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After a brief spat with Spike over a seemingly trivial matter Twilight decides that in order to learn more about dragons she should try to become one. With a simple spell she transforms her little pony self into a larger dragon and quickly realizes that she has no way to change back available to her....

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... Mind = Blown.


LOVE IT!!!! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:
Even though I don't like aging Spike fics. It's just amazing! :raritystarry:

Tracking and Faved!.

Yes... so tracking this one.:moustache:

spike's mind just exploded

I knew a story of this quality and calibre relating to this scenario was inevitable.

Thank you for writing it, I've been looking forward to a Twilight Dragon story since I stumbled upon Dragon Twilight images. I will say you've written this first chapter brilliantly and it was a joy to read. I look forward to seeing where you take this story. So once again thanks for writing this, can't wait to read more :heart:

spike: guh? -fint-
me: i hear you, thats what I'D do if my mother figure turned into a dragon

First rule of Transformation magic - ALWAYS make sure there is a counter spell at the ready.

I like this story! Good job, I didn't notice any grammar errors and everything seemed to blend together and flow smoothly.

Mustaches for you! :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

I don't pass judgement based on only one chapter, but I do have high hopes for the second one.

omg i love it...is twilight going to grow every time she sleeps

264101 probably
264285 don't forget the monocle -_o.

Hahaaha i really need more of this xD

264600 That could be very funny, assuming it isn't blown into the realms of facehoofingly stupid, like big as the planet. But the author, Cosmo seems more than competent if not a Excellent writer. Myabe another one or two growth spurts, before the joke gets annoying and un-amusing.

Also Really looking forward to chapter 2. Dragon Twilight is best Po-I mean Dragon :twilightblush:

265005 WHY SO name and avatar change?

Ok, this is getting tracked. This ougtha be goood. :moustache:

265040 got tired of being insane, wrote it out in my blog

Celestia was his mother figure, according to word of god.

“Tricky Transformations…a terrific treatise on matter transformations by Starswirl the Bearded,”

I love how people never notice that the spell that made Starswirl famous was the mustache growing spell. I like how you took it in the direction of him specializing in transformation magic.

Also, I'm calling this now. The reason there is no counter-spell is because Starswirl never made one. He used it once and then lost his unicorn magic, thus taking away any chance for him to make one.

So I like the story so far and am looking forward to where you are going to be taking it.

One thing that is not clear to me is exactly how long into the future this is (since Spike is growing).

Also, I'm not a huge fan of the whole, 'Twilight didn't bother to do all of her research before casting a spell' trope. It really seems like Twilight is the type of pony to make sure there is a reversal spell before turning herself into something else. It would have been easy for you to have had the reversal spell ruined by water damage and rendered unreadable. However, I could see some plot reason for you doing it the way you did.

265112 well im kinda robot now so mkay

265203 shhhhhhh i was made by aperture science

i dont give a damn what word of god says, twilight is the person who lives with him, and feeds him and he lives with her his WHOLE life, and im 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999% sure, that the show shows twilight as being the mother figure of spike
so yes, she is the mother figure of spike


Lauren Faust said Celestia raised him.

You must be one of those people who aren't familiar with TvTropes terminology.

I like this, very good dialog, very natural, tracked


Well in the show it seems like Spike spends a lot more time with Twilight than Celestia.
Though the time of him hatching from his egg to the present time in the show is unknown, you will probably be able to assume that Celestia did raise Spike for a few years and giving him to Twilight as an assistant. (The most notable example that this actually happened is the fact that Spike and Celestia are able to send mail to each other.)
Now considering that in the show it seems like Twilight is in her very early parts of marehood and also considering she seems to have a strong bond with Spike I can assume that Celestia gave Spike to Twilight quite early in her life.
This would mean that Spike would have been in Celestia's care for maybe roughly guessing 6-12 years again considering how she has a strong bond with Spike (A bond just doesnt happen in a short time ya know)
So I'm going to guess Spike was in the care of Celestia for a sizable portion of his life but as of now is mainly in the care of Twilight.
Also I really do not know how well dragons remember stuff especially in the early parts of his life. For all I know he could have only remembered the last 1 or 2 years of his life under Celestia care.
All in all I think Twilight and Spike has a very strong sister-brother relationship if not a motherly one.

Now that I have made this long comment I'm now going to say interesting story can't wait to see the rest of it. :pinkiehappy:

That was significantly better than I expected it to be... :ajsmug:

:facehoof: Twilight, why u no read rest of book first?

this is great looking foreward to part two

Am I the only one that understands dragons mature with greed?:rainbowhuh:
Anyways awesome fic.

265211aperture science.
we do what pony because we can.
for the good of all of us except the ones who are pony
but there's no sense crying over everywhere Derpy
just keep on trying til you run out of pony.....


That can't be the only way they age, after all, when Spike had his greed-growth he was a raging, out-of-control monster, acting very different from the other two dragons that appeared in the show. Also, Spike couldn't speak properly after growing, but the other two can.

265783 Nope. I still think it has something to do with all the food she gobbled up.

I am so tracking this story. I'm not a particular fan of growing up Spike stories, but I'm always a sucker for dragon Twilight fics.

Wow... Ponies turning into dragons??:rainbowhuh:
There needs to be SO MUCH more of this! I'll read it (and most likely track it) right away! :rainbowwild:
Oh wait... Its 1:30 AM... :rainbowderp:
Buck it.
*begins reading*:rainbowdetermined2:

264259: Aye I agree... I certainly had alot of problems when I turned into a small shade... The floating through walls was nice, but the fact that nopony could see me drove me insanse... Luckily the spells was only temporary :pinkiehappy:

i've read many fan fics and this is definitly going on my top ten fan fics you deserve this
*starts to clap*

EEYUP!! Definentally tracking! :twilightsmile:
Very funny, and quite origional to boot! I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Well it certainly seems to be quite an interesting read, Can't wait for the next chapter, Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

264101 It didn't just explode.
Spike's mind exploded and then exploded again!
Interesting story so far. Tracking. :twilightsheepish:

"You have to separate the speech lines." I said.

"Why?" You replied.

"Because it makes the text a heck of a lot easier to read." I simply answered.

"Oh, like what you are doing here?"


Theory. :twistnerd:

Dragon.size = GrowthRate/MagicalPow*Time

Twilight = nearly limitless magical power

Twilight = insanely fast growing and powerful dragon

oh my... :twilightoops:

1. :rainbowderp:See description
2.:trixieshiftleft: Skeptical reader is skeptical
3.:duck: Read comments section for opinions
4.:rainbowhuh: Everypony likes it
5.:moustache: Seems legit. Will read.


6.:twilightsmile: Read it.
7.:applejackunsure: Actually, it's not that great. Meh.

I hate this. When there is a perfect story, there is nothing you can turn against it. Everything in this story was spot-on, from the characterisations to the grammar. Absolutely brilliant.

I just have a minor point, if a pony, especially a male, would make a spell, wouldn't it be logical if the age status inflicted by the spell would be relative to the age status of the original pony.
Adult Male/Female Pony ---> Adult Male/Female Dragon
Juvenile Male/Female Pony ---> Juvenile Male/Female Dragon
Baby Male/Female Pony ---> Baby Male/Female Dragon
and not the way you did it, all ponies in existence (except for the alicorns) would likely turn into baby dragons. I cannot see why a great wizard would design a spell that way.

Edit: When looking through a second time, I actually notice a good deal of grammatic failures, most notably a lack of punctuation.

Wait, In season one - Dragonshy, it's shown that Fluttershy has and EXTREME FEAR of dragons that aren't babies.
And this sentence --> ““Oh my…you um, weren’t pulling a prank this time,” said Fluttershy to Dash, looking embarrassed.
Doesn't that imply that RD told Fluttershy that 'there's this dragon at the library!' and asked Fluttershy to come with her to see it? At the mere mention of DRAGON shouldn't Fluttershy be cowering in fear or something? Why would she even agree to come with RD? And further on, we can see that Fluttershy isn't hesitant at all around the dragon even before she knew it was Twilight. Now that's just weird. :unsuresweetie::derpyderp2: Twilight dragon, pretty cool idea, but I couldn't make myself finish this.
266571 agree with 7.

[edit] okay, maybe FS somewhat got over her fear of dragons, a bit, but that was because her friends were in danger. FS thought it was a prank at first, hence she didn't even know that Twilight could somehow be in danger. Still, she's even afraid of the wind and everything, no way she can completely get over her fear of dragons anyway.

266646 "Everything was spot-on, from characterizations to grammar"

Wrong on both counts. It wasn't horrible, but far from perfect. Those rose-tinted glasses need to come off, my friend.


Wait, what? I guess the grammar wasn't perfect, but I loved the characterizations, aside from the now seemingly obvious (why didn't I see it) part that Fluttershy wasn't scared of the dragon.
And please, please tell me - why you are criticizing me, and not the author? If you do not think it is perfect, then spend some time helping her/him!

And saying "It's not that great" does in no way shape or form qualify as good criticism.

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