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Me. I'm me. And me is someone I wanna be. I don't wanna be the me that want's to be me. I wanna be the me that doesn't wanna be the me the that want's to be me.

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Box For Whatever Random Crap My Brain Comes Up With

"How could you do this to us!" Cried the players! Evil laughter filled the room as the DM summoned a Red Dragon! "We're just level three! Why God why!?"

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1285836 You're welcome! It's a great story, you did an amazing job!

Thanks for the fave on Tough Stains. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

1076293 Keepin' it real is what I do best! :moustache:

I no longer watch the show, I just lost interest for some reason,

I definitely relate to that. I only watch the Spike episodes now

Anyway, great SpikeBelle story. Keep it real.

Thank you again for favorite, this time on "A Date With My Assistant" glad you enjoyed those few words of mine :twilightsmile:

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