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Spike has been feeling depressed that he may lose Rarity since he is a dragon and that he'll lose her and his friends as he outlives them all. Desperate to find a way to win Rarity's heart, Spike finds a shopkeeper who has a surprise that ends up changing his life. He finds a potion that turns the dragon into a pony and now has a chance with his princess. As Spike takes on flying lessons from Rainbow Dash, swoons Rarity, and adjusts to his new life it all seems okay. He couldn't be anymore wrong and it has come with a great price. He and his friends are in the sight of an old flame who has come for revenge and is especially interested in Rarity. Now Spike must gather the courage to go forward and save his friends and his love.

This story is Sparity fic (My OTP Deal with it) and is a WIP on this site, and on DeviantART. I try to get the chapters out as soon as I can, so my updates my be random. This is gore in this story, but that happens a little down the road, so for now this'll be marked teen. As I reach the gore part, it'll most likely change to mature ratings.

I don't own any of these characters or Friendship is Magic. It is the property of Hasbro and Lauren Faust. OC ponies belong to me.

Cover art image done by asluc96 on DeviantART and used with permission

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The primise is good, but you need a pre-reader bro.

O hell yes! This on here all of my yes!

Of course the first new Sparity fic in days and i'v already read it on DA :raritydespair:

Been waiting for this to get on this site

you know what truth fuck you :flutterrage:

588420 Thanks mate. My stories aren't meant to be A+ stories really. I want to write because I find it fun and showcase ideas I have. Besides, you should've seen my earlier works I think you would've fainted from how bad they were.

588439 You have a DA account? Who are you there?

588468 Read this on DA as well I take it?

588513 same as I am here just replace the _ with 0's

588622 Oh okay then. I'll try to hunt you down.

I think we should share early stories then, mine are rather coma-inducing. I can get behind the writing for fun idea though.
I swear, I have a bit of luck with grammar but story-telling isn't within my skill sets. :moustache:

I also tend to skip grammar when reading, unless you wrote them in text-speak or Zalgo. Oh god, or... Zalgo text-speak.

Really good. You do need a pre-reader though to catch all those grammar mistakes.

588633 I just commented to one of your comments earlier today lol

588672 Do I even want to know what Zalgo Text Speak is?

... the stuff of nightmares.

588702 Grammar is not my strong suit sadly. I write stories for fun and to showcase my ideas. I know this story is riddled with grammar flaws and I'm not striving to be perfect. If you saw my earlier works, you'd have a fit with how bad those were.

588770 Methinks I don't want to know, correct?

588794 Only if you want to. IF you don't want to pre read this, then I won't ask you to.

588947 You were asking to pre read my story correct?

Correct. I'd consider it rude not too, it being your work and all.

Cool. I'm confused as to what just transpired, but cool.

588970 Well if you really want to, then by all means go ahead.

Is the guy above saying fuck you yo something in the story? :rainbowhuh:

Will it has been a while since i read this a couple of months but its nice to have it here where i can follow it very easly hope to read more soon. :moustache:

589005 I don't think he's saying fuck this story or something. I think he's trying to help me out with the grammar issues.

Glad to see you can track it here now.

I swear I've read this already. Maybe it's just the oh so similar plot :s Oh well, loving it so far, keep it up! :D

589138 Some ponies have said this was similar to another story, but I thought of this one before I read said story.

I like but Twilight is being a little bit a an ass to spike

589429 Well compared to how she treated Spike in season 1, this isn't that bad. Don't worry, she'll learn that she was being a real jerk to Spike.

589461 well then i do believe that this conversation has reached its end so i will leave you wiht these worlds

murg nulan rut rut yipp erol

"Uh, that depends. Who do you think I am?" :moustache:
"Somepony new in town! PARTY!!!" :pinkiehappy:

Great story so far can't wait for more

589616 what are you thinking pinkie knows everything :pinkiecrazy:

590836 Yeah, but her powers of omniscience are trumped by her propensity to say the most amusing things. For example, her inability to comprehend sarcasm.


wow awesome can't wait for the next one TRACKING :pinkiecrazy:

Very eeenteresting. Strange plot twist, I like it.
Just a quick note, you prob shouldn't capitalize "ah" (Applejacks "I"), since it isn't spelled the same.

Oh yeah, your story has soo many tags. Does this story really have adventure and dark?

First :yay:

awesome few errors but AWESOME:rainbowdetermined2:

593540 Where was that mistake at?

593550 It will have darkness and adventure in it. It's still early in the story.

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