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[Takes place after my story, Whisper in My Ears, if you haven't taken a look at it you will probably be lost on this one]Spike gets an invitation, from Octavia, to an Orchestra show. The catch? Derpy delivered the invitation the day the show will start! Will Spike be to late and fail to show up on time? Or will Spike get more then he bargained for when finally getting there on time?

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“What am I going to do?”

Hot air balloon pulled by Rainbow Dash? Pinkie Pie Turning into a rocket? dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_Sparkle.png


This is such a rare shipping pair. I liked that part when Spike learned the Canterlot voice and I give you points for originality.

Peace Out.

knowing twilight she will freak out and forget about the teleportation spell she could use

Originality is what I crave. Makes things stand out and is breath of fresh air. As for Rainbow giving Spike a ride and Pinkie turning into a rocket(something I find comical) these are things that are slightly predictable, well not the rocket idea but you catch my drift. I admit, SpikexOctavia is a rare duo(as from what people told me) which made me feel this was a interesting gamble.
Eh, rational thinking was so last year. :derpyderp1:

861548 Your welcome :derpytongue2: Also....HOW!!!!! HOW!!!!! HOW THE BUCK DOES SHE DO IT!!!!!!!! hoowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! DAMN IT PINKIE PIE!!!!!!

Anyway, now that I know that I can't fight her on such subjects......I was seriously impressed by this, I loved how Derpy is always forgetful yet so cute...she is best pony! I saw no real spelling or grammer errors other then to add thje word hoof as to what was the problem as hand for Pinkie pie...you should know where it is.

I'm very glad that we came up with this idea, Flash, I'm starting to really enjoy this pair, let me know what sort of ideas you want me to give you and...wait...I got one!

Have Tavi be annoyed at Spike for showing up late (as expected) but when he tries to say sorry and admit his feeling to her, something always comes up at the last second. Meanwhile Tavi begins to wonder how she feels for the young dragon and wishes to know if these feelings are friendship...or love.

Tell me what you think.

I'll be reading and reviewing each and every chapter, peace.

I can see your idea working. However, Spike confronting Octavia won't be happening soon but I'll keep this idea on my mind because I want this relationship to be something more and this might be the way to go. Dunno, let's see what happens.

861888 Understandable, and hey, you need any thing let me know. Can't wait for the next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

Oter then a slight error with math needing to be match, I'm not in the very least bit suprised that Pinkie did all of things things...damn, this is getting intense, I wonder what Rarity and Spike will talk about....

Alright, fixed that and another mistake I found lingering about. Also, I am really enjoying abusing Pinkie's ability to defy the laws of physics. In a way, she is the comic relief in this story(which helps because I know at times my writing can get stale). Speaking of Rarity and Spike...well, that's a secret :pinkiehappy: at least for now anyway.

And now I have read them, as I told you, and I find them satisfying. There's not enough Spike awesomeness around, but you are helping alleviate that gross error. I look forward to more as always when one comments. :twilightsmile:

I feel like a dumb now that I am using Rainbow Dash to pull the hot air balloon. Said that it wasn't something I would do and yet it happens. Just goes to show you, some ideas are just to good to pass by.
Glad my talents are doing something worthwhile! :moustache:

FANCY PANTS AND RARITY! Ok time to get my sniper! Wait a sec Spike does not care anymore I guess I'm ok with this. Whatever I got your back Spike.

HOW DOES SHE DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! Fancy pants and Rarity...why does the stallion's name sounmd familer? Hmm....anyway, other then Pinkie pie being,....welll...herself, I was very impressed by this chapter and everything is better with Rainbow Dash in it...also, Derpy as well. That reminds me, don't forget to add Pinkie pie, Rarity and now Rainbow Dash to who the cast is going to be for this story...on another note, you put hands when it should have been hooves and the feet comment was not needed...well...maybe it was since Spike has them...anyway...onto the next one!

This is the guy. He attended the Gala and liked Rarity's dresses. Also, good point, Rarity, Rainbow, and Pinkie are playing a more active role in the story so they will need to be listed. Next Chapter should be coming out by... tomorrow if all goes as planned, usually doesn't but whatever.

God I hate Pikie Pie whenever she's a main character on a fanfic.
Other than that, great story so far.

This chapter reminds me of a scene from a Disney movie way back in the day, but I can't seem to recall much about it... Anyway, something for you to think about below.

“Nah, I Pinkie swore. That means I have to stay quiet.” Pinkie simply replied.

“Never knew you can pick up ladies picking by playing the piano.” Pinkie teased.

Since the two lines of dialogue were separated, I read the second in Spike's voice before the 'Pinkie teased' part showed up. A little jarring there. I'd recommend you put the two as one paragraph. Also, 'replied' and 'teased' are speaking verbs so you should end the dialogue with a comma instead of a period inside the quotation marks. So:

quiet," Pinkie simply replied.
piano," she teased.

There are more where you would use a comma instead of a period, but I think you get it.

Random editing powers away! :twilightsmile:

What would you guys think of a nightmare on Elm street inspired story of Discord? I just finished the first chapter for the fun of it and wondered if I should publish it.

Fixed that right now. I never knew you could do that. Knowledge is power I guess.

Wow you made Rarity a bi**h.

Fine with me she can be sometimes now that I think about it more then just sometimes.

Ya know...I got to agree with Spikethed, Rarity is a complete and total drama queen....Women that like that seriously get on my nerves...now I know why I hate Spike/Rarity romance with such a passion, she's nothing less then cruel and harsh to him, in all honestly Twilight is right, which is what was really said in the show is that she does not deserve him.....making me (due to being a Spilight fan) think that she might like him more then a friend or family and there are many, MANY more mares out there then just Rarity...I mean she's ok when not paired up with Spike but I can hoenstly say that she is one of my least favorites......on another note...HOW DOES PINKIE DO IT! This is getting amazing, I starting to truly like this pairing, glad we thought oif it, hey Flash?

871366 Shit...I'm down...mind putting the CMC, Spike and almost all the class of the foals in there with Sweetie Belle being the main pony?

873078 Yeah, I've never really seen Rarity/Spike happening, idk y

873245 Right...it's like....we can see she's not good enough for him, the creators can see it and all the other ponies on the show...why can't he? Even Rarity herself see's it...I hate seeing the little guy get so heart broken over a mare that never wants him....we can make him older but in one form or another we are going to have to metion his...crush on her before we can move on to him falling for another female...or male if your into that sort of thing (because I'm not).

It's really bucked up for him to get so torn up over her and for what? For her to say to his face that it would never work and that she's wanting for the perfect STALLION.....damn.

Now I'm angry and annoyed for the poor dragon...which is also in a sense of irony why I have a LOT of love for Spilight, ya know....there are plently more mares out there for him other then her...hell I'll even take a Spike/Luna (impressive pairing by the way) just to get him to stop faling head over tail for such a stuck up, whining drama queen, like I said before, I like her....just hate when she's paired up with a certain purpole and green scaled male dragon.

So yeah...those are my ten cents.

Bad ass pen name by the way.

868718 I knew he looked familer...thank bro.....huh....cool mustage.

873298 ten cents? more like eleven:rainbowlaugh:. But in seriousness, even Gilda/Spike have more chances, and that's saying something, though I prefer Sweetie Belle/Spike. She is the opposite than her Big Sis:unsuresweetie:

Dear God... Dear god... I HATE PINKIE PIE.
Good chapter. It's really nice to read a fanfic where Rarity is a jerk.

873320 Really...then I'll add one more to it :derpytongue2: And you do have a point, Gilda is a really cool villian and maybe she does got a lot more of a chance then Rarity. BUCK YEAH! I love Sweetie Belle/Spike pairing. we need more of those...want to make a stoy as such? :rainbowlaugh: Maybe a cute one-shot could work. And your right, she is...which is why she's my favorite CMC.

873399 I have to agree with you on the Rarity part 100% and Pinkie does have her moments where you can't seem to stand her every once in a while or when she's not serious enough but why do you hate her with a passion? It is odd that I like Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy when they were cruel and dark-hearted, without laughter when meeting Discord?

What I really mean is that, every time I read a fanfic with Pinkie as a main character the author just somehow manages to make me hate her. Either she's some kind of Pshycho-sadic-bitch (Thank's a lot "Cupcakes"!) or a mix between Ace Ventura, Gir and the Genie from Aladdin, who never shuts the hell up. She's fun all right, but after a while I can't help but want to stab her to dead or something. :twilightangry2:
As for your other question, no it's not odd. I liked it to, it was creative and hilarious, How can you not like it? :yay:

873756 Huh....you know, you make a really valid point...maybe everyone should just keep her true to who she is, how she looks and acts, ya know.

True, very true...as just thought Fluttershy as cruel, evil and all around mean was very bad ass....everyone has their demons, ya know.....OH! I have an idea.....how abouit a special mirror that the Mane Six uncovers while in the castel and is able to look at their darkest fears, or in this case the opppiste to their element, those would make some very serious villians for sure...such as Hatard, Greed, Disloyalty, Dishonest, Sorrow, and Lost hope.....that sounds sick!

I think Pinkie pie's was Sorrow but I can't be sure, not wanting to laugh just struck a harsh cord in me that I liked. And they would be known as...Dark Elements.

That's something that I'd like to see. But sonds a bit.. ¿Epic? ¿Serious? for the actual show. But it's a good idea anyway.
So you're a Spilight fan? Jaja me to. I'm even writting a story about it but... It's in spanish. My native language. :twilightblush:

I return from having a pleasant dinner to find the comment sections being rather busy(which pleases me). Now, it's time for responses and some boring opinions of my own.
This pairing was an excellent idea Inferno! Slightly apprehensive of doing it at first but hey its paying off. Also, about that mirror idea I actually have something like that lying around in the deep depths of my folder for stories.Got the idea after rereading the first Harry Potter book. The nightmare on elm street inspired story is having Discord mainly bullying school foals(Snails is the first victim*hint*) all the way up to the Princesses themselves.
I made Rarity this way mainly because I wanted something to definitively make Spike think Octavia was the superior match over Rarity. Unfortunately, Rarity is a very bendable character to end up disliking. Either you hate her or tolerate her to some extent. We all hate to watch a crush fail and this only more influences the disposition with Rarity. Not that I mind, makes more the story line more....spicy. Speaking of which, expect Rarity to be disappointed soon. Disappointed to the point of tears. :pinkiehappy:

873921 Right :rainbowlaugh: Yeah..that's true...still, just because they are the Elements of Harmony does not mean that they won't have their faults, which was proven when they met Discord...which is one of my favorite epiodes. And besides, just because we can make the story a LOT more mature then the show does not mean that we will in anyway change how they act or who they are...I really hate when people do that. It's like making Mittens from Bolt or Rainbow Dash all girly and shallow, it won't work and will make people PISSED!

Am I a Spilight fan? Brony...I have the two of them sharing a passionate kiss on the lips as the back ground for my cell phone (no lie...and I might just slighty cross the line of a fan, but hey....if you don't like it then that's not my problem)

Your serious?...Oh but the goddess, CAN WE READ IT! You know..in English,. that is...we really need more of those types of stories on this site. Mind teaching me a few words?

873946 Food is good and of course, if you got me reading your story then you'll have an honest review which would be the cause of three thing: A war between the readers in verbal form of course (cause no one told me that you can't break out of their computer and physically attack them, got the idea from Pinkie Pie) many people agreeing but wanting to know the reasons why I would say such words, or people being overall pissed at me and wanting me leave the site. Yeah, I'm not in anyway, shape or form a likeable person or hybrid and will give Applejack a run for her bits.

Right...glad we thought of it, and I though it was an amazing idea, something never tired before, like Spike/Viral Scrach (spelled that wrong). Seriously? Well shit, you better get on it becuase I would love to see the dark sides of the Mane six...everyone/pony/creature has their demons. Contact me the second you need help, I'm one of the very best when it comes to creating enemies or villians and will help you without a second thought bro. That makes sense.

That would be funny as hell, Discord is a really bad ass villain, not as great as Trixie but is second best...maybe. GOOD! Sails is ok, but for some reason he get's on my nerves, not sure why though...ever hated someone for no reason?...that's what it like for me with Snips and Sails....strange because they are followers of my favorite villian. Mind puutting a slight pairing in there as well, anyone will do (not Spike and Rairty though, then I'll just be pissed)

And I'm glad you made her that way as well...it seems to be who she really is or acts as, such as in the show it seems like to me at least. th02.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2011/347/7/4/mlp_fim___rarity_by_harvinainen_miyu-d4izs6o.jpg

I'd like to traslate my story. But I'm having enough problems writting it on my own language, and my grammar in english isn't that good anywyay. :ajsleepy:

875347 Then allow me to help, or better yet, try Mircosoft...I'm sure it's bound to work for you......trust me, if I could speak Spanish I would be reading that story right now...but I can't and there are many, many Spilight fans beside myself that would love to give any Spilight a chance, also advice on improvement and maybe even ideas....we can help each other out bro, that's what MLP was created for...we are bronys, are we not?

Finally submitted the story of Discord, which is Elm Street inspired. Anyway, expect the next chapter for this story coming out later today OR early tomorrow. As usual, have a good one guys.

Shh You guys hear that. Its a love traingle thats about to make some noise.

its goddamm beautifull:raritystarry:

I can see it now. Hoof slapping, screaming, instruments flying all about..yes it's bloody perfect :raritystarry:. The next few chapters will be very interesting for me to write.

896260 Really you see all that I see a mare fight while Spike sits in a chair with a bucket of popcorn and a video camera smiling as they fight for him. and it ends like this


Just with octavia and not twilight.

Spike is best.

great job, but isn't red heart a MARE, as in "she"?
(Red Heart asked the still Spike. [He] then turned [his] back and left the room, turning off the lights as [he] went.)
or is there some other explanation.

Take them both Spike it's more fun the more mares you can get three way Spike score big buddy!

Redheart the mare is also in Ponyville, not Canterlot. It must be a unisex name.

897458 True, buit we both know they will fight over him....both mares are not the tpye to allow another to be with their dragon....ya know?

On another note, noi offense Spikethed but this chapter really made me angry at Rarity, I would be very pissed at her if I was Twilight....damn, he seriously should not be alive right now, your doing perfect, Flash.....keep going bro.

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