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Hello! Just saw an old comment by you on a Horizon story. Glad to see you're still around.

Comment posted by journcy deleted Dec 18th, 2018

Ah, of course, Kiln Fiend. Yeah I was surprised by the Probe banning. Infect players claim it will actually hurt them a fair bit, which I'm all for, but I must admit I'm sad I can't play Modern with Git Probe any more. It was one of the first semi-expensive cards I ever bought; I just like it. (I don't actually play any decks with Probe in them, I'm literally just sad about it in theory)

2375746 If by cared you mean "I just bought a playset the moment I heard about the ban for less than two dollars", then yes. I can play this in budget modern now!

Actually the only one that hit me was the Gitaxian Probe ban, I do have a budget Kiln Fiend kill deck. The thing that surprised me more than that was Wizards banning things in Standard - including what can only be a proactive ban on Reflector Mage - and the fact that banlist announcements are now going to be double the count they are now. This is going to make deck-choice for standard a lot harder.

or, well, not. I don't think anythiing i have is in real danger.

I assume you care the most about Looter Scooter? It was deserved, though a Standard banning is wild. First time in years...



I mean I kid, but did not see the emergency-ban coming.

Congrats!!! Because my fiance discourages drunk texting, guess what happened?!?!?!?! Yep I messaged you!!! Woot!!!! Man I want some eggs right now. :/ Your stories seem interesting so I am putting them in my tracking category but I am kinda intoxicated at the moment so, sober reading will need to happen for favorites and such. Sorry, helluva day. Seriously sorry.

More than happy. Your AU is bringing me much joy.

I traditionally don't thank for watches or favorites (I may be somewhat lazy), but I did want to thank you for being my 300th Watcher. :twilightsmile:

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