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Spike has been feeling lonely lately. Everyday he watches Twilight go off and have fun with her friends while he does the same thing: clean, and do chores. His luck seems to change though when he and Twilight find a flyer for a circus. With Twilight's friends, Spike goes to the circus with them. At the circus, Spike meets and befriends the circus performers and show him true love and friendship. Tired of being left out or not being loved by the others, Spike decides to leave Twilight and the others for his new friends. Will they get the baby dragon back?

Do note this was written originally on my DeviantART account and came out before season 2 of Friendship is Magic. This was my first fic as well so I know I won't accept a lot of praise or anything here. I do appreciate you all reading it though.

I don't own these characters, they are the property of Hasbro and Lauren Faust. OC ponies and story are mine.

Cover art image is done by BlackGryph0n on DeviantART

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This is looking very promising :pinkiehappy:
I'm definitely tracking this... Spike FTW :moustache:

206748 Thanks mate! Expect more very soon!

Spike is best pony! :moustache:

I know how this will probably end. Spike leaves the Mane 6 for the circus ponies. The circus ponies will be kind to him at first but then after a while, Spike will decide he doesn't like them. But when he tries to leave, the circus ponies will hold him back, maybe imprison him, and force him to continue to perform circus acts with them. From there, it is up to the Mane 6 to rescue him.

That's how it's going to end, am I right?

woah... SHIT JUST GOT REAL :twilightoops:

207017 Don't worry I'm getting there.

Nice pic BTW! :rainbowlaugh:

Excellent closure to an excellent story :twilightsmile:

6/5 stars for this story :rainbowdetermined2:

Loved the story. But I still can't help think BS when Twilight only calls Spike her assistant of friend. I wish I had an assistant that did work for no pay, and also friends that cleaned my house for me.

208173 Well they'll be called robots, and so far we haven't gotten them yet. :pinkiesad2:

See? I knew you'd fit in here.

This scene is almost perfect. The only detail that could've made this better was Twilight's reaction after the Mane 6 had left the circus. I think that her feelings could have been stronger. Her eyes should be streaming with tears, at least, instead shedding only one. Spike and Twilight have been together much longer than the Mane 6 after all. Spike means much more to Twilight than that.

Still, the scene with Spike's outburst was great. I was able to see clearly how each of the Mane 6 felt and it matched their character. You are an awesome writer.

209197 Thanks mate. I thought I corrected that, but I guess not. I'll go edit that.

Very nice. I thought the ringmaster would end up being Discord, though, but the poacher angle works just as well.

Well it was fine at first, but halfway there you kind of bored me. I mean, I really didn't see much build up the "Ha we are actually evil people!" Plus the exposition dragged on and on. The bad guy angle came the heck out of nowhere and that kind of killed it for me. I'd say about 2/5. Good intentions good start. Bad follow up and bad buildup of drama

236627 Well sorry if it didn't live up to your expectations. I strive to give the characters as much development as I can, and besides it was set up in Chapter 1 about the villains.

Interesting . . . who could that figure be?

I've been reading the story for a while, and I have to say....I'm a bit upset at this cliche. I don't know, I've seen enough popular media to be a bit annoyed by the cliche of "Leaving your old friends, only to discover your new friends are worse." I would have preferred if Spike had found his own way back to his friends instead of it being revealed the circus is actually evil.

Still, I'm going to finish this story, just to know how it all ends.

After finishing this chapter, I have some positives and negatives. The positives were in the beginning. The first chapter was good, and I liked it. The part where Spike berates his friends and yells at them, also good. Probably my favorite part. Great job on those.

Buuuut....I really didn't like the cliche "Haha, we're actually evil" bit. It felt forced, and....I don't know, I was just hoping you could do something besides it. Maybe have Spike choose to go back on his own and the circus ponies respectfully obeying his wish.

Still, you had some good bits, which is better than nothing. All in all, a good story. I don't regret reading it. I just wished it was better, because there was quite a bit of potential to it. Still, good job on what you did right. :pinkiehappy:

This is a wonderful story

It's stories like this that make think" this is true, he was left behind on all those parties his 'friends' went to" I don't know about anyone else here, but I think Spike deserves more respect and attention. :moustache::moustache::moustache:

404173 That's what I love to focus on the most. Spike fics.

405174 I've seen FAR too many Spike fics where it ends bad for him or whatever fics he's in he's treated like dirt. I'm trying to get as many Spike lovers as possible. He doesn't deserve any of this crap.

405209 Good to see another Spike supporter here.

405215 yep, though I can't write fics cuz I suck at them:twilightblush:

405222 Mighty shame there. Have any good ideas for fics though?

405254 I'm actually think of one yes, similar to those other "lonely Spike, evil Spike" fics, I've always been interested in those Dark stories. :moustache:

This is an extremely well written story just like your others and I remember reading it a while back on da..... Must say I love you style of writing!:heart:

Any the story is just amazing and tear jerking and the ending kicks ass!

561122 Thanks mate. You have a DA account as well?

Ya I do.... I haven't been on it for a while though :twilightsheepish:

Not as much as I used to be... I blame this website for that... Sense I love reading more... That and graduation and finals have been kicking my ass lately so that takes up a lot of free time:twilightsheepish:

566149 Ah okay then. What are you in college?

Sort of... High school really but taking a lot being tests for college and trying to find scholarships.... Kinda at the being of life stage right now and its really busy:derpytongue2:

oh god damnit while do all the good spike gets angry stories go to shit cant they let him be completely angry for the entire story good in the beginning but didn't what to have to gouge my eyes out my reading the end

Holy guacamole. You know what Spike says is true. The fact he was excluded almost twice as much in season 2 (he wasn't even invited to Twilight Sparkle's BIRTHDAY in Sweet and Elite) made me even angrier about how Spike is underused. Yeah, he wasn't necessary to MOST of the episodes he wasn't in, but....

You know what? I'm not gonna continue rambling. I think you portrayed Spike perfectly here. IMHO, he needs to get angrier more often on the show. :twilightangry2:

PS, I started on my own 'Spike getting fed up and leaving' story a month ago, but I'm planning to improve the beginning of it.

you forgot to mention no one told spike they changed twilight's birthday party to cantorlot, he wasnt at the party

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