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Let R = { x | x ∉ x }, then R ∈ R ⟺ R ∉ R... or is it?

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“I’m still not sure I can accept the whole concept of every world being a story.

“Well… let me try to convince you with three statements. Statement one: No civilization will ever reach a literature level capable of producing a convincing story.”

“…Is that a puzzle? Because it’s obviously wrong.”

“Statement two. No civilization reaching aforementioned literature level will ever produce a convincing story. Whether it’s because all the good writers are occupied with other tasks, or because they consider it unethical to hold entities captive in fictional stories, is beside the point.”

“That one is also wrong.”

“That just leaves the third one. All entities within our general set of experiences are living in a fictional story.”

“But that doesn’t follow from the first two!”

“If it doesn’t, it means that either of the first two must be true, and you just said they aren’t. And to prevent your next argument… If the story is convincing, just how would you tell?”

Blog Index


  • My Little Canon – Why am I doing this and what exactly “this” is. If you plan to read any of those below, first read that.
  • Ontological Entitlement – On the importance of being earnest.

Random Thoughts About Canon series

Focused articles devoted to investigating a particular problem of chromatic hippology (i.e. the study of colored horses) within a grand unified canon theory for My Little Pony, citing sources and proposing a theory of interpretation.

  1. The House of Twilight – on the matter of Twilight’s lodgings in Canterlot.
  2. The nobility of Equestria – on the matter of Equestria’s noble class or lack thereof.
  3. The mystery of Prince Blueblood – On the interpretation of the character of Prince Blueblood.
  4. The Royal Guard – Just what is the Royal Guard.
  5. Radio Ga-Ga – About esoteric features of electromagnetic wave propagation.
  6. Discord’s Rule – On what exactly Discord’s “eternal state of unrest and unhappiness” looked like.
  7. Where the Sun don’t shine – On the astrophysics of Equestria.
  8. Historical chronology – On the chronology of early Equestria.
  9. The Star will aid in… – Equestria’s astrophysics revisited.
  10. Best Princess – On the matter of Nightmare Moon.
  11. Moon – On pony calendar and moons thereof.
  12. N-Archy – On the political structure of Equestria.
  13. Strange Loops – On numbers and measurements.
  14. The Other Sith – On the strange gaps in the biography of Starlight Glimmer.
  15. Schizotech – On the observed state of pony technologies.
  16. When in Equestria does Sunset Shimmer? – On the origins and nature of Sunset Shimmer.

Points of Canon series

Essentially, these are research notes. Analyzing episodes and comics from a worldbuilding point of view, this series of posts takes a single item of canon or semi-canon media, and takes it apart into an itemized list of things that a writer might want to keep in mind, or at least, think about. These often spark fruitful discussion, which can be enlightening.

Please be aware that many of those were not written in the airing order.


  • Jossed Out – a list of secondary canon items that are known to be invalidated by later primary canon.
  • Glossary – a glossary of terms used throughout the Points of Canon series which need an explanation not necessarily presented in the posts themselves.

Primary canon:

Secondary canon:

Chapter books:

A conclusion:

My Little Chronology

  • My Little Chronology – an effort to programmatically and socially reach a consistent cronological ordering of My Little Pony episodes, the initial announcement thereof.

This project is constantly updated as new episodes of the show come out.

Non-serial canon investigations

Hypothetical musings and research notes that are not as substantiated by sources as Random Thoughts About Canon, or otherwise don’t fit into that series.

Ideas I Will Not Be Writing series

Free ideas up for the taking

  1. The Mindf*ck
  2. Starlight Gambit
  3. The Afterlife
  4. Destroying Equestria in three easy steps
  5. Princess Twilight Sparkle
  6. Space Battleship Harmony

Doylist Intrusion series

Posts which, uncharacteristically for me, try to investigate what the authors meant, rather than what they ended up actually saying.

  1. Fame, Misfortune and in between
  2. Memories of an anthill

Other ideas

Ideas I might use one day, which could benefit from further discussion

  1. The Shipping Game
  2. The Sport to End Them All

Metafandom series

Posts dealing with the sociology of fandom, when fancy strikes me.

  1. Scar Tissue – on the proliferation of bandwagons.

Fimfiction itself


If you’re reading this, you may be overthinking this comic book.

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