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Fluttershy has proven herself kind to many creatures except one: the dragon. What is it about these creatures that makes her fear them so and why? She herself doesn't know. But when Fluttershy mysteriously awakens as the very thing she fears most, her kindness and bravery will be tested and along the way, she may very well learn what it truly means to have the heart of a dragon. This... is her journey.

Featured on Equestria Daily! May 13th, 2012! 5 Star Rating!

A transcendental character study inspired by the works of Ursula K. LeGuin, DragonForce, and Studio Ghibli. Rated Teen for some Mild Fantasy Violence and Blood. Cover Image by Bedupolker on deviantART.

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I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

this is awesome. Seems very well written. Followed.

Well... damn. I really can't judge this just yet, I need to see more.

tis is so good
cant wait to see the others reaction
also Fluttershy is best dragon

Looking good so far! I will be tracking this.

Change the name of this story, everyone will think about skyrim. In, other news: I will read later

Flutterdragon? You most certainly have my attention my good Sir/Madam. A very nicely written chapter, Here's to many more *raises glass*

Tracked, and I need to know what happens next.


Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback so far guys! I'm starting work on Chapter 2 right now and I'm hoping to update the story every Sunday or so.
Thanks again everyone! :yay:

557493 If people think of Skyrim when they see the name 'Dragonborn', that's their problem, not Eric's. He doesn't have to change the name of this story just because of people who are obsessed with something else. It's like being compared to someone else when you're not trying to be like the one you're comparing to. It's unfair when you're being compared to someone who you're not trying to be like. Therefor, they have no right to automatically connect Dragonborn to Skyrim. I people are such Skyrim fans that they decide to make that connection, then they should read Skyrim fanfics, and leave MLP fanfics alone.

557579 He's a 'sir'.

557928 WOW WOW WOW WOW, stop just a minute... Did I say something wrong??? All I'm pointing out is that people WILL immidietly think of this story as a skyrim crossover, and Its not like I'm demanding a name change!

You cannot deny that some names associate with others. For example, if I called my story "Mario and Luigi's adventures in Ponyville" everyone WILL think of it is a super mario crossover. Should they have no right to automatically connect the names "Mario" and "Luigi" to the video game? And if they do, are they such Super Mario fans that they should read Super Mario fanfics and leave MLP fanfics alone?

And it might actually be Eric's problem if people think of Skyrim when they see the title, because they will immidietly think of it as an crossover they might not be interesting to read. Or it can be a good thing because it gets peoples attention! There are both downsides and upsides.

557987 In response to the actual title of the story, I pretty much knew straight from the get go that people would associate the story as a Skyrim crossover. But I initially decided to call the story "Dragonborn" mainly because of its significance to the overall story. Another title I had in mind was "Heart of a Dragon", but it didn't have the push I needed to make the story sound more appealing. But that's just how the cookie crumbles I guess.

No Hard feelings I hope :twilightsheepish:

557998 I'm not taking any hard feelings :derpytongue2: Just got suprised over DarkAngels strongly reaction...

(And I personaly think "With a Heart of a Dragon" or something like that is a MUCH better title than "Dragonborn".:pinkiehappy:)

558017 Hehe to each his own I guess. One thing's for sure though, a chapter will DEFINITELY be named that ;D

Okay, now to actually comment on the story:

This is very, very, very well written! I strongly suggest you sending this to EqD if you not already have!

I found some very, very few weird sentence buildings and if you want this story to be a absolutely perfect, you could ask someone to proof read it. But as I said, there are some very few things that is not really worth bothering about and it is defenitly nothing that lowers the quality of the story. Well done!

I didn't mean to accuse you of anything. I was just pointing out that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover (literally in this case:pinkiehappy:). And I see your point. And I worded what I said wrong. If Skyrim fans are MLP fans as well, then they don't have to "leave MLP fanfics alone".

I do have to point out that your analogy wasn't that great. I mean, you got your point across. But if the names "Mario" and "Luigi" are in the title, it makes it blatantly obvious that it's a Mario/MLP crossover, even if it's not a crossover. The name "Dragonborn" on the other hand only has a reference to Skyrim. And a weak one in my opinion. The only reason I would make that connection is because Eric pointed out to me. Granted, I'm not that familiar with Skyrim. But I do know about how the name does mean "dragonborn". I'm just trying to point out that if people automatically assume it's a Skyrim crossover just because of the name "Dragonborn", then they don't know enough to actually see that "Crossover" is NOT one of the tags of the story. And in my opinion, even if it was a crossover, the name "Dragonborn" could refer to anything involving dragons. It could just as easily be a Spyro crossover, or an Eragon crossover.

Personally, like Eric said, I think that "Dragonborn" is a better name than something like "Heart of a Dragon". "Dragonborn" sounds more original whereas "Heart of a Dragon" is a generic name.

And as for your comment about suggesting that Eric asks someone to proof read for him, he actually has at least 4 proof readers (me being one of them).

And I am sorry for sounding like I was accusing you. You didn't say anything wrong. It's just that I tend to get a bit defensive and come on a little strong.

im loving this! I shall be tracking this and awaiting the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

The description gave me a deja-vu. I wonder why that could be?

Silly things aside, this is a great idea that is wonderfully executed. I'll be waiting for more.

Yes. Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes... Do want.

I am enthralled by this concept, and I must say that the writing seems to be very organized and yet maintain an enigmatic allure.

Fluttershy of all the Mane 6 would become a Dragon. This is definitely going to be watched for more. Carry on my good sir!


I find it best not to make assumptions. I know men called Robin and Jessica...

558336 :heart: In conclussion: For everyone that plays Skyrim (and all those that are somewhat familiar to meme's) will connect dragonborn with Skyrim. The connections is far from weak, because the main character in the game is "dragonborn" (so this will get repeatidly mentioned through the game, and Skyrim is a very popular game). So unfortunatly, the title Dragonborn might for some feel like a complete rip-off from Skyrim, even if it was completly un-inspired from it. But for those who have no clue about Skyrim, the title Dragonborn surely is perfect, but for the rest it might feel over used.:derpytongue2:

About the proof-reading part: As I said, there was some very, very few things that annoyed me, and it might be because English isn't my native language. The first sentence for example: "For as long as she could remember, Fluttershy had always had a strong fear of dragons."

I don't know in English, but in Swedish the double use of "had" is almost a deathsin :pinkiecrazy:

I see what you mean. Even if people do think the term 'Dragonborn' would be a rip-off, by definition, it's only a rip-off if he intentionally took the idea from Skyrim. And one of my pet peeves is when people just jump to conclusions without getting the facts first.

And about the proof reading, I guess we missed that one thing. I think that first "had" is supposed to be "has".:twilightsheepish:

562298 A has instead of had? That would make some more sense (then I have no reason to kill you :pinkiecrazy:)!

I think the double - had was right, actually - you're writing in past tense (it was) not present (it is) so Fluttershy "had", not Fluttershy "has". Granted, the sentence could be worded differently - it's a bit inelegant - but it works and I think you were technically correct originally.

Perhaps "For as long as she could remember, Fluttershy had been terrified of dragons" or "The thought of Dragons had always made Fluttershy's blood run cold".

Swedishdude, english does a lot of weird things - if we're not making up new rules and exceptions we're stealing from everybody else. I honestly don't blame you for going all :pinkiecrazy: on the language, I do sometimes (during grammer lessons - I follow the rules but they still confuse me when I have to explain them).

If there's an English teacher in the house I think we could use a second opinion.

You got a point there. English can be a pretty strange language sometimes. In fact, English is sometimes referred to as a "backwards" language.:derpytongue2:

564030 "Perhaps "For as long as she could remember, Fluttershy had been terrified of dragons"" I was thinking something along these lines as well.

Confound these Grammars they drive me to insanity!

told ya it would hit EqD! (congrats btw)

From the title alone I expected Skyrim, but the description is interesting...
I shall read this later...

When I saw 'heart of a dragon' in the description, I immediately thought of DragonForce :facehoof: (Not that that's a bad thing; I love DragonForce!)

Also, awesome chapter! :twilightsmile:

I signed up just to say how much I love this, please keep up the good work!

FUCKING! YES!!!! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:
I absolutely LOVE the concept of the main characters turning into dragons!!! :pinkiecrazy::flutterrage::pinkiecrazy::flutterrage:

clever use of the term "dragonborn," as well. :rainbowwild:
I see what you did there.

A story with inspiration from Ursula K. LeGuin, DragonForce, AND Studio Ghibli?! :pinkiegasp:


Ok but seriously, I am anticipating great things from this story and if this chapter is any indication of what is to come, consider me enthralled!

I'll give this a chance, it looks like it has some promiss to it.

But there is one she fears in their native tounge it is dovahkin dragon born
I'm so sorry:fluttercry:

Sincerely the Doctor



I've been hoping for something like this for quite a while. Eager to see where you take this...

Interestingly surreal. Let's see where this goes.

Interesting concept, but I don't really have an opinion beyond that yet.

First off: congrats on the EqD feature!

Secondly: This is a wonderful story with a very original idea that I highly anticipate seeing more of in the future.

Woah, wo-ho, whoa...This is awesome

My interest, it has been captured.

Interesting... very interesting...

This reminds me of "Strictly Draconic" but from Fluttershy standpoint. Now to get on to the recording.

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