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Octavia has always played the piano. From a young age, it was her mother's dearest wish that she would learn, and she couldn't let herself disappoint her mother. So she played the piano. But that isn't to say she wanted to.

This is the story of her life, told by her. It's a story about music, family, and self-discovery.

Written for the /fic/ May Write-Off, in which it came second place (to DuncanR's amazing Erase and Rewind).

Edited by Vimbert.

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Wow, didn't expect a complete story all at once. That's a good habit to fall into, I guess. No sudden drop-offs as you get writer's block...


This should be a fun read.

Sad, but fun...

~Skeeter The Lurker

faget fake an gay lolololol (okay, fine, I'll read it - your horsewords are always worth it:pinkiecrazy:)

2885651 Ever read a happy Octavia story that isn't with Vinyl and clopping? Just now part of her persona, I guess...

DAMN. This... Is incredibly good so far.

~Skeeter The Lurker

That's one controlling mother she's got.

[sarcasm] Gotta love those types of mothers, yeah? [/sarcasm]

~Skeeter The Lurker


I will say, it is refreshing to see one that isn't.

~Skeeter The Lurker

2885716 Well, thankfully not as bad as "Puppet to her fame" and I like it's different type of controlling compared with "University Days".

Psssst, don't tell NTSTS, but this one is better than Erase and Rewind.

Thanks for the opportunity to help on this. However much I ragged on parts of it, this is damn fine work.

Thanks, Vim. Your editing help was very much appreciated, even though I ended up ignoring one of your major suggestions (and everyone else's). Because I'm CRAZY.

Are those actual songs you're listing here?

And that birthday party... I can't help but feel for her...

~Skeeter The Lurker

2885782 I agree, but then again, I sit at home and eat a cake. No more. At least I don't spend the rest of the night vomiting.

How is one to come into their own if they aren't allowed to do so themselves?

What a hypocrite Octy's mother is...

~Skeeter The Lurker

I'd ask if things take a turn up for the better...

But I'm not holding my breath at this point.

~Skeeter The Lurker

That ending.

Holy hell.

~Skeeter The Lurker


True enough. I normally go out to a restaurant. Most times alone.

~Skeeter The Lurker

2885853 Wow. I agree.

To be honest, it probably didn't help first intentions of the story if I just finished reading part of "Cheerilee's Garden"


Heh. Probably not.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Nice story writing. I AWAIT MOAR:yay:

This story is near perfect in every god damn way.

All Octavia fics these days have to do with romance with Vinyl. I don't even like that pairing. This fic was refreshing and awesome.

Some kids were into collecting rocks

I do not know if it is so, but it does seem like a nod to Pinkie Pie and her strange one-pony-band ability.

I tried to tell 'em. Oh, I tried.

So much this... I didn't even realize it until you pointed it out just now.

What kills me the most is that I should hate this story to death... it's got nothing I actively look for. And yet, once I reached the one-third mark, it pulled me in and held my interest. Stories rarely do that to me anymore. You have my sincere thanks.

I still loved yours, of course :twilightsmile:

Erase and rewind is certainly very good at what it does, though it tends to lean heavily on a bizarre premise and a ton of dialogue... both calculated moves on my part to play to my strengths. The mood and atmosphere is potent, but rather minimalistic.

But there's no doubt that Refrain tackled a wider variety of storytelling elements, and executed them all at least as well as I did. The writing is definitely stronger, and the premise manages to be quite compelling without a heaping dose of surreality.

And there's fewer spelling and grammar mistakes. :twilightblush:

I usually wait until the end to comment, but this story is so well written and engaging I feel I must say something. I love how its like an autobiography and it's the opposite of what I would expect Octavia's childhood to be like. I find this very engaging and I can't wait to read more.:twilightsmile:

This story is soooooooo good!:pinkiehappy: I love how it went into detail about the music portion. I've been listening to some melancholy classical music as I read and it just really brings it all together.:twilightsmile:

Those songs the author listed are actual pieces, but with the names ponyfied. The Geldingberg Variations are a play on The Goldberg Variations. Nocturne is a real piece composed by Chopin, ponyfied as Clopein. I thought that was pure genious!:raritystarry:

Glad someone noticed. It certainly adds a lot (to me, anyway) to know which pieces I'm referring to.

The song Octavia plays/sings, as taught by her mother, is an actual piece too, though I took some liberties with it. See if you can figure out what it is based on the clues. :twilightsmile:

I feel like I can't say it enough. This story is great!:twilightsmile: The writing is so good, and if the author isn't a professional writer then I'd be surprised. I'm sorry I keep gushing over this story, but it honestly it the best one I've read so far.:twilightblush:

I feel a sad ending coming. Better get the tissues out.:fluttercry:

This story was amazing!:twilightsmile: I "liked" it after the first chapter and by the 3rd I had placed it in my "favorites" which I normally only do after I've finished the story. I've got an idea of what the piece was that Tavi's mom taught her, but I want to make sure first. It's been a few years since I last studied music.:twilightblush: I really want to get back into it though.

Awesome! Amazing story so far!:twilightsmile:

Given only eight notes, no good hints as to the pacing and syncopation thereof, no lyrics, and that it's a traditional folk song, the closest I was able to come was this, which is almost certainly wrong but at least thematically seems appropriate:

The same pattern shows up in classical works from Beethoven to Mahler, but usually in obscure ways, nothing that leaps out at me.

The particular rhythm of the notes might make determination easier, but I think I only alluded to that in one or two sections. It's also worth saying that the notes should be interpreted as chords, not a melody. It's also not a traditional piece of classical music.

I did take some liberties with it, so I'm not expecting anyone to guess (given the two hundred some people who have read it, anyway). Good on you for trying though.

Just wanted to say how great this was! I *really* liked the handling of the relationship between Octavia and her mother. I didn't feel like it was heavy-handed at all - it's hard to explain, but I was able to get pretty immersed in the story, which is neat.

Also, I thought the portrayal of the mother as a complicated, flawed character was great. I felt both frustrated and sorry for her. I feel like the mother's story could be a great, tragic tale in and of itself. I always like it when you can sympathize with the "bad guy" of the story. Very cool.

Thank you for this wonderful piece of writing.

Very powerful and sentimental, but without feeling manipulative. By the time her Mother dies, you can't help to hate and pity her, in equal measures. Great writing, beyond any doubt.

smoky the bear says only you can stop wildfires.:twilightsheepish:

i very unappropiately lold when he said at least a hoofie. but seriously commmodity prices nowadays are crazy. misery breeds passion i daresay.

i wish i could be happy, but ill take joy in octavias happiness.:trixieshiftleft:

Why aren't you yet playing the celloooo
Too mellowww

“You’re weird.”
And that was the last time anypony tried to play with me in elementary school.


Things get better. They DO. They MUST. She plays the CELLO. :flutterrage:

She will.

This was full of a flock of feels, tugging on my heartstrings like a bow across a cello. I read and as I read the story drew me in to make me the story made me.

Faved. And that is not something I do often. I have faved 36 stories and I have read hundreds, possibly thousands, of good ones.

This is a favorite.

Also, added to The Dreamers.

Your story is magic. Thank you.

Very well done! :fluttercry:

I have been searching for this story since I read it without a FIMFiction account. I'm so happy I found it again and I'm so excited to reread it!

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