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Moon Dancer has been awarded a prestigious grant to study the Everfree Forest and its history, and so she's moving to Ponyville. In the midst of settling in and making new friends, she meets and becomes completely enchanted by a shy, animal-loving pegasus.

But as these two nervous little weirdos start an adorable, awkward relationship, it becomes clear that not everyone is happy about this turn of events.

Now with a sequel!

...And another sequel!

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I really like this story. I didn't even think to put Fluttershy and Moon Dancer together as friends, but it actually makes a lot of sense.

Great job. Can't wait to read more.

By the way, it's funny you mentioned zoos in the story since I am a Zoo Keeper in real life.

Okay I’ll bite. What’s with the (Yellow) in the title?


I'm actually very much in favor of zoos in real life!


Okay I’ll bite. What’s with the (Yellow) in the title?

It is an extremely obscure reference to a very strange and unwatchable movie. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Am_Curious_(Yellow)

The story doesn't have anything else to do with the movie, it's just... they're both yellow.

Awww... That was so nice. Despite a couple of typos and a few non-interrogative sentences ending in question marks, I had a great time reading this. Keep up the good work, you have me for the long haul.

This is a ship I have neither seen, nor heard. I am all for it! It's adorable! I must have more!

That’s a ship I never considered before...but I love it!:pinkiehappy: I’m gonna start track this one from now on.

By the way, I’m pretty sure Moondancer’s name is spelled as one word, not too. I don’t know if that was a conscious choice or not, but when I read ‘Moon Dancer’ instead of ‘Moondancer’, I find it a bit jarring.


I always pictured it as two words in my head, so 'Moondancer' just looks weird to me. Hopefully it isn't too distracting.

Rainbow please don't screw this up for Fluttershy, it'll only do you more harm than good

Funny that Rainbow Dash is the one who’s most understanding of Fluttershy’s past, yet the least understanding of Fluttershy’s current relationship. Protectiveness turning into possessiveness, I guess?

Interesting bait-and-switch on that old chestnut “One of the mane six is homophobic and that causes drama”. Twilight’s reaction here does seem more in-character for her.


Rainbow, stop being horrible. Wait, I'm not sure that's possible.

Theory time: Rainbow has had a crush on Fluttershy for a while, but she’s either repressed or deep in denial about it. So she subconsciously vents her frustration by criticizing Flutters’ girlfriends.

"...Pinkie. I just don't like Moon Dancer because she's an egghead. Fluttershy should be... I don't know, she should be dating somepony cool!"

Someone like you, perhaps?:duck:

Oh...... dear. Rainbow inadvertently caused a misunderstanding. This will come back and bite her in the flank... BIG time! :facehoof:

y'know I can't really feel at ease because I know that at any point in the near future Rainbow Dash is gonna do something out of jealousy to screw everything up and only break her relationship with Fluttershy rather than what she thinks will make it better

Preeeeeetty sure Rainbow already has screwed everything up. Last chapter, she told her feelings about Moondancer to Discord, and informed him about the date that was supposed to happen in this chapter. And now, somehow, there’s been a miscommunication and Fluttershy missed the date because she thought it was tomorrow night. I don’t think those events are unrelated.

Rainbow Dash blinked, then shook her head back and forth rapidly. "Oh. Uh. Hey, girls." She looked around, realizing where she was for the first time. "Dang it, I was right in the middle of breakfast. Can't everypony just deal with Fluttershy being gay, already? I can't really turn this off." Grumbling to herself, she flew back out the window.


Also, Shipping Rarity is best Rarity.

Oh gods, Twilight and Moon Dancer were so adorable there. And Rainbow, just 'cause some other pony actually had the lady balls to ask Flutters out doesn't give you the right to be a huge bitch.

"I like old-school hip-hop," Maud said. She stared, impassive. "Hoof-Tang Clan is forever."

Dammit, Maud. You're already best pony. You don't need to keep trying so hard. (But still, pour one out for ODB.)

Equestra Deck
Ghostface Cantah
Ol' Dirty Mule
Method Mane
Pasture Killa

I like her Moon Dancer Minute and her story part. Has Moondancer a sister?, I wasn't sure if I understood that Sister and brother in law part correctly.

I think I expected something else the moment you had written they had seen Moondancer talking to Fluttershy. The stating part and the end was not the best for me and I prefered the middle part.

“Come now, everything has layers of nuance,” Rarity insisted. “Why, I still think Tree Hugger liked her, but Fluttershy was adamant… oh, here they come.” She slyly winked to Twilight and Pinkie. “Let’s talk about it later.”

It is nice, but for some reason I'm suprised that they figured it out so fast.

I thought you two would be friends, but I never let myself DREAM you would like each other that much! That's so exciting!"

Not sure if she is lying there or not, but that is another thing, I often thing why don't the characters also assume that something happens just to be friendly to each other and doesn't exactly has to have that deep meaning to it. I guess in other stories I get annoyed that they assume things to fast, which could also be wrong.

"Noooo! I mean, kinda? Parties are complicated, you can't ever predict exactly how they'll go. But I thought maybe! Tell me all about it!" She led Fluttershy away, ignoring them all.

Okay I dislike it if Pinkie was actually doing the matchmaker thing here.

"Well, we've just had two dates," Fluttershy said, playing with her front hooves.

:raritydespair: I want to see the second one, I dislike it if relationships just happen.

Fluttershy looked up, enormous grin almost covered up by the intensity of her blush. "ikissedher."

I hope you have shown a flashback or something, this sounds kind of to good and I would have liked to see uhhhm read the scene.

I'm sure the Cutie Map will send the two of you off to moderate a dispute among dik-diks, or something along those lines, and you'll get a chance to work it out."

banish the cutie map!!!, while I'm not that much against it anymore, at least it isn'T so annoying anymore, my reasons are still enough for not liking it that much.

I would be honest, while not having anything against her type of relationships I would get a bit annoyed or angry at Rainbows behavior, at least if she would charge into my face for no reason.

"Dang it, I was right in the middle of breakfast. Can't everypony just deal with Fluttershy being gay, already? I can't really turn this off."

don'T tell me it'S soime kind of cartoon "Fluttershy get'S "possibly" bullied" sense.

Well a nice chapter, but Fluttershy probably still has to talk to Angel.

Minuette burst out into laughter. She noticed nopony else was laughing and she stopped. "Oh," she said, "You were serious. No."

she sounds like she is the type that gives Stallions what they want sooner than it would be good sometimes.

"Fluttershy's ex is a very nice pony. Your Ponyville friends are all great. Even Rainbow Dash, I bet."

Not sure if it is because she is drunk, but she is totally ignoring the ex thing.

I'm not hating Rainbow here, I'm just really intressted in her possible reasons to act like that.

I'm more feeling a bit uuuuhmmmm sorry? for her there, either she is in love herself and can't figure that one out, maybe she dislikes Fillyfoolers but is trying not to do that (which wasn't a problem before since Moondancer is Fluttershys first real special somepony) or uuuuhhhhmmm she is really just lonely suddenly and doesn't wants to share her friend or something like that?

The ending was probably the best even if Moon Dancer is probably a bit sad and freaking out.

I'm so glad that they figured it out and Fluttershy called Discord out on his trickery!

Now you're next Rainbow... :ajbemused:

Well, that worked out surprisingly smoothly.

Is J Carp racist towards Asians?


When J Carp did an internet search for phrases that have "yellow" in them to look for chapter titles, he was horrified by how many of them seemed innocuous but actually turned out to have egregiously racist alternate meanings. So, he certainly hopes he isn't.

I liked the chapter, I just hope it is not justz a plan from Rainbow Dash but even if it was mean, some kind of honest mistake because she doesn't realize her feelings yet, if it has to be love instead of simply being jealous. It could be simoly jealously instead of what probably counts as a chliche (her being in love with Flutters too).

I think she was just doing the "this is how I can Pinkie Fluttershy out of here without drawing attention to Rainbow being a big grumpy puss and Twilight being... well, Twilight."

Unfortunately, English speakers ruin English.

Tsiory is best princess!

okay read the chapter tomorrow, but I'm slightly dissapointed to see it's alredy over, I will see if it feels like a good ending or if the ending feels of.


I am planning a sequel. Or a spin-off about Tsiory's adventures as a young lemur making a fresh start in the big city. One or the other.

Interesting ability of Rainbow when it comes to Flutters. The magic of friendship!!!!!


I'm going to read the two last chapters now, if you write a sequel, then I would like it to be about the same ponies to be honest. I'm not a fan of the stories that continue with a different cast.

"Twilight!" she shouted. "Rainbow Dash talked Discord into messing with time to sabotage my date with Fluttershy so I would break up with her, but it didn't work! Fluttershy has a plan! I need your help and also coffee!" She blinked and looked around. "Um. Hi, everypony. Why is Pinkie dressed like Coltlumbo?"

Not sure if I like it, that they plan to make some sort of weird lesson shit out of it again.

Well.....I think I'm happy with what happened.

Moon Dancer gave Fluttershy a quick smooch and took the last cup. "Is this going to be a regular thing? Stopping by to keep me from getting too buried in my work? I won't complain."

Maybe it would have been funny if Moon Dancer wouldn't have gotten any coffee in order to make sure she get's the sleep Fluttershy think she needs.

Well it was a nice chapter, not sure if it really feels like an end to me, but it was casual enough.

Oh man, Rainbow's "somepony is hassling Fluttershy" sense turned into a actual plot point? Yes

Also: Skulls!

A very nice ending for a very nice story.

I thought it was an interesting choice that a story about a relationship had so few scenes with the couple themselves. I’m finding that my favorite romances are the ones that focus not just on the couple, but also on the relationship’s effects on everypony around the couple. But yours took it far enough, I think you have more scenes about the effects than about the couple themselves (though I could just be misremembering). Considering the ultimate cause of Rainbow’s behavior, that approach makes a lot of sense in retrospect.

Also, everything would have been so much simpler if they all just used Troll Romance. Fluttershy and Moon Dancer are matesprits, while Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are moirails. There, problems solved. :P


Yeah, I noticed this myself about halfway through writing the thing! I think it's because how I look at the show itself: everything's ultimately about friendship between women, passing along the message that girls should support one another. So, I had the idea of writing the story because I thought of the ship and they were so damn cute together, but then I realized I was way more interested in how the friend group reacts to the sudden presence of romance and queerness. (this story was more about the former; the sequel I'm planning has more to do with the latter.)

Anyway, thanks so much for your encouragement and positive comments as I was posting!

Pinkolumbo was awesome. 'Oh, just one other thing...'

Lyra nodded. "Yes. If you and Fluttershy have babies, will you name one aft..." and then Bon Bon spilled her drink onto Lyra's face. Lyra was undeterred, grinning at Moon Dancer like a maniac.

I can't help but picture Bonbon glaring at Lyra as she does this.

I'll be honest, I've responded to multiple things by saying "X is gay and I love them!" and I can definitely see Twilight doing it as well. I really love how well you've characterized all the ponies in this piece.

Extremely impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed this entire story. I usually like to include some creative criticism whenever I leave gushing comments but I cannot honestly find anything to complain about. In particular I'd like to say that you did a great job with the conflict. I am kinda getting sick of the tendency to make rainbow the antagonist just because she's the quickest to anger of the mane six. Here you actually give a good reason and make it believable. So much so that I think the gotcha moment at the end with Rarity and shy is kinda meant to be a gotcha moment to the reader. If so then bravo cause you had me fooled. Looking forward to the next part.

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