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This is a side-story to Family Secrets: the Reveal.

After discovering that Fluttershy is a princess of the dragon kingdom, her friends try desperately to stop her from going through an arranged marriage. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash tries to cope with her daddy issues, Rarity tries to avoid Rainbow Dash's insanity, and Pinkie Pie tries to be the sensible one as the group stumbles onto an ancient conspiracy between Griffons, Rock Farmers, and Harmony itself.

You asked for it; here it is. The Dragon Princess.

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How does this relate to the other story? What are we in for here, beyond just different things happening?


When the story was being written there was a bit of controversy after cold feet as it moved away from Fluttershy, the original story was originally called "the dragon princess". Eventually he said he would split it into two stories, one being the more conservative Dragon Princess, and the other being the insane reveal one.

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That's about the sum of it. I originally planned for the fic to be all about crazy WMGs about the mane characters, but I was accidentally too good at writing. I wrote the first portion so well, the portion that laid out Fluttershy as the main character, that everybody who wasn't distracted by their brains exploding wanted the 'old fic' back. So, here it is. There will still be craziness, but it will be focused more on Fluttershy than the other fic.

Let the madness begin again:rainbowwild:

I've been looking forward to this. :yay:

Here's the reason why this is awesome:
The Dragon Princess is a good fic. Family Secrets isn't. Don't get me wrong. I liked family secrets, but after a while it just became painful to read. I get the idea of having each of the mane 6 have these big secrets that we never would have guessed and whatnot, and that's great, but if you wanted to do that, I'd say you'd have needed to make the fic twice as long to get to the same place. its like if you tried to watch TV but every 10 minutes someone changed the channel. It doesn't matter how good the individual stories are (and don't get me wrong, they are), we're simply never given enough time to care. Which is especially bad for a fic that relies heavily on the absurd. We need time to accept the absurd, otherwise its too jarring and we lose our suspension of disbelief

I'm really hoping this fic doesn't eventually devolve into that.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, as an avid fan of the ship, and considering this fic has Twi and Dash as parents of Spike and a Romance tag, I'm really hoping for Twidash

“Hey, Tilight!”

runewaker is right this is better. And I would like more please.

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