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Rainbow Dash is the most epically winning pony there is. She wins so much, she had three epic wins before she even woke up. And with her best friend le Pinkie Pie, how could she ever possibly stop winning...epically?

Twilight thinks she knows how, and the answer isn't a good one. Will she be able to help Rainbow Dash before her epic wins become an epic... fail?

Part of (le) Winningverse (because I said so).

Comic illustrations done by (the awesome) Chromosome.
Cover art by knighty.

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This was... Well.


Ahem. That's all.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Truly the most epic of epic wins.

Umm.... wait, what? Well I haven't used this image in a while. Congrates, you earned it.


My epic meter is broken.
I demand a refund.


See this? This is what happens when you tell the transdimensional taxi driver to take you to the Winningverse without making sure he knows what you mean. Always remember to give the full causal coordinates of your destination's position in Equestrian possibility space.

I like 'Le epic troll face' and 'Le challenge accepted' they where just so... 'Le epic!' :pinkiehappy: :rainbowdetermined2:

I... don't get it.

A pony being stuck in a 'time loop' was a ridiculous concept to begin with. Her brain was obviously just in need of a hard reset of some kind.

God, that sounds like an awful story. Don't tell me that some idiot actually tried to write something like that?

Mostly I was:

And the ending was le saddest of sad sadness in Sadnessland.

But I :rainbowlaugh:-ed several times throughout. Especially le "tube-pony."

...The fuck. This is just... NO!

I feel like my brain just got mugged...


The fact that I didn't find this the slightest bit funny baffles me to no end.:rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp:

*Le me reading the description:trixieshiftright:: A randumb fc with Rainbow Pie? what's the gimmick this time? :ajbemused:

*Le me listening to RD&pinks talk: Sounds familiar, I know its modern slang, but from where?:rainbowhuh:

*Le Meme picture: :facehoof: :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

*Le finaLe: :twilightsheepish::ajsmug::yay::pinkiesmile:

Hear that? That's the sound of a million trolls drowning in all the epic.

For a while I was screaming something about "The Rules!" and then I read the over nine thousand comment and I just stopped my everything. :rainbowhuh::pinkiegasp::facehoof:

Wow, look at all the down votes on the comments and story. Guess some is:


Anywhores, I wuv u so much! :heart:


I guess Rainbow Dash couldn't.... deal with it. B)

4 letters needed to describe this story are p, c, i and e. Don't need to say more.

The only thing that could come close to having the effect on my mind that this did would be a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster.

One'a these days, NTSTS...

Bang. Zoom.

Considering the humor in Love Life, this doesn't surprise me.

Zimbabwe! :pinkiesmile:

How is this story? Duh. Winning.


4 letters needed to describe this story are p, c, i and e. Don't need to say more.

What the bloody hell is a pice? :rainbowhuh:

There is an awful lot of proof-reader chaps and chappettes in these comments. Is this part of a collaborative in-joke by beleaguered proof readers to blow off some steam before they snap and beat writers to death with copies of Strunk and White and the Unabridged Oxford Dictionary :flutterrage:

Second only to thirty H.

I honestly believe that this story would benefit from more over-the-top absurdity.

XDDDD That was le beautiful gem, I tip my hat to you good sir!!!1!!

" A pony being stuck in a 'time loop' was a ridiculous concept to begin with. Her brain was obviously just in need of a hard reset of some kind."
Time loop trilogy reference?

you can be mean to me forever now

What the blinding fuck. I fear I'm incapable of braining anymore.

When too much epic and win are contained in the same universe. :rainbowlaugh:

But does Dashie get kicked in the vag?

It's not winningverse otherwise.

Thumbs up for an obviously trolling fic ^^

Haven't laughed and cringed at the same time this hard since spiderses!

2904933 I can't brain today I have the dumb.

After reading the story it took me a while to realize that my brain had undergone a catastrophic failure and had begun to hemorrhage into my skull.

Still worth it, though.

Hey, Stinko Man, everyone says you're the guy, but I wanna be the guy too!

That was my favorite reference by far.

Erm actually it was reference to actuall fanfic Hard Reset

Yeah, I know. I wrote it. That was kinda the joke.

Sadly sarcasm is hard to get by letters sometimes :P

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