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A group dedicated to the awesome artwork of kilala97 from deviantART, including Next generation and others.

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She's changed it agian to Kianamai.

No kidding I would go to the featured tab and almost always there was a kiala NG story there.

Now activity is at a lul.

Although I stopped following her on deviant so I wouldn’t know the situation there

Just a quick little note, looks Kilala changed her name on deviant art recently, she is no longer kilala97 but now


This Place is drier than the Salt Lake.

Unlike years ago.

402869 I'm sorry this is late and you probably know by now, but you need to have her permission if you are gonna release the story to the public ;)

Is it ok to use her characters in my own stories

Is it too late to get on the challenge or something?

I just set up new blog that's a sort of game to test and extend your vocabulary.

379334 Every fiber of my being wants to see that now....

379882 ya, your story about Luna. I really like that one and I'm excited to see it continue. I was just wondering like in general, you know?

379833 lol yeah I just joined the group but I've been a part of the kilala fandom for a while now

379811 good call. I'm still kind of new to this whole group and I was just wondering. Thanks


If I felt like it perhaps I would, I do that sort of thing with my next gen; like it includes how their mothers met their fathers and how long they dated and how they proposed and stuff xD

But I think if anything we should leave that up to kilala, since maybe she has some headcanons in mind.

Just out of curiosity. Has anyone considered writing a story about the beginning of the next gen? Like how the mane six met their husbands. And kind of what happened between when they met them and they started having kids. Or does that really not fall in with the next gen thing.

379372 Sorry this isn't what im looking for besides those arnt the gundams id think everypony would have

379334 Okay, A) You like Gundam? B) If you do then you might like this (please comment what you think!) And C) I found this on deviantART. Not exactly what you asked but it's close enough, I think.

If I may ask can anyone here draw ponies gundams And Zoids


I understand now. I just might go and fo that!

  • Viewing 47 - 66 of 66
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