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Weightless, we drift. Sometimes we dip down, into the depths of our own doubt. But you know that there's some hope in this...

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Hey Howdy Hey

I'm Meta Four. I'm a carbon-based lifeform, and I write ponywords.

Alarm Clock is currently my most famous story. A bunch of my other stories are connected to it in various ways. Check out this blog post for a guide to the series.

Some of my writing isn't on this account. To see that, take a gander at this bookshelf of collaborations I've done, scattered across various other accounts.

Thank you for stopping by, and have a nice day.


"Triple Threat" · 3:55am August 20th

Twilight Sparkle: So this is my comfy chair for fictional reads. This is my studying chair because the hard back keeps me awake.
Thorax: Oh, Spike! I'm so glad you're here! [quietly] This castle visit is getting weird. Twilight really likes chairs.

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It's what got me onto you, I think. I forget what led me there.

Thank you for showing interest in 'The Luna Papers'. I know I already said this in my comment to you, but I'll say it once more; I look forward to seeing what you thought once you've finished it!

Don't forget to leave a like, and maybe follow my page. Here soon I'm going to begin work on a slice of life involving Celestia, so you might want to stick around for it. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding my fic to your library!

2309069 I wanted to keep up with that blog series you're doing about the history of the mystery genre. Oroboro brought that to my attention.

And your introduction to me was "Twilight Sparkle and the Strange Case of Old Res"? Wow. I mean, I'm happy with that story itself, but I thought it was one of my most obscure pieces. Didn't think it was roping in new readers.

What have I done to attract your attention? I've been a fan since I first read one of your shorts in a pony horror anthology!

  • Viewing 17 - 21 of 21
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