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Schrodinger's Pony


Fluttershy has a secret. A secret that will lead the mane six on an epic quest to save Equestria. As her best friends try to cope with this discovery, they discover that each of them has a secret to share, and nopony wants to be the first to share theirs. Can the Elements remain in harmony long enough to save Equestria from a dastardly villain?

Warining: This could be considered a crackfic. Your mind will definitely be blown at least once.

Part One of the Family Secrets Saga.

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:rainbowhuh: Wat.
This doesn't explain why Fluttershy's scared of most dragons though. In fact, it seems almost counter-intuitive.
Continue this, for i must have answers! :flutterrage:

Fluttershy is best dragon.

This is really interesting! faved and thumbs up.
534541 Maybe she was just using that as a cover up because she didn't want to tell her friends or she just wanted to avoid dragons all together because they might recognize her or something.

534541 Well, I think this also explains it as well, since those older dragons were mean and aggressive to Spike. I think most dragons are, but does that mean all dragons? No. It could well mean that Fluttershy's parents are the exception and that they raised their daughter to be wary of other dragons. Which is a just reasoning, seeing as dragons can be both cruel and greedy. (That and I"m just rolling with it.:trollestia:)

Anyways, this is a good story. (I have no idea why, but I just love romances between Fluttershy and a dragon.)

YES. SMAUG. :heart::heart::heart: I LOVE YOU LORD OF THE RINGS FAN. (if you are that is :applejackunsure:)

This is good. Continue. :moustache:

534541 I think that might be part of the joke. Fluttershy's not scared of dragons, she's scared that her friends will find out that she was raised by them. If, during the Migration, a dragon flew down and shouted "Hey, Flutters! How've ya been?" that kind of would have blown her cover.
Actually, the more I think about it, the more this makes sense...Fluttershy was excited to see spike, a baby dragon. She pretended to be afraid to go and shoo the dragon away from the mountain because it might have recognized her. She hid from him so he wouldn't. When it bowled her friends over, she got mad. The dragon was afraid of her because she was, adopted or not, the dragon princess.

534541 abusive father? Watch Friendship is Witchcraft

534657, 534651, 534633, 534607
:fluttershyouch: Ok, ok, clearly I didn't think too hard before making my comment.

This. This is awesome. :twilightsmile:


Interesting, if a bit silly. But sometimes silly is good!


Why do I ship Fluttershy so strangely?
534633 oh good, I'm not the only one

534725 I like strange ships too. (Though, usually the strange couple makes more sense than I realize.)

It must have felt like a shotgun shot in da faic.

534740 Chrysalis x Fluttershy.
Wtf am I doing?

534772 Okay, some strange ships make sense. Others...don't even go there.

It's always possible that Fluttershy is afraid of dragons precisely because of what she knows about them, of course. :trixieshiftright:

Anyway, writing and characterization are decent so far (I'm willing to let Pinkie screech to a halt over the concept that somebody could forget "Brithdays" slide :raritywink:) and the premise is squarely in "crazy enough to be awesome" territory. Tracking this.

This intrigues me :trixieshiftright: when is next chapter coming out

old red-boy from season one musta been babysat!

Perhaps Fluttershy's been faking her fear of dragons and not wanting to get near them because one of them might recognize her and then her friends would know about this whole thing!

Typos aside, I love it and eagerly await more.

Also, Fus Ro YAY is now head cannon for this story imo.

There you are, you sneaky little pegasus...:fluttershysad:
Smaug won't be pleased with you.

This looks to be an interesting concept, will be watching to see where this goes.


please finish the story:fluttershysad: i'l be very, very, very sad if this is the end. :fluttercry:

Woah! :applejackconfused: Woah! :pinkiegasp: Woah! :twilightoops: WOAH! :rainbowderp:

What is this? This is the most comments Ive ever gotten for a story in a single day - less then a day! - and for something that I wrote on a whim! You guys are amazing! :yay:

Now, I'm new to the sight, and haven't mastered the subtle art of responding to more then one comment at a time. I'll try to respond to you all now.

:pinkiegasp: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! :ajsmug:

Yes, Fluttershy's pretending to be afraid of dragons so she doesn't blow her cover and scare her friends. I'll explain more about it next chapter, rest assure.

Yes, I like wierd pairings too. Or more to the point, I like any pairing so long as the author puts enough passion in it and sticks true to the characters, so this makes me excited when an author pulls this off with characters who aren't a very likely couple.

I was planning on updating irregularly, just whenever I scribbled somehing together, but after this wonderful reception you can be sure I'll have something ready for you very soon. :raritywink: Although, I can't write like lightning the way most authors here seem to, so 'soon' means maybe a week, and this story will still be sharing its update time with my other stories. :raritydespair:

pretty legit cant wait for more

536813 about a week?...faster than most of the people I watch

534541 She's probably afraid she might meet her mother or father or someone who knows them.:applejackunsure:

536813 Typo time! You should get someone to proof read for you. Or wait a few hours/day to post your chapters and read them later. It's very hard to see your own mistakes right after you write something.

‘It’ in this case, being the foot of Angel’s pet rabbit Angel.

She was stealthy. Almost… dare she think it... like a ninja.She was Rainbow Dash, the ninja detective.
There's no space after the period

Personally, Rainbow Dash suspected alines.

"This is so awesome." Rainow Dash snickered.

“Do you have a letter fomr the Princess?” Twilight gasped.

Spike held up an old looking roll of parchment with a Canterlot Seal scrolled attacked to its front.
Take out the word scrolled, and should be attached not attacked

“Allow me to take a wild. Guess.” Twilight said, almost glaring at Fluttershy.
Why the random period and cap'd letter?

I'm very interested in seeing where this goes, could be a great read.

Wait, I ... I'm OK with this. :pinkiehappy:

You, sir, are a genius.
Watched and faved.

So, Will she get married to a dragon? Or will she get married to a pony as a representative to the dragons? Just curious.

I absolutely cannot imagine who in Equestria might be Celestia's daughter-of-heart, somepony not her daughter that she still thinks of as one... It's a complete mystery! You got any idea who that could possibly be, Twilight? :twilightsheepish:

Well, this is certainly interesting. :moustache: Fluttershy has been a dragon princess this whole time? Tracking! :rainbowkiss::yay: Can't wait for more!


Yes I am. :ajsmug: I was a fan before it was cool to be a fan.


The Wild. Guess. Was supposed to emphasize how angry Twilight was, but the rest of those were mistakes. :twilightblush: And I even edited it twice before posting! Thanks for catching those for me.


Gonna have to wait and see. :raritywink:




Eh, some of the stories I'm watching can be pretty fast. like Background Pony; updates about every week, but each chapter is around ten thousand words. :rainbowderp:


Thank you, I'm going for genius! :pinkiehappy:

And thank you to the rest of you for your comments too! Second chapter will be coming soon. :yay:

I was going to continue with a series of letters where Fluttershy wrote about the series' adventures to her parents in her own perspective, but I decided that this was a beautiful place to end it.

If you have any more questions about dragon culture, be sure to ask them in the comments so I can answer them next chapter.

Loved the interactions with Gilda. Really the whole chapter, but especially the part at the start of flight camp.

Fluttershy is best Dragon-pony. That's what I'm sticking with.

This is better than it has any right to be.

This was awesome and has pushed it to the top of my 'looking forward to the next chapter' list. Fluttershy's wings being weak due to continual malnutrition, Her honorifics, Dash having a mysterious family backstory,cutie marks being a disease, tickling, etc was all brilliant.

I'd love to see you address whether or not Celestia or Luna know about fluttershy's history yet, or if Smaug has used her letters to begin opening up diplomat relations with them. I'd also love to see the reactions of the other mane 6 to fluttershy's backstory. Also be sure to mention what fluttershy's adoptive mother thought about fluttershy finally getting to meet an attempt to take care of a phoenix! :yay:

really good chapter, though you may want to go over it again, especially the beginning, I spied several typos there if I'm correct(no grave ones).
Keep up the good work:yay:

558221 That wild. Guess thing still seems really out of place :rainbowderp:

In their tongue, she is... Still Fluttershy.
Umm... FUS RO yay!

Best Back Story Every. couldn't help but laugh the whole time

Love this immensely. Dragon-eating ponies, the possibility of Fluttershy having been named Tarzan, apple trees as flowers...:rainbowlaugh:

However, because of my background...
Lord Stockholm has the same effect on me as "Lord San Fransisco" has on an average American.:rainbowhuh: I know it is meant to be a bit ridiculous, but meh.

567656 567658 567694 567918 567944 567720
Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

:rainbowhuh: Doesn't it have a right to be awesome?

Eh, you may be right. But until I find some better way it'll have to do. Thanks!

Thanks so much! Don't worry, you'll see their reactions in the next chapter.

Ah, I'm sorry, I hadn't considered the swedish crowd. Or is Stockholm swiss? :facehoof: Anyway, sorry. I just thought it was a cool name for a dragon. I'm glad you like everything else. :pinkiesmile:

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