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[2nd person story involving "you" and Vinyl Scratch] Feel pain? Pop a pill. That's the life you been sadly cornered into. Your friends tell you to grab a hold of yourself, but you ignore their advice. After Ace invites, or drags, you into a club is when you meet a DJ named Vinyl Scratch. True, you just met her and got into a rather awkward situation with her. But there is something about her that just uplifts you. Its a better feeling then any pain killer you been taking that's for sure.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 67 )

i'm liking this story so far~ :pinkiesmile:

eh, it started a bit slow, but it definitely has potential to get interesting.


This is pretty awesome! :rainbowkiss:
This seems like a very interesting story. :pinkiehappy:
I eagerly await the next chapter. :yay:

I feel like I need to be a diagnostician, ride a crotch rocket and be mean to everybody, now.

This is a House crossover isn't it? Just admit it, you know it is.

I'm honestly surprised how well this story is being received. Then again, I have low expectations.
That and I have had some experience with pain killers myself. In a way, the OC is kind of a spawn from how I see the use of pain killers. Not to get away from the physical but mental pain of daily life.
I wanted to build a basic idea of what's going on. Set the foundation for the story so to speak.

Honestly.... it feels WAY to rushed. this entire chapter, could be fixed up to 6k words and still go through the same motions, i just felt like it was to compact, great ideas though. :derpyderp1::derpytongue2::derpyderp2:

sound's good, will read later:twilightsmile:



Is this "You" thing is a pony right ?

1016518 He said "your hooves" a couple times. I always assume "you" is a pony in these kinds of stories unless specified otherwise.

ouch XD i'd be surprised if 'you' didn't pass out XD

What happens next?!

You'll see~! Probably in a hour or two as well.:moustache:

:ajsmug: i liked this chapter very much~ keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

...I know, I'm quite random.

Ending up in the hotel room with Vinyl is a bit questionable...but why make questions out of things when it's simpler to go with the flow?

Celestia beard this is a good story.

I wish some smoking hot famous female DJ would carry me to her house and sleep with me... A tad unrealistic, but hey it's a story. Good stuff.

I'm really liking the story~
Though...you might want to proof read a bit, i know I'm not to good at it myself, but there were a few small errors. I'm done being negative now .:fluttershyouch:

Keep up the good work~ :pinkiesmile:

Some good came out of that:scootangel: Keep it up:eeyup:

awwe I think That he she is in :heart:


Loved it. :derpytongue2:
I can't wait to see the next chapter. :rainbowkiss:

if Vinyl bit Frost's tongue when he tried to kiss her, he;d lose hos cock if he tried to rape her... Jesus, how stupid is he?

3 mistakes I found.
1st one: “I go knocked out in last nights fight! For all I know, Ace could be on the other side of Equestria right now!”
The go is supposed to be got, obviously.
2nd one: “True, she doesn’t. However, you friend kissed my marefriend. I see you two have grown rather close...” Frost leans over to Vinyl and removes the tape over her mouth.
Your, not you. Rite in the 2nd sentence.
3rd one: You try to lunge at Frost but his thugs quickly grab you. Frost suddenly draws back from Vinyl abruptly. He howled in pain and specks of blood were running down it mouth. Vinyl spits some blood out of her mouth as well. “You suck at kissing.” Vinyl informed.
^^ It?

Hrm, I will look into this right now. Thanks for pointing these things out!

Ugh, Druggie.. he'll need to get Vynil back...


GO GETTEM CHAMP! :pinkiesmile:
I can't wait until the next chapter! :rainbowkiss:


Totally unfair. :fluttershbad:
DESTROY HIM. :flutterrage:
(Loved this chapter. :yay:)

:ajsleepy: Hope he makes it! Ace as well.

Looking forward to the outcome of this event. :applecry:

I hope he makes it... Please...


Stay strong! :applecry:
I hope he makes it.. :fluttercry:

CONTINUE NAO please :fluttershysad:, and you said 'whit' instead of white*

Edit: first =P

I know one thing, the character will be there for months now:eeyup:

Yes, there are plenty of mares in Ponyville for Ace:rainbowkiss: Good story:eeyup:

There is still much to do with this story...This really took a life of it's own as I wrote it. To continue or not to is my question right now, seeing as that I'm happy with how this last chapter folded out. I'll let you, the fans, to discuss the need for more on this.

Only a few days ago even considering taking one less pill, let alone quit, was not possible.

and this was after the four months?

1081516 and he can't go out with RD =\ cause this is happening :yay::heart::rainbowkiss: (in my opinion)

I actually thought Pinkie would make more sense and I'll fix that mistake up.

Applause :yay:

1081926 Thank you good sir :)


I'd be all like

I say: Let there be more! There is so much that can be done! So I would love to see more of this, plus we still don't know how Proof got his injury.

Begging aside: This was a really well done story (though a little quick) and it covered alot of area, such as his personal demons. The only thing I thought was weird was the part about Ace being Proof's brother, I could have missed where it said but I thought there were best of friends. Overall this is really good, though I really hope there's more to it, for so far it just feels like there should be more.

Doho, I never actually said they were brothers were they? I preferred the idea of Ace being adopted and not knowing about it. Then again, my stories have a tendency of doing their own thing.

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