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This story is a sequel to I Love Ya to the Core

Spike finds himself on a game show hosted by Discord where he has to choose between three mysterious bachelorettes, not realizing that this is a ploy to settle a love triangle he has not been aware of. Who will Spike choose?
Hearts might be broken and secrets might be spilled.
This is a "sort of" follow-up to "Bride of Discord." Not really a sequel, but is set in the same universe.

Cover Image by WolfSpirit1292, who also adapted this into a comic!

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Okay, you got a laugh out of me.:rainbowlaugh: Great fic.:pinkiehappy::moustache:

"Just kiss, you dummy" it seems twilight is getting impatient, like the last romance she read in her room.

I didn't like it at all......... I love it.

Woot first comment! :ajsmug:.
I liked it slot 5/5 .*

Where the smeg did all those downvotes come from? Sometimes I think people who hate Spike shipping seek these stories out...

Nice I have to say you can make this story to a sage :):rainbowlaugh::

Excellently done, far from rote indeed! :twilightsmile: The Duchess of Tome approves.

more discord dating game next time

the bachelorette is twilight and the guests are

blueblood lyra and princess celestia

more discord dating game next time

the bachelorette is twilight and the guests are

blueblood lyra and princess celestia

Don't worry Rarity, I know the feeling of rejection all too well.

Wait... I just realized I DON'T like Sparity ships! Go Spike and AJ! You too Discord!

3063661 I agree, but have her slap Blueblood for some comment he makes.

3063811 or she gives him the dreaded NUMBER SEVENTEEN

3065251 I don't get it. Is that in another fanfic?

3065254 its a joke from trixies debut twilights moustache spell :moustache:

3065271 Ah. Must have missed that. But still... This makes you think. Why not put ALL, minus Discord and Cadence, on a dating show like this? Just imagine if Celestia won a date with Luna? That would be hilarious.

3065280 YES YES YES

or scootaloo and rainbow dash

3065313 You know, I do happen to work projects that I don't post. Maybe I should write something like that and wait to post it. You know, to edit and add on, maybe clip some bits off. :moustache:

Can you please make an alternate ending where he ends up with Rarity?

Awesome! :rainbowkiss:

-Kiryu :moustache:

I was actually gripped to see who he would pick. This story was so awesome :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

I like how this ended. I've always kind of liked AppleSpike better than Sparity. :moustache:

BEST FIC EVER,i especilly liked the part when twilight was like"then why was i here" then discord said"so i can bug you" lol but great:moustache::moustache::moustache::ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug::raritywink::twilightoops:

3065895 NEVER RARITY CAN GO DIE ALONE! oops, did I say that out loud?:scootangel:
I read this after reading the daughter of discord because i just happened to come across it (it was fate! :raritystarry:) and loved it still! it did clear up a few things for me :pinkiesmile: love this fic! awesome :ajsmug:

I was waiting for Spike to pick Twilight, to throw the readers off.
I don't really see Spike with AJ, the only thing between them is that they are both hard workers. I'm not saying love can't bloom but...
Anyway I think you should segment this and have a type of "choose your own adventure" thing.
This story is not bad just not my cup of sugar.

Ahh i love those awkward Twilight moments :pinkiesmile:

If you were pulling an anvil cart
Is this supposed to be a description of a mining cart (which looks sort of like an anvil in profile)? My brain hiccups every time I read 'anvil cart' in that sentence.

3318125 It's not a description of what the cart is like, but rather what is in it- in this case, anvils. If I were pulling a hot dog cart, it might or might not look like a hot dog, but it would contain hot dogs.

Is this some kind of continuation to "I Love Ya To the Core"?
I got here after reading that and I noticed this story came out before.

Other than that:

“Hey, get a room, you lovebirds!”

This line is - romantically - awesome.

3322951 You could say that or that "I Love Ya to the Core" was a prequel. Either way, it has a happy ending!:ajsmug:

That kiss... I remember mine. That is exactly how it was. I remember feeling where her lips touched mine, as though it burned a line across them (and slightly to one side; we missed!) that lingered hot and tingling for days.
And I bet AJ will be okay with him growing out a moustache—he'll look like a proper cow... um... cowdrake?

Amazing. So tender and romantic!:flutterrage::heart::ajsmug::pinkiegasp:
Discord RULES!:moustache:

Spike and Applejack sittin in tree K,I,S,S,I,N,G:ajsmug::heart::moustache:

Okay, AppleSpike is definitely my second-favorite ship. *FlutterCord is my #1 :twilightsheepish:*

I loved this story!!! It was romantic but serious.:ajsmug::moustache:

That was awesome! I LOVED it!:pinkiehappy:

Twilight: "My fanfics are coming true.":twilightsmile:

Twas brilliant! :ajsmug: Have a mustache!:moustache:

Applejack’s lips tasted, unsurprisingly, of apples.

Well, of course her lips did! I mean, she is a apple, isn't she?:ajbemused:

Both hilarious and sweet. I highly enjoyed this.

Most excellent! :yay:

Wow! This was awesome! Don't stop writing! I simply love all your stories :-)

Comment posted by DUBMAR3000 deleted Jan 10th, 2014

uuuh that's 3

Love love love it! Good work haha:ajsmug:

:ajsleepy::heart::moustache: so cute together

and i am surprised that they didn't gasp for air when they were done smooghing

Awww so cute!!!:pinkiehappy:


Súper cute !!!!!

Love is Love even if it is a dragon and a pony!:heart::heart:

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