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[Takes place after my story "Running Late". If you haven't taken a look at it, you will not know why the story starts out the way it does.] Finding a gift for someone is hard. Finding a gift for your girlfriend is a nightmare. This is what Spike is left to solve. He is determined to get the perfect gift for Octavia. A stranger offers Spike such a chance at a gift. However, this stranger has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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Wow, what a cracked ship yer sailin' there, laddy.

Seriously. I can tolerate most crack ships, but what the hell am I reading.

Not only is it insanely crack-y, there are quite a few grammatical errors.
Errors aside, please explain to me how Spiketavia is a logical ship. For the love of Celestia, he's a BABY dragon! The only CONFIRMED ships are Carrot cupcake, Spikity, and ShiningCadence. Octavia would NEVER date someone dramatically younger than her!

Besides seeing the lovely threat you left me I am wondering if you just hate the shipping its self or you take this VERY seriously. Spikity, which I take it is Rarity and Spike, is kind of hypocritical is it not? You accuse me of having Spike with a older gal yet you point at Rarity and him a possibility. Now, would this pair happen? No, I doubt it. If you got problems with this shipping why the hell even read it? I clearly pointed out Spike and Octavia were dating in the short description.

If this story is half as epic as the last you will still have a GREAT STORY

937592 Okay don't you just hate it when you type something and feel all important about it but then you look back at it an hour later and want to stab your past self in the face with a sharp fork?

I'm actually laughing at myself right now, JFC.

A loooong time ago I was a pretty serious Octavia RPer and would jump at whenever someone would draw mature Octavia art and go on a rant whenever someone would make a ship with her that I didn't like. All in all, I guess that little part of me SOMEHOW figured out how to type again, soooooooo....
Sorry for raging at you.

P.S. When I said 'grammatical errors' I meant there were periods where there should be commas. I'll get to it later!

If you only knew how many times I think over a chapter in a day. Think its great and once I reflect on the idea, I realize it needs some fixing up and spend hours thinking. Punctuation are the bane of my existence, but I try my best anyway. I understand were you're coming from and it's fine that you raged at me. Glad we are able to see eye to eye now.
I never plan to disappoint Dawn! If this story turns out how I planned, things will really spice up later on. Slow start, but expect things to shake up. Thanks for the kind words. :pinkiehappy:

Spike needs a huge cardboard box that could fit him and a piano.

Don't listen to people who bring you down. I bet this story will be as good as the last! Continue friendo



I'm sorry but what's a "Spikity" ?



I LOVE your fics *the Octavia X Spike* really enjoy it !!!!!!!!

Don't do it your making a deal with the Devil.

Damn it Spike, now you have done it

945732 Dear god please let me forget about that idiotic comment

Spikity? Rarity? See the similarity? Rarispike probably would have sounded better if I actually was trying :derpyderp2:

Spike's to do list:
1: Get some jewels.
2: Go to the Everfree forest.
3: Give the jewels to the stranger.
4: Get the cello.
5,6,7,8: Something.
9: Get to Octavia's party.
10: Give the cello to her.
11: Get kissed.

You wish things were that simple. That's booring!

959087 Then I'll be waiting for more chapters.

well....Ponyville's fucked:moustache:

haters gonna hate, ive been folowing this since the 1st ch of the first story
And i love every word of it!

I'm sure that the party will be a BLAST.

Finish this, for Kemp

And the REAL Spike is still missing.

I plan on revealing his location soon. This next chapter is actually one I'm enjoying to write. :pinkiehappy:

I have only two problems.1: I'm seeing squares.2:This new chapter didn't showed up on my favorites.

Seems like I added a space to many, so this might be the cause of squares. As for the chapter not showing on faves, the problem could be from me submitting the chapter but forgetting to publish it right away. :facehoof: Not one of my better days.



Hey could you clear my mind. What happen to the real Spike ?

The real Spike is being contained in the Hive's dungeons. The next chapter will involve a escape plan for Spike and somepony else. Whether he pulls it off or not is not something I will say.

well, this story is pretty much done for

The theme for Devious Diesel comes to mind at the end

Is the next chapter coming, or is it dead?

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