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[2nd Person story involving you and Octavia.] You're a pretty talented piano player, trained by your perfectionist of a father. The issue is that you grew up hating what you do so well. Octavia becomes rather fond of your talent and tries to show you there is something special in what you do. Your past might be a road block to your happy future though and it seems Octavia is willing to help you overcome it.

Chapters (9)

[2nd person story involving "you" and Vinyl Scratch] Feel pain? Pop a pill. That's the life you been sadly cornered into. Your friends tell you to grab a hold of yourself, but you ignore their advice. After Ace invites, or drags, you into a club is when you meet a DJ named Vinyl Scratch. True, you just met her and got into a rather awkward situation with her. But there is something about her that just uplifts you. Its a better feeling then any pain killer you been taking that's for sure.

Chapters (10)

[Takes place after my story "Running Late". If you haven't taken a look at it, you will not know why the story starts out the way it does.] Finding a gift for someone is hard. Finding a gift for your girlfriend is a nightmare. This is what Spike is left to solve. He is determined to get the perfect gift for Octavia. A stranger offers Spike such a chance at a gift. However, this stranger has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Chapters (9)

Discord slowly starts to lose his wits while being imprisoned in his statue. Planning can get you so far and Discord decides to go into a slumber to pass the time. Soon, Discord realizes that in the dream world his powers are in full effect and he is able to venture into other's dreams as well. While Discord's body might be unable to move in the real world, in the dream world no one is safe from his chaos.

Chapters (5)

[Takes place after my story, Whisper in My Ears, if you haven't taken a look at it you will probably be lost on this one]Spike gets an invitation, from Octavia, to an Orchestra show. The catch? Derpy delivered the invitation the day the show will start! Will Spike be to late and fail to show up on time? Or will Spike get more then he bargained for when finally getting there on time?

Chapters (11)

Spike doesn't attend this years Gala, seeing that it was just to boring and uptight for his taste. However, the boredom at a rather deserted Ponyville proves to just as boring as the Gala. A whisper coaxes Spike into attending the Gala to create mischief.

Chapters (7)

Spike is called upon Time Smith The Time Traveler, Tick, to travel into his friends future and past. He learns secrets about his friends and how life in the future changes dramatically with one small decision. Will Spike wish he never met Tick or enjoy life like he always did?

Chapters (12)
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