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Hey there. You wanna rule the world? You always tired of those pesky meddling heroes foiling your plans for world domination? Yes?
Then come join the Villain Dimension, where we not only appreciate the many villains in history, but also debate and talk about them as well. And soon, the world will be ours!!!

1. You may use the forums in any way you please (Self Promotion, Community Discussion, Poop Posts), but you may N O T use them to insult other users in heated debates. You may have debates in the forums, but only if you don't insult each other. Otherwise, our Masterminds (Admins) will shut them down.
2. You may talk about and introduce your original characters if you like, but only if they're villains. We gotta keep this group Villain Themed after all.
3. Do not refer to Admins as Admins. In this group, they're either a Criminal Mastermind, or a Dark Lord. (OK, this isn't necessarily a rule, it's just something I wanted to put in).
4. Any Rule Breaking will result in a strike. Strike one will result in a warning, strike 2 will result in a 24 hour ban, and strike 3 will result in a permanent ban. Strikes will be removed after a month unless if a permanent ban is in place, so please be careful.

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