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Spike being best pony transcends time.

My scribbles

Behold, the best GIF in existence

You should probably turn back

Well, if you don't mind these guys you can stay of course. Just warnin ya, it can get pretty chaotic. Like Discord-level chaotic.

Who am I? I'm the poor lost soul that thought it was a good idea to jump into writing fanfiction without first checking my safety belt. I've survived the wild ride so far tho, so fear not!

I liek Spiek. If you do not like Spiek, then I suggest yo take yo shiet an run far from here. (In case you couldn't tell, I really like Spike.)

I prefer romance/comedy type fics, and I prefer Spike in them... but my flagship is SpikeDash, hands down. It's a ship full of crazy (but lovely) people that is slowly but surely getting ready for the open seas... check it out!

Finally I want to say, thank you for taking your time to read my insane bio! And if you see me and my shipmates out there I suggest you raise the white flag, or you will be assimilated... hah!

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Welcome temporarily back, hamie.

I still love you.

I seem to die easily.

You dead again?

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