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Hello everyone! I have added a story and you can check it out! I know there isn’t a lot of people here anymore but still.

The Twibra foal name in this reality is the Prince of Darkness, Prince Erebus Shadow happy here is why I made the name my self. and he has no Picture right now

That doesn't really answer my question.

There still doesn't seem to be any reason to have it be Starburst.

Heck, these characters would make more sense:


Starburst by not be a pegasus but a unicorn in this Dark reality her parents are two unicorn of powerful magic
father has the knowledge of magic
mother great raw power of magic
both where freinds in there early life.

here is a hint

Why not just use that character instead? What point does having Starburst, who has a completely different father, serve?

I made a name for the foal of Twilight Terror and Sombra

Have you had a fear of Equestria Being Divide by the dark and the light

I'm just saying, if you're going to nix Flash entirely, then there's no reason (or possibility) for Starbursts and Night Light to exist in this story. You're better off looking up a different child of the Twibra ship and use them instead instead.


CH1 u will see flash

and The next gen will be in the other stores

Do the nextgen cast even have an important role in this? Because the way you're setting it up, it feels like you just want an excuse to ditch Flash Sentry entirely.

I working on CH1

let's just say "minor is not in this"

........that just make it worse..... hell it makes even less sense.

Flash is never with twilight but some pony else A form student of Celestia in canon

Twilight is like in this with out the killing her freinds

I'm aware of that, I'm just saying that in the grand scheme of things having Starburst and Night Light Jr be directly related to King Sombra doesn't really make much sense if you're adapting this Next generation into the story.

You can still have it be an alternate universe yet have things happen differently. Like say have Twilight grow weary of serving under Sombra to the point where she has an affair and plans to overthrow him or something....

Plus there's the fact that is going to raise a ton of eyebrows when you decide to set up pretty much every single one of the nextgen characters with their proper parents, yet immediately nix Flash Sentry, the one character that has had a bit of controversy surrounding his very existence.

....see what I mean?

I may have to change that she won't be well Let just say not Existing in this reality. Remember alternative reality The Begin this is

This is a Work in Progress

It doesn't really make that much sense to swap out the parents. Especially since Starburst gets most of her personality (and looks) from her dad.

Alicorn genes are recessive, so it makes no sense for a pegasus to be born from two unicorns. You might as well replace her entirely.

Hello everyone I am think of making a dark reality of this next generation, That mean some characters will not be from the same parents

There will be a prologue story on how this reality began

Here are the characters that will be the same in this reality I am creating


Cystal Clarity

Cotton Candy

Flurry heart (Why not she is just added to make this story good)






Now Ponies that have different parents


This is just a small list but i can give you a hint why this reality is dark and future characters

"We shall mean in the land of Crystals and Shadows" Prince Erebus, Prince of Darkness

She's changed it agian to Kianamai.

No kidding I would go to the featured tab and almost always there was a kiala NG story there.

Now activity is at a lul.

Although I stopped following her on deviant so I wouldn’t know the situation there

Just a quick little note, looks Kilala changed her name on deviant art recently, she is no longer kilala97 but now


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