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When one of Fluttershy's dear animal companions wanders into the Everfree, she sets out to bring him home safely - but what she finds at the center of the forest is something she didn't expect, and something that ushers in a change to her world that makes each day darker than the last.

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Looks like The Lich King, from World of Warbucks Edit: I read the whispers in the voice of The Lich King.

Author Interviewer

Okay, this is exciting. As soon as attention was directed to the fallen tree, I knew what was going to happen, at which point I got this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. My expectations were met.

Why is it always Fluttershy, though? I mean, I wrote Fluttershy Goes to Hell and I count Blood Is Thicker Than Friendship among my favorite fanfics... I guess we can add this to the ever-growing "Fluttershy turns into a horrible monster" group of fics.

And can I just say, you've been on fire lately. Why the sudden surge of fic posting? Not that I mind, though this is far and away the best as far as writing goes.

Just realized I had a bunch of stuff not on here, and all the talk of writing inspired me to get back to work. The Twi/Pie philosophy story was new, and the last two chapters of Flutterlich should be easier to write after publishing the first two.

I just miss writing. Sadly, I think this is the only one that would be suitable for EqD, but I don't know that I deserve to have a story on there with how slack my pre-reading has been lately anyway.

Glad some of these are turning out to be worth reading, anyway.

Yay! Flutterlich is the cutest lich.

Very interesting so far! The choice of Fluttershy becoming a lich was one well made, as I feel she'd very easily abuse her powers and consistently feed whatever darkness is within her, without even realizing it. I'm terribly curious as to where this is going to go, and what problems are going to arise. I'm also anticipating at least one interaction with Twilight in the future, so this is going to be an exciting ride. Keep it going!

Also, was this inspired by the Warcraft universe at all, or did you just take the general concept of a lich and use it?

i like the story and it has incredible description as to what the charaters are feeling and doing, as well as the world outside them.

I suspect the general concept.
She can still think and act for herself after all.
Not like arthas.

Take my internet's. Take em all.
And a like and track.

good story love undead, but as your coments say only 4 chapters?

Is only Stalin sees the shadow of one of his mortal enemies, King Arthas, floating above him?
Overall, Stalin enjoys. Keep the good work.

Quite intriguing.

Does raise a few questions. First, how did Fluttershy channel the magic without a natural conduit like a horn or wand or etc? Or can she manifest a kind of focus?

Secondly, how exactly did the Lich King, assuming this was him, arrive in Equestria?

Thirdly, is necromancy a practice foreign to the world or is it just...banned?

I hope to see these questions answered, and soon.

In short...WRITE MORE NOW!

Author Interviewer

Eh, writing and pre-reading are two halves of a see-saw. GET BACK TO WORK I mean do what feels right. :V

And I dunno, I think In the Middle is fine too, unless it's going into rape or foalsex territory or something later on. <.<

.......BOW BEFORE FLUTTERSHY!:flutterrage:
:yay: cutest......lich....ever!:yay:

A lich with The Stare?! :flutterrage: All the other ponies are doomed!

Tracked and liked.


Unconscious manifestations of her powers indicate lack of control, which is admittedly obvious. Her dreams must have been poignant to cause all that though.

Keep it up! I want moar! :D

Oh, and first.

This is really good. Please write more!

I wonder what the eggs look like......
Oh well. on with this delicious bit of insanity!:rainbowlaugh:

I was watching this and now I think I shall read it :pinkiecrazy:

Delightful! Fluttershy corrupted by darkness... the irony is beautiful. :trollestia:

Stop with the Warcraft comments, Blizzard didn't invent necromancy and liches.

Woo, beware Fluttershy's army of the undead!

What the...

This is the oddest concept I've seen so far :3
Maybe except that fic that shipped Dash with the concept of shipping... But it's close.

Since I find liches really cool, I need to read this... xD

Aaaaahhhhhh! Fancy word overload!:raritydespair:

Hmm. Aren't liches supposed to be dead?
Now lets see... A lich, according to wikipedia, is the result when someone binds their intellect to a corpse, thereby gaining immortality. They also have a phylactery. From this, I can conclude that either will Fluttershy become more and more undead as time passes (which still doesn't solve the phylactery problem), or that she isn't a lich; just a host-body for this mysterious voice in her head.

Now... First of all; thank you for making Fluttershy take contact with Twi through Angel. I get so annoyed when characters in these kind of situations stupidly decide to just hide, thinking it'll go away.
Secondly; at first, I thought the reanimation (which I hope you let us see how works at some point; not just off-scene because Fluttershy closes her eyes) should have resulted in a more "classical" undead, with the thinness, coldness, loss of hair (or in this case, feathers), etc... But then I realized your plan, which is much more logical, given that the body used for the spell was "fresh".

All in all, interesting concept indeed. I'm not sure I would've executed it the same way myself, but I'm still more than curious to see how this continues :3

liches definetly are my favorite mythological... thing. I especially love the one in adventure time. I would love to see more of them in the future in anything. Cant wait for the new chapter! and as mr krabs would say, MOAR!

I want to read this story, just so I can hate it... so this is what it feels like to be the internet.

I was taken aback by the Dark/tragedy tags, but seeing that the dark tragedy is impossible to ignore with the central argument being necromancy, and taking account that fluttershy is still fluttershy, and not a wretched-evil-bloodlusted-meany, Ithink I will track this one...

As soon as I finished watching SHED.MOV, I thought, "Oh yeah, Fluttershy is TOTALLY a necromancer!". So you can imagine my delight when I see this story posted here!

Just remember kids; liches sound like leaches which are bad! Not to mention lynching! Which is also bad!

Reminds me of the 8-bit game curse of the blank or something along those lines....nicely done though

Hmm, very interesting idea indeed! Your style is vivid and descriptive, to say the least, and you are keeping Fluttershy and Angel's characters well within the realms of believability. For that, well done! I await further updates eagerly!

Ahh... I love Fluttershy turning into a horrid monster. It's so... well, it feels like a crime against nature. Things like that just feel so wrong and the responses of the characters generally show it. The hurt and shock of someone betrayed or murdered by a friend is an interesting- and satisfying- plot twist/description.

This oughta be good. I'm curious in wondering just how Fluttershy's evil manifests, if at all it does become evil. Misguided perhaps? The feeling that she's right and others are wrong? Or corruption via the evil presence... voices in her head? visions, a la Jack Nicholson in the Shining? WE SHALL SEE.

So Fluttershy is a lich now, this should be interesting.

312535 Was that a Minecraft reference?
I need MOAR!:flutterrage:


wow, this is sure different then what i am used to reading, but it was a refreshing change, albeit creepy, but refreshing none the less.

i really enjoyed this, tracking and eagerly awaiting more! :twilightsmile:

lol this is awsome weird undead lordess fluttershy of darkness will have your soul!!! if that is okay with you.

this is so awesome i know i shouldernt laugh but i did when you called the rooster sir roostington but either way gotta love necromancers xD i recon you should have a final battle between necroshy and angel xd

Amazing chapter! I am interested more than my feeble vocabulary could care to compensate for! The only thing that bothered me was "errant" being used 5-6 times, often in close proximity of each other. It's a great word, but I feel as if it was used too much.


Please, do continue this. If I don't see the end of this story... well I'll be disappointed.

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