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This story is a sequel to Clear as Blood: A Detective Rarity Mystery

The crime? Murder.

The suspect? Our client.

The culprit?

That would be a lot easier to determine if they'd just let Rarity do her job.

Reading the previous stories is not necessary to enjoy this one, but will provide additional context.

Special thanks to ChudoJogurt for editing and advice. Detective Rarity vector by MPnoir.

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It is great to see more Detective Rarity and her Watson-like Pegasus! :raritywink: :rainbowlaugh: (Hey, who you are calling Watson??? :rainbowhuh:)
I like the little deconstruction of the gun-hold-by-mouth trope.

I hope see more of this series! :twilightsmile:

P.S. I wonder if we would see Rarity facing a Moriarty-like criminal...

XD. The reaction from Pencil Stache!

Was Rarity going for a Miss Marple theme with that not-quite-office?

Well, what did you expect, darling? Ponies to hold them in their mouths?

Heh. For good or for ill, Kkat's work is a touchstone of the fandom.

Another magnificent puzzle, with the fantastic humor and characterization I've come to expect from Detective Rarity. Thank you for it.

None the less, Thimble was not telling the whole truth. Poor wages usually are not enough of a reason for a worker to write an angry letter of resignation. It stands to reason that he had been made to do distasteful and likely illegal things. We know that Piegas was collecting on the distribution rights to the artists' creations, but that partially uncovered painting in his office leads me to believe that he was getting more than that from his artists. Are those marks on his clothes paint stains? Thimble would have been the likely errand boy for such adventures, which would no doubt make him especially nervous around detectives.

More telling, the crime was not one of passion but could only have been carefully premeditated. As Rarity demonstrated, the revolver on the wall was not loaded. It would have been crazy to keep loaded weapons mounted on a wall. As Willow verified, a revolver had been missing earlier, presumably to be loaded in anticipation of the murder. That means that the killer had access to keys. The murderer would have also needed the brace from Pallette Knife's room. Pallette Knife is a big guy (UUUU), so anyone operating it would have to be either similarly big or a unicorn. It bears noting that Pallette Knife did not have keys, and Wilting Willow could not have fired the revolver.

The victim was shot in the head, his face ruined and covered in blood before his body was burnt. Even his identity is in question, although Râtellier would have surely recognized his old rival. Of course, Râtellier's story is fishy as well. He just saw someone shot in front of him, and his reaction is to look at a window and pick up a strange object? Where is the panic, the diving for cover, the screaming? He is hiding something.

That brings us to the big clue: the mark in the snow. It was not made by someone stepping there, so what was there? The brace? If so, how did it get back to Pallette Knife's room? It would have to have been flown by someone with keys and wings--Thimble. Could he have been the intended patsie for Râtallier's murder scheme? Could he have somehow triggered the revolver mounted on the brace from inside the room despite his handicap? That's my best guess.

I never got why some people get so hung up on that, it's a bit silly but I guess I just don't care.


Well, Watson was a pretty cool guy in the original stories.
Since this is sort of an alternate universe anyway, perhaps she can match wits with Cozy Glow. :raritywink:

Watson was pretty cool in the first half of the Sherlock Holmes stories. The poor guy got Flandersized by Doyle a hundred years before Flanders was created.

Hey, I got the culprit if not the method. Say, why would an ice bucket need an ice pick? Wouldn't that have remained in the kitchen?

Suri Polomare as genius villian incoming.

“Uh... Rares?” she said. “There’s no body in there.”

“Of course there’s nobody in there,” Rarity said. “That policeman won’t let anyone in the room.”

Now's not the time for the Who's On First schtick, Rarity. :facehoof:

“No, Rares, I mean Mr. Piega’s body—it’s gone!”

Oh... :twilightoops:

“So the art dealer has been framed, hm?” Rarity said, once the mare was gone. “Quite an ironic turn of events, don’t you think?”

What you did there. I see it.:trixieshiftright:

“As can I, to an extent,” Rarity added. “So, you came to the Bottega after you, ahem, flew the coop?”

This is a fowl pin. :ajsmug:

:raritystarry: Wind Rider!
:rainbowderp: What!?

:raritywink: Kidding, Darling. It was...

Wow, I like this series. I hope you continue. This and The tales of cosmo eccentric are really good.

I was reminded of Holmes' sitting room, in which he interviewed clients.

I don't know. It's missing the "CR" written on the wall in bullet holes. Then again, it would be fun if RB_ were to have Sweetie Belle assume the role of Mrs. Hudson in a future mystery. She's either Mrs. Hudson or a Baker Street Irregular.

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