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Blind Eyes Deleted · 2:17am Jul 17th, 2015

Hey guys and girls! I just wanted to say how sorry I for deleting the story 'Blind Eyes' from the story vault. I deleted it because I decided to change some of the shippings and re-write the whole thing do to editing. Any who, if you were looking forward to the next chapter, I am sorry for the mis convenience. Lucky for you, I will be writing a new version that is edited and way better. Also, if you were woundering about my other stories, such as 'Volume: it's a wounderful thing' and 'Country

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PokeyPie or Cheesepie · 7:39pm Jul 4th, 2015

So, I was on google looking for images of cheese sandwich when I found an interesting photo of pokey against cheese for pinkie pie. Which one would you prefer?

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