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I didn't write any of that.

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I'm Meta Four. I'm a carbon-based lifeform, and I write ponywords.

Alarm Clock is currently my most famous story. A bunch of my other stories are connected to it in various ways. Check out this blog post for a guide to the series.

Some of my writing isn't on this account. To see that, take a gander at this bookshelf of collaborations I've done, scattered across various other accounts.

Thank you for stopping by, and have a nice day.


Spanish translation · 2:04am Jul 7th, 2022

User SPANIARD KIWI has gone and translated Alarm Clock into Spanish.

Go show him some love: https://www.deviantart.com/spaniard-kiwi/art/Reloj-despertador-919741981

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The Alarm Clock series was a blast to read! I love how much thought was put into making a wacky story that could make total sense inside the world of mlp as a type of 'untold story'. Your writing was well edited and that makes me happy as well. :twilightsmile:

just found your stories, I've been enjoying your Alarm clock series a _lot_!

It's what got me onto you, I think. I forget what led me there.

Thank you for showing interest in 'The Luna Papers'. I know I already said this in my comment to you, but I'll say it once more; I look forward to seeing what you thought once you've finished it!

Don't forget to leave a like, and maybe follow my page. Here soon I'm going to begin work on a slice of life involving Celestia, so you might want to stick around for it. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding my fic to your library!

  • Viewing 19 - 23 of 23
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