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Spike doesn't attend this years Gala, seeing that it was just to boring and uptight for his taste. However, the boredom at a rather deserted Ponyville proves to just as boring as the Gala. A whisper coaxes Spike into attending the Gala to create mischief.

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Got to say, this seems like it's going to be bad ass....can't wait for more, this is going to be good...you done very well, no errors that I can see, I'll be tracking. :rainbowdetermined2:

i hope the whisper would be either luna or celestia.
hehe maybe they keep getting bored with it

Finally, no grammar mistakes in a story I have made!
Why thank you, Dawn. I must say that means a fair amount to me after reading your story.
Are you reading my mind?:rainbowhuh:

764511 LOL, good. try to keep that up as well, hoping to see the next chapter soon.

just thought it would be obvious hehe

Awesome just Pure awesome so far

What a helpful little whisper... I shall enjoy the antics that will ensue.

Octavia!!!!! You have got to love her....not as much as Derpy though, never as much as DERPY!!!!

ALL HAIL DERPY!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry...what was the question again?

797155 BUCK YESSSS!!!!! That photo made my entire day, thank you.

I plan on doing that eventually because that is one of the first things to do to ruin a party. But, that is for later since I can see spiked punch being a great tool for something very devious :pinkiecrazy:

804464 I feel like Rainbow Dash reading Daring Do

"Talk about a surprise. I would expect something like that from Pinkie."

Italicize please.

Also, good story so far. :twilightsmile:

Hahahahahahahahahahahah......got to love Pinkie, Hmmm...Spike and Tavi, that's something new. I like it. You have some errors here and there that need to be corrected, but other then that your doing very well. Hoping to read more.

I appreciate the praise Inferno and I will go over the last chapter shortly to fix any small mistakes.
Hm, will do and thanks for the praise. I know I sound like a recording but I really can't say it enough.

808074 No problem and good, it's always best to edit out the errors you make in any story.

Spike im sorry Rarity is talking to fancy even if u arent going out with her it still hurts but hey pranks are a good way to get over it.

Besides Mares be crazy.
lets just hope it does not end like this.


Silly Spike... I was thinking it would fall over and start a domino effect...

"Don’t feel that way at all! For my life may be a tad dull at times, I find ways to entertain myself."

"Well, I am giving you some ideas for pranks and talking to you, right?"

These lines need to be italicized. :twilightsmile:

If only you could see how much I'm laughing at this. You sir made my day :pinkiehappy:
Will be done shortly(right as I type this actually) and thanks for pointing out the mistakes.

822802 *while being pulled away* IT'S A CONSPIRACY HURRY SOMEPONY GET JACK BAUER

Yesss, Yesss, learn from Fluttershy and do the voice's bidding, Spike...

"Oh, but I will. That is, if you just confess already. Then no harm will be done on your little head"

Only one that needs italicized this time; oh, and add a period at the end.

Epic as ever my good pony

Just realized that this story has been viewed 500 times as I type this. Feels good and it smells like victory.

*starts rolling face on keyboard* Will be fixed. Thanks for the heads up!
Thanks :moustache: . However, I feel the end is near to this story. Shame really, I liked the idea a lot.

Spike/Octavia huh? Shit...I'm down for this pairing, you should write a story about the two, maybe after this one. And I enjoyed this story but it felt rushed for some strange reason, also try to expand on how Spike learned to use the Royal Canterlot voice.

Hm, you noticed it was rushed to huh? No wonder why I felt odd about this chapter. About Spike learning the Royal Canterlot voice, I wasn't really sure on how it can be done. Perhaps I'll add in something about raising his voice or shouting and so forth. I plan on elaborating on that when I figure out a scenario that fits the learning process best. Also, Spike/Octavia...so much fun to be had. Just no sure what direction to go with that.

835523 Yeah, I have so maybe you should think of re-editing it a bit, just in case.....well, hey you did well on the voice lol, I liked it. True, I can agree with that. You have no idea, I'm starting to enjoy that pairing already, well then just ask for help, I'll help you with ideas bro, the best I can at least.

i knew it.
i knew from the very start it was celestia and luna.
troll princesses, troll princesses everywhere
and octaspike?
MORE we need MORE spike and octa.

Since you been right from the very start, I think this earns a round of applause.
Good day you mind reading genius.

Shouldn't that be Applejack Bauer? :ajsmug:

"to relieve to the soreness" got one too many to's there:twilightsmile:

Thanks for pointing that out and I noticed I didn't give italics to one of the whispers lines. Editing is so much fun :ajbemused:

No grammatical errors? You're joking, right?

"Spike doesn't attend this years Gala, seeing that it was just to boring and uptight for his taste. However, the boredom at a rather deserted Ponyville proves to just as boring as the Gala. A whisper coaxes Spike into attending the Gala to create mischief."

Should (or, in the case of a few of these corrections, 'would be better off being') be:

"Spike doesn't attend this year's Gala, seeing as last year's was just much too boring and uptight for his taste. However, the boredom he experiences in a rather deserted Ponyville (which makes no sense, because the Gala is an upper-class event, and not everypony would be invited) proves to be just as bad. A whisper coaxes Spike into attending the Gala, with mischief in mind."

I chose not to leave any comments throughout the story because I wanted to give my review of the story as a whole for the last chapter so here it goes.

This story was simple to read and an enjoyable read at that. Due to its shortness I was able to read the story all in one sitting and it is because of this that it makes me like it so much. There were grammatical errors in the story, but I didn't mind it due to the plot being so enjoyable throughout the story.

I plan to start reading the sequel to this story right after I finish this comment so give yourself a pat on the back dear author, you earned it.

True, the Gala is a high class orientated party so even thinking that EVERYPONY could attend is not likely. Is this story flawed? Yes, I am all to aware of that. I will try to fix that flaw when I find the time.
I am glad you enjoyed the story Anonymous! Mind PM'ing me about grammar errors? I tend to miss them, unfortunately. :ajbemused:

Hello, FlashForward. This is the first chapter I've read of the fanfiction, and I must comment that I highly appreciate your willingness to provide us with a fine characterization of Spike. I totally believed that Spike would think and interact in this manner. I also appreciate your dedication to updating chapters. As a fellow fan of Spike, I am sure I will continue to enjoy this tale. Thanks!

I admit I laughed aloud at Spike cracking his knuckles on the window. Way to present obstacles for young Spike. Having it too easy would be no fun at all. Well done. :)

While Notes is out vomiting his innards, Spike fills in and becomes a "G". This is my first time experiencing Octavia' characterization. She is definitely a tsundere - my favorite.

(“Mind playing something romantic for me and wife? It’s our anniversary.” the stallion asked.
“But why Spike?” Octavia intervened. Spike knew that the fact that someone wanted him to play a song for them only was
chewing away at her pride.)

I feel that Spike should have said something in between the two lines of dialogue. Such as "Sure."

I did enjoy this chapter. It seems Octavia has a new respect for Spike. Oh, yeah!

I enjoyed Spike and Luna's interaction. I find it surprising there are not many Luna/Spike fanfiction. I feel Luna and Spike are absolutely perfect for each other (drinking buddies or otherwise! Hahaha!). It would be great if you could produce a Luna/Spike fanfiction! I am leaving it to you, FlashForward! Go for it!

Well, I finished the fanfiction. It was quite enjoyable. Rushed or not, this fanfiction was extremely fun to read. Well done. I am very excited for more Octavia!

For an unknown reason, I thought Spike would look like the Joker.

Salmon... Ponies eat salmon? I can dig it. Just rereading this awesome fic, don't mind me.

LOL This was funny and amusing:trollestia:.

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