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Nidra,Princess Luna's daughter,hosts a dating game.For her first group of contestants,she invites Prism Bolt,Golden Delicious,and Prince Illusion.For the mare,she chose ponyville's one and only,love doctor,Crystal Clarity! Is Crystal Destined to find her perfect match?
All credit for these characters goes to Kilala97.

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oft grass.She was just heading back to the castle after her afternoon walk.As she was heading back,she spotted two ponies,embracing each other's company.

Some of sentences have a distinct lack of spacing between letters and punctuation.

This kind of reminds me of DisneyFanatic's story The Discord Dating Game

With the whole dating show.

6026414 ok,will fix that. Thanks for the feed back. If you can,please join my "the elements of harmony;next generation" group.

6028775 oh! I hope I didn't copy it completely! Thanks for telling me.:twilightsmile: I'll have to read it sometime.

6030406 I don't think you copied it.

I believe you'll love the story.

6030424 ok! Thanks for the reassurance.:raritywink: