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While Twilight is away at a sleepover at Rarity's boutique, Sweetie Belle spends the night with Spike at the library. Spike plans to use this to his advantage, and finally tell Sweetie Belle that he loves her.
An upload of a story I had published on FanFiction.

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whats this? one of my favorite ships by an author with no followers?!?! :pinkiegasp:
I shall remedy this :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Is there a story about Spike flipping ponies off?


You mean when he acts like a prick?


When he goes postal?

I swear I read this before... but where?

Okay story. Just two big pieces of advice:

#1: Build scene and add more details. Otherwise, the damn thing just runs through too darn quickly.
#2: Show things through action, dialogue, and choreograph rather than by stating them through narration.

Yay my favorite spike pairing! :)

3415812 Thanks for the advice! I'm sort of a slow learner, so I apologize if you come to read another of my fics and it's not A+ material.

3415701 It's possible someone could have had the idea before me, and wrote something similar to this. Or you may have read it on FanFiction, where I uploaded it first.

3417447 it's probably FanFiction...

I apologize for my short comment,
However i feel i must point out something fairly obvious.
This fact being that, Sweetie Belle is the best Filly/CMC.

Comment posted by zappadap deleted Oct 30th, 2013

I'm afraid i don't understand your response.

3417727 Sweetie is obviously the best! :twilightblush:

Yes, but what was that bit about a dictionary?

3417747 It's a meme this fandom uses. I'm not good at explaining things like this, so if you wanna know you can look it up. Sorry.


May be in Fanfiction.net? :derpyderp2:

how has no made a comment about the linkin park thing it's great to see more lp fans

3493939 I had just assumed everyone loved Linkin Park. How can you not? :moustache:

Spike y u no tell sweetie you love her?

Ya know, I never gave my rating for this story. I'll do it now.

9 out of 10 for romance
10 out of 10 for slice of life
9 out of 10 for grammar
9 out of 10 for overall story
It was rather good and like I said in my last comment: Yay! One of my favorite ships! :moustache: :heart: :unsuresweetie:

3732273 I don't deserve all those high ratings! :twilightsheepish:
I'd give it at least a six though, it's a bit more rushed than I would have liked... :ajbemused:

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