch Mob
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I really wanted to put Luna's sadness into this through Nidra finally dating. Looks like I did a fine-ass job of doing so. :raritywink:

But I still don't like all of the pain and sadness that Nidra, Luna, T, Claire, and Illusion have to go through.

Celestia won't experience that because a) Her sisters and pupil are alicorns and b) Her husband and son are undying beings. :trollestia: Screw you, too, Tia.........

Chapter Eight - The Date Shall Be Doubled is now in the works.

SIDE NOTE: Chapter Eight will be more of a romantic and comedic relief chapter! :twilightsmile:

Until next time!


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