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Wow. This is easily one of the best written stories I've ever seen. Beautiful, terrifying, I just... wow.


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Holy crap, that was INCREDIBLY good. Don't get me wrong, it was pretty depressing, but extremely good.
This is definitely one of the best written fics I've ever read. It's definitely been sticking in my mind lately.

What did I just read? What the BUCKING HELL did I just read?

You see, THIS is why having a description to go along with your Fic is a good idea. Sure, it's Five Star work, and I'll rate it as such. That doesn't mean, however, that I personally liked it. I want the last two hours of my life back, `Tia damn it!

For those checking the comments before reading, this is a fic about Luna slowly going crazy before killing herself. As I said, it's 5 Star work, but that doesn't change the fact that it is a snuff fic. Read at your own risk.

Wow. That is all I can say.

Despite the seeing / feeling insects part of insanity being a quite common (and in my mind overplayed) feature, you still used it very well. I would have preferred a bit strong of an ending, and Celestia didn't act on her worries either, but nonetheless you portrayed emotion excellently without me feeling like your descriptions were exhausting or repetitive. Quite robust. Five stars.:twilightsmile:

Just incredible, thank you.

poor luna

I cried at the ending poor Celestia will soon know that her only sister is dead she could have told her sister asked for help a VERY well written story.

Oh my Celestia... :fluttercry: That was awesome.
This, fillies and gentlecolts, is how you write a fanfic. This truly deserves a 5 Star rating. Well done. Well done indeed.

Wow. This was amazing. I got chills at points, and I felt so sad for Luna. It must have been horrible to be all alone like that on the moon. Poor Wunna

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That was pretty god damn dark....

I felt like it could have done with some more emphasis on what it feels like to loathe your sister for several hundred years. That felt kind of brushed off in the story.

Holy.... Man I dont even know how to respond. With something like that, suicide is almost justifiable... Poor Celestia...

Great story. Five stars.

#15 · Dec 5th, 2011 · · ·

wow... the really terriable thing is, i COULD imagine Luna doing this,
and i gotta ay i love/hate this fic.

You're style is absolutely amazing, and probably is a pretty good depicion of clinical grade insanity.

But i didn't like Celestia's lack of action and how Luna didn't even attempt to find help. Heck maybe the elements would'nt, in fact probably couldn't and never would've worked. But thats lends to the dark depressing atmoshpere, Hope is the one thing that people cling to and Luna didn't seem to have any hope at all. I think she could've gotten help, in fact i think she would've if Celestia had acted at all. In fact it might've made a better story to have her have a shred of hope, then it turns out to be a false lead.
Also, i would've liked to seen Celestia's reaction to Lunas bones littering the mirror chamber.

But i digress, great story.

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this was amazingly well written but very very dark defiantly got chills at parts especially that last line/paragraph, very chilling only thing that seemed off was that Celestia didn't seem to pick up on Luna's problem, that said it just adds to the atmosphere of being isolated and alone. all in all very well written loved it.

Also kind of agree with previous comments saying they would have liked to see Celestia's reaction to finding out about Luna's death.

So dark... Loved it, none the less :pinkiesmile:
One error, Luna’s feet ... Feet :pinkiegasp:

This.. This is better than most books I've read...
You are truly a brilliant writer.

Though, my nerd mind got to thinking, and perhaps it wasn't the light, but solar radiation? It'd make sense why it'd effect her when in her room.

Five stars, and a share or two.

I actually didn't know this was on FIMFiction. Lunacy is my all time favourite fanfic.

Any compliment I could give you isn't enough.

Has this been featured on EQD yet?

Yep, but it didn't really get much attention.

155298 :( but it's soooo good!

I'm not sure if it will affect the impact, but may we have an epilogue? It could actually become a sequel, Celestia discovering and dealing with Luna's suicide. Or, if you wanted to be nice, an alternate ending in which Celly stops her in time, and she gets the help she needs.

It was overdue but I finally found the time to finish it just before I went to sleep last night. and I have to say my ill mind replayed the whole story from a dream to a nightmare. Good job on ur part

that is disturbing but actually pretty believable. Also the bugs thing is not so much a cliche as a truth. crazy itches its like having ants under your skin (it sucks).

Really well done. :fluttercry:

There are no words that I can use to describe how amazing this was...You sir have done well

Five out of five moustaches for you.

Wow, that was a work of art if I've ever read one. It's weird to say, but Luna's end was beautiful... The relief given to a tortured soul well past the brink of insanity brought on by solitude and lack of self-worth, it's invigorating... All I can say to you is, good job my friend, good job.

I am very neutral on this one. I thought that, while the writing was very good, the ending left me wanting more. More in the way of how the story could tie into the main story line. I know that you didn't intend it to but I just feel that it would have been for the better to make the story a chronicling of Luna's recovery from the insanity that sent her to and grew in her time on the moon. I guess that I think that you could have used the fact that she doesn't appear much in the first season to make it for interesting. Like I said, I enjoyed the read, I just think that it ended so abruptly.

Very, very good. Thats all I have to say. Nice work

Amazing. Haven't seen that kind of Luna much.

Sad, but excellent!

Beautiful and sad. :fluttercry:

I did enjoy your writing style, it was very lavish, and it kept the flow going excellently.

As many other's must have, I found this story through the song that had recently been written to it. After reading this, I have no regrets for taking a chunk out of my day to read!

good job! :pinkiehappy:


That was astounding. It made me near weep for Luna, as you took me through each stage of her loosening grip on reality. Brilliantly written.

I just..., I...what the... and the
times like this I thank god for Mylittlefacewhen.com
I agree with most of these guys in saying that, yes this is an awesomely written story, I honestly think Celestia could have done more

The best kind of reading at 4am.

I think this is the second story in the fandom to deal with this theme that I have actually enjoyed, and it feels so rare to come across something that's emotive in the same way as this. I would love to give it a line-edit run through, but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, nice work here. It's real good story.

Poor Loony... :applecry: Good, well written story. Good job sir / madame.

I finally found this story after losing it to the repository of my search history a year ago! :pinkiehappy:

Too bad that's the only thing I can be happy about... :raritydespair:

Prepare for a wall of text and my opinion on what I felt when I read this story:

This story is the one of the most poignant stories I've ever read-- it's depressing, dark, and sinister. However, it's also beautiful in some sentimental and twisted fashion as well as in how it was executed. As the story progresses, one can't help but plead with the story that Celestia interfere-- that she step in and be the sister Luna needs her to be. But as it progresses, the reader comes to realize that there's no happy ending or rescue. Luna's drowning in her insanity and has just about reached the tipping point, and the only lifeboat (Celestia) in the sea of depression and melancholy has passed her over, refusing to accept that she needs assistance. What reprieve does Luna now have, now that the one pony in the world who should have saved her has failed once again? Only in death, the final darkness-- a darkness more eternal than Nightmare Moon-- can Luna hope to gain peace and tranquility. And with that, she loses any remnant of continuity, and gives into her need of release. Having been stressed to the breaking point and now passed, Luna had discovered the path to the unthinkable goal of killing herself in some book of eldritch knowledge. With her decision finalized, she finally found peace in death with a tranquil smile on her face, and was reunited with the object she embodied: the Moon. Oh, the feels...

All I can say is: This story made me think back when I read it, and it made me think again after I read it. If a story can get an emotional comment full of gushing praise and thought, you've written a good story. Thank you for writing this, even if it is a heart-breaker.

A really moving story.
A sequel would be good, with Luna surviving with injuries and Celestia finally getting her sister help.
Or a follow up chapter detailing Celestia's reaction to hearing of her sisters death.

Something tells me that this tale has the hallmarks of PSTD into the extreme and even if Celestia coulnd't get Luna to admit in asking for help...sometimes the best help is often not asked at all.:ajsleepy:

Celestia should have taken her sister aside and ask her repeatedly until breaking what was the problem...at least that how I would have seen it.:pinkiesad2:

Still, such a tragic story that shows that even the most powerful isn't the most sane.:fluttercry:

I read it forgetting when it was written, but it certainly feels like a S1 fanfic. I never enjoyed sad luna, but it was well written.

It was also an interesting story to read right after Rocks.

It's interesting to go back to the really early stories and have a read-through. I wonder if the first story ever posted on this site is around here somewhere.
Anyway, this is an interesting story. I like Luna, and seeing her like this absolutely breaks my heart. And yet, it's believable, too. I'm not sure what else there is to say about this, besides the fact that I need to go hug someone now.


I know that feel, bro. Read this back in 2012 and read it again recently-- always gets me in the heart. Also, just ask Knighty what the first story is-- pretty sure he has it archived somewhere.


Could I have a link to said fanfic? :0


Here you go: Rocks

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