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J Carp

I'm an old sourpuss.

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Decided to write my new story with a neural network · 6:36am August 23rd

First, some taut drama!

"Oh look, we have Princess Celestia! She says all day long to be nice to ponies!"

"I'm not here to be noticed." said Celestia. To her utter relief, the crowd laughed. She then took a moment to admire her new friends, a flutter of excitement filling her face.

"Hey!" She heard a pegasus voice. "Did your dad get a good look at the Mane Six? He is really looking forward to meeting somepony, even if it's just Pinkie Pie."

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I'm tryin!

Write more stories!

Hey there! I know you’ve been here a while, but welcome to FIMFiction! I hope you’ve been enjoying your stay so far. :twilightsmile:

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