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The first episode of The Gems Trilogy.

Sweetie Belle attempts to deal with the realization that she's developed a crush on Spike. Meanwhile, Spike's own feelings are in flux.

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The thumbnail had me hooked.. and your right, this pairing is very overlooked.

I shall read this later.

Heh, right when I get on I see a story I didn't suspect to see on here too, not that that's a bad thing, now more people can enjoy your story :)

Been reading this story on FanFiction and I'm enjoying it so far, good to see it posted here as well.

That word means so much to me.

Where did you come up with the title? I'm curious.

I agree with SweetieSpike being an often overshadowed ship. What you're writing is quite captivating, I must say. Keep it up. *tracked and upvoted*

You finally posted this story on Fimfiction!
When I saw it on recent stories I was like *Gasp* No way!
Then I favorited it because I read the story on FanFiction.net.
Also I would love to hear when the next chapter is coming.
Oh one more thing...
Thx for finally posting the story on FimFiction.

this is very cute. I like it so far.

Bawww, so CUTE! Awesome fic dude! Sweetie Belle is the best of the CMC and goes totally well with Spike, Continue please!

This story is heading in a very cute direction.:rainbowkiss:

Fluttershys totally gonna think its cute

I love how Fluttershy awkwardly tries to hide that she likes mares :twilightsheepish:

Nowhere, really. I kind of just made up the title myself, and then later I linked it to the diamond that she gives Spike.

You're welcome, and funny that you ask. The next chapter is actually almost finished and if all goes up, it'll be up tomorrow or Wednesday.

Well, you'll just have to stick around and find out later...

Huh? Post what?

...They're trying their hooves at music...
...Sweetie Belle isn't going with them...
I see what you did there, author... And I hope you know that you are a terrible person for ruining Sweetie's chances like that... :twilightangry2: (I jest, no worries)

Anyhoof, this story is pretty good... Makes me want to write my own Spike/Sweetie Belle shipfic...
:moustache: :unsuresweetie:

love the story keep it up! :yay:

Ha-ha. Yeah okay, that was my subtle little moment of evil irony. Poor Sweetie. Maybe she'll get another chance to discover her voice some other time. :unsuresweetie:

:applejackunsure: Plot and characterizations feel a bit weak. I could give constructive crit if you want, or I could just go away if you'd prefer.

Oh, go ahead. I welcome some constructive criticism to help me improve.

Seems to me that almost right off the bat you're heading to get featured, and I hope you do! :pinkiesmile:

Lol, i didn't even think about that. I guess i didn't put Vinyls music style in the same box as i would put Sweetie's, so it just skipped right over my head. :rainbowlaugh:

808708 I mostly noticed because the CMC even mention microphones...
And Sweetie's talent is singing...
And just... my feels... they are breaking...

I bet Fluttershy's crushing on Rarity!!!!! Maybe........ :raritywink:

Awwwwwww, poor Sweetie. Plus, where the heck is Spike going???? Actually, why the heck is Spike going??

808472 Just tell Vinyl Scrath what they're doing, she might not be prone to anger but she sure dosen't like others messing with her records and turntables. :coolphoto:

Urf, need more chapters. NEED!!!!! WANT!!!! NEEED!!!! Anyway, i'm really enjoying this story so far. Keep up the good work.

Wow. Spike's dream-world fantasies are richer than most peoples waking fantasies. Guy's got imagination. Kudos on this great story, let's hope it gets featured.

808708 Well Sweetie Belle seems to have a nack for singing but we don't know what the cursaders had in mind at Vinyl's Studio, they stated that they might use microphones and turntables but otherwise who knows what they planed on doing. :unsuresweetie:

And the cuteness just got even more excessive. I approve :twilightsmile:

Or maybe she was in love once before and her shyness cost her that special somepony. :fluttershysad:

Sweetie Belle got a hug from Fluttershy, lucky her. :heart:

So now 3 hearts have been broken not couting the numerous bronies are probably sobbing right now, Sweetie Belle, Spike, and Pinkie Pie. :fluttercry:

Hm can't wait to see where things go from here. :duck:

'Track Cannon' Tracking. Roger we have a lock. FIRE!!!

I have a feeling its :yay::heart::twilightsheepish:

sweet celestia.....this is beautiful: it's the perfect blend of romance, sad, humor, tragedy, and better yet; it's got a spike/sweetiebell/rarity paring.
i've never even heard of one of those!
NOTE TO SELF: dont listen to santuary (kingdom hearts 2 theme song) while reading this; you wil tear up.:fluttercry:
all in all, you did a pretty good job on this fanfic, much better than anything i've ever thought up or written. damn you, immagination.


I think Sweetie Belle lacks a clear character in this story. She's got nothing going in this story apart from her crush on Spike, which has bloomed to the stage that she can't sleep and can't crusade. Sweetie Belle is the most subtle and level headed crusader, which makes her a little trickier to write than AB or Scoots.

There's not necessarily a problem with leaving SB as a bit of a blank slate. If you're using her to play the level headed, everypony protagonist in a story, that can work. Keanu Reeves earns a regular paycheck doing exactly that. However, if your shipping story isn't going to be character driven, it should be event driven. Something has to happen to make Sweetie Belle develop a crush on Spike, and also to make Spike drop his Rarity crush and start macking on her little sis instead.

Now, the event you use is Spike giving SB a nice flower. I'll admit that yes, this is plausible. SB isn't used to dealing with crushes, gets a very big one at a relatively small sign of affection, assumes it's true love and the plot rolls on from there. On the other hand, ehhh. It just doesn't make for a compelling ship. There's no indication that there's anything special between her and Spike, that SB wouldn't have gone head over heels for Pipsqueak or Lickety Split or Featherweight if they had been nice and then given her a flower. It feels like the romance in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones between Anakin and Natalie Portman, two attractive people who spout lovey dialogue at each other and get put in romancey places together instead of a romance based on characters that have actual romantic chemistry. I'm not saying romance can't happen like that, but it's not particularly interesting when it does. It feels tacked on, and that's really not something you want in a pure shipping story.

Spike's side just seems odd to me. I don't see a compelling reason why his monomaniacal obsession with Rarity slowly replaces itself with Sweetie. He doesn't consider her more attractive than Rarity, there's been nothing to indicate that they've bonded and formed some deeper link based on shared/compatible personality facets, desires and interests. The only explanation I see apart from 'authorial fiat' is that Spike is so unused to being desired that the moment someone is interested in him, he drops all previous infatuations and goes for the sure thing because he's desperate for some, any romantic affection.

Again, this isn't implausible, but it paints a darker fiction than I think you intend: One where there's no real attraction or chemistry between Spike and Sweetie Belle, but they end up together through a mixture of confusion and insecurity in a relationship doomed to dissatisfaction and failure. That's a very normal sort of adolescent relationship, with one side mistaking elation at being treated nicely with twue wuvv and the other side so starved for affection and validation that they jump on the first person who offers it. I could see it working as a dark comedy or a bittersweet story with a moral of sorts, but I can't see it as a d'aww true romance.

There's one or two other things, but I'll only post them if you actually want more feedback.

I've for some reason grown very partial to this pairing. The story's brilliant by the way.

Noooooooooo don't do this to me please update quickly please I beg you

Yes I would like to hear the rest, please.

Fear not! The next chapter is almost finished as we speak! If all goes well, the story shall continue tomorrow!

Tsun-Tsun, Dere-Dere.

That last part. Dramatic music from Inception playing on Pandora. Perfect "my world is crumbling" music.

You may have brought this pairing back into the spotlight, my friend.

Wonderful. That's exactly what I was hoping to do.

I like seeing this couple as well, and the story is good so far it seems so I'll stick around to see how it ends. Kudos :moustache:

:moustache: I've read this story on the other site.

When will your next chapter be?

:moustache: Good, good. The Spike is pleased.

Really awesome story! This better end up good! Godspeed and goodluck!

right when it gets good it ends
i hope to see more to this soon!

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