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A special group dedicated to stories centered around the main six's children! Behold various versions of the next generation's!




And many more! If you have a NextGen Fic, this is the place to post it

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Oh, I see:pinkiegasp:! Yeah that'd be really cool:scootangel:!

No I mean if the main six meet when they were kids

What do you mean:unsuresweetie:? Like if one got together with the other and had kids of their own?

I'd love it of the Main Six had children of their own:scootangel:!

423639 actually something that I was planning on doing sometime in my series:ajsmug:.

Guys know of any storys in onther groups that have the main six meeting as kids

I'd put my story in this group. But mine are humans :twilightsheepish, but I'd love to see the ideas and imaginations sore from other writers and artists :twilightsmile:

I'll make some next gens soon... :D If you're interested.

I like kilila9 best.mi read magic, wich had anthea and starburst in it

I'm writing one of these now! :rainbowlaugh:

I hope I didn't break the rules in submitting the stories.:fluttershysad:

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