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Schrodinger's Pony


In a world much like we know, another family has the throne. Applejack, crowned Princess of Equestria, is having a really bad day, and it isn't helped when every single member of the Apple Family happens to be an Alicorn.

An entry for Slippy's Royalty Collab.

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My Faithful Student Twilight Sparkle...

The lost kingdom of the Crystal Empire has returned from a long period of, well, being lost. I will have to miss this years Summer Sun celebration, as this matter has become one of an utmost urgency.

Since I am working twice as hard during a national holiday, I have decided you should have a break. I have arranged for you to be escorted to Ponyville. Hopefully, you will be able to get out of those dusty old books and make some friends. I know the concept of making friends may seem scary for you at first, but I have every confidence that you will do so with the same vigor you study magic.

I have prepared a chariot to escort you immediately. I hope you have a wonderful vacation Twilight.

Know that I love you, and that I am with you in spirit.

Your friend and mentor,
Princess Celestia.

When I first received that message from Princess Celestia, I had no way of knowing it would be the beginning of the least relaxing vacation ever. I had no way of knowing me and my friends were about to fulfill destiny. I had no way of knowing that this would be the beginning of a long year, fighting Discord, Nightmare Moon, Megalomaniacal unicorns, and other subtler dangers.

This is the story of me and my friends, the Elements of Harmony.

This is the story of a precocious group of fillies called the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

This is the story of Princess Celestia, as she fights physically and politically to keep Equestria safe.

This is the story Three Seasons in the making.

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This is a side-story to Family Secrets: the Reveal.

After discovering that Fluttershy is a princess of the dragon kingdom, her friends try desperately to stop her from going through an arranged marriage. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash tries to cope with her daddy issues, Rarity tries to avoid Rainbow Dash's insanity, and Pinkie Pie tries to be the sensible one as the group stumbles onto an ancient conspiracy between Griffons, Rock Farmers, and Harmony itself.

You asked for it; here it is. The Dragon Princess.

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Scootaloo, as we all know, has no parents and lives in the Cutie Mark Crusader's club house. But not for long. No, Scootaloo has finally found somepony who understands her. Somepony who is willing to be a parent!

That somepony is Discord.

How will Scootaloo adjust to her new life as the daughter of chaos incarnate? What will her friends think? Can she convince Cheerilee to be her new dad's special somepony? Will she get her cutie mark?

Story image by AppleCider1412

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Fluttershy has a secret. A secret that will lead the mane six on an epic quest to save Equestria. As her best friends try to cope with this discovery, they discover that each of them has a secret to share, and nopony wants to be the first to share theirs. Can the Elements remain in harmony long enough to save Equestria from a dastardly villain?

Warining: This could be considered a crackfic. Your mind will definitely be blown at least once.

Part One of the Family Secrets Saga.

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Welcome to My Little Pony Action Hero Theatre!

All of your favorite ponies playing all of your favorite action heroes!

Rainbow Dash is playing Liam Neeson's role in Taken!
Twilight Sparkle is playing Keanu Reeves in Speed!
Scootaloo is playing 'The Chief'!
Who will be next?

One thing's for sure; we have a budget for explosives, and we're going to use every last dime!

Warning: While this story is rated Teen, I would not recommend the actual movie Taken to anybody. Also, some ponies are slightly more bloodthirsty here than in canon.

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The Great and Powerful Trixie has never had friends. When a well meaning doctor reveals this is a serious medical condition, she resolves to go about fixing it, by stealing the Elements of Harmony from Twilight Sparkle. But the Elements are more than just fancy bling; they're concepts. To steal them, she'd have to steal the very essence of harmony from their weidlers. Fortunately for The Great and Powerful Trixie, she has a cutie mark in dreaming. Can she, and the group of ponies she hopes to call friends, steal the Elements of Harmony from Twilight and her friends?

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