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Anthena is a very talented unicorn with a strong ability to do magic. So strong that she could cast a calming spell on a manticore at a young age. But when she tries teleporting all her friends at one time , her and her friends don't end up in there destination, but rather in ponyville. As they explore ponyville, they find out that they were transported to another dimension. Can the ponies in the other dimension help?

Anthena, Turquoise Blitz, Illusion, Crystal Clarity, Prism Bolt, Starburst, Cotton Candy, Golden Delicious, and Princess Nidra belong to Kilala97

All other oc belong to me and NyxAli.

Mane 6 belongs to hasbro and Lauren Faust.

Chapters (1)

After Crystal Clarity found her match in Nidra's dating game, she and Prism Bolt learn to live life in each other embrace. Life is perfect until their love leads to jealousy and marriage, they find out that love isn't as easy as it seems.
All credit for these characters belong to Kilala97.

Chapters (7)

Nidra,Princess Luna's daughter,hosts a dating game.For her first group of contestants,she invites Prism Bolt,Golden Delicious,and Prince Illusion.For the mare,she chose ponyville's one and only,love doctor,Crystal Clarity! Is Crystal Destined to find her perfect match?
All credit for these characters goes to Kilala97.

Chapters (0)

After getting married,Copper and Emerald decide to move to Manehattan.After living there for about two years,and after Emerald gives birth to two baby foals,then life gets a lot crazier.

Chapters (2)

Skittles,Daughter of rainbow dash and Soarin,is having a birthday bash,but when things don't go as planed,it is up to skittles to save ponyville.

Chapters (3)
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